Support workers and community members in calling for change at Walmart by clicking their photo to pass on their anniversary wish!

Ana Rosa Diaz

Ana works as a guest worker in Louisiana for a company that supplies Walmart. She has been forced to work long hours and threatened with physical abuse. She and her coworkers joined NGA and are leading a strike.

Elce Redmond

Elce is a community leader and activist in Chicago. He has seen the impact of Walmart firsthand in his city, as the company has caused many small businesses to close.

Angela Williamson

Angela had the courage to speak out while working at Walmart to demand respect for her and her coworkers. She was fired by Walmart for an absence on the day she was in the hospital passing a kidney stone.

Ana’s anniversary wish for Walmart: “End forced labor in the supply chain.”


Elce’s anniversary wish for Walmart: “Respect the wishes of communities.”


Angela’s anniversary wish for Walmart: “Stop retaliating against workers for speaking out.”


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