Get the Facts on:

The Walmart Economy by the Numbers

Walmart is powerful…

Walmart’s rank (PDF) as employer of retail workers and rank in size of private U.S. employers

$408.2 billion
Walmart’s 2010 revenue as the number one Fortune 100 company

But America is paying the price…

Number of U.S. jobs lost from 2001-2006 as a result of Walmart’s imports from China

Conservative estimate of percentage of Walmart’s share of U.S. Trade Deficit with China

$8.8 million
Cost to Massachusetts (PDF) of Walmart associates using publicly subsidized health care in 2009

$1 billion
Cost to nation if public safety net use by Walmart associates in Massachusetts is adjusted nationwide1

And Walmart associates are paying the price…

Average annual salary of a Walmart sales associate (based on an IBIS World figure)

Average hourly wage of a Walmart sales associate (based on an IBIS World figure)

Additional cost per shopping trip for a Walmart customer if the company offered a minimum wage of $12 an hour (PDF)

We can make it better.

When UFCW locals and members, Walmart associates, elected officals, religious leaders, small business owners and community allies join together as one, we can make change at Walmart and make change in our communities.

1. Figure is a calculation of the percentage of Massachusetts Walmart associates receiving subsidized care (42%), applied to the 1.4 million associates in the United States, at the cost to Massachusetts per each associate ($1,753.00) receiving aid. Using the data from Massachusetts for 2009 found the percentage of Associates using publicly subsidized care.   Percentage is 42%.  Then applied this to the entire Walmart workforce to determine number of Associates nationally who would receive publicly subsidized care using the rate in Massachusetts.  From the Massachusetts data found the per Associate cost by dividing the total cost of providing subsidized care in MA to Associates by the number of MA Associates receiving subsidized care.  This yielded a per Associate cost of $1,753.  Multiplied that by 42% of Walmart’s total US workforce (1.4 million).  Results in $1 billion.

2. $8.81 per hr x 34 hrs a week x 52 weeks = $15,500

Click here for archived material about Walmart.

  • John Jannini

    Well after reading most of these facts i became very angry. I then moved on to the politics aspect of this site. I then relized this is just another liberal media site attempting to follow a democratic agenda. No surprise a college professor would send us here. Nice try and Thank you
    Educated American

    • JLou2

      Facts don’t have agenda’s. Leave your politics out of the facts.

      • wes

        jlou2 is a very dedicated communist.

      • jimlouvier

        If caring more about the well being of people than a company’s profits and believing that everyone in a company should share in the massive success of that company, makes me a communist in your blind eyes, I will gladly wear that title.
        People like you are what is wrong with everything. You deem anyone that challenges the broken greed-based business model that is void of ethics, as a communist, socialist, or whatever other buzz word you’ve been told is bad.
        Please, explain why it is ethical and socially responsible for large corporations to eliminate competition, minimize job openings, wages, and benefits, all while maximizing profits and payout for the handful of people at the top? Why is it wrong for all employees of a company to share in its success? Why shouldn’t everyone’s pay go up, rather than only the few top execs, when the company continues to show record profits?
        Why is it so wrong to question the current economic system that is collapsing into a feudal system?
        I await your response wes. As well as anyone else that wants to weigh in on either side of the issue.

      • Robert Laurel

        Yes who needs facts, just look at our dear leader odumbo.

  • Bea

    I agree with some of the postings. If the workers don’t like their jobs, then quit or get a education and leave. Since when does any business OWE their employees more than pay for a day served. You liberals better understand that the world is not fair, and to each according to his ability”

    • JLou2

      Can I laugh at you if something happens to you and you are forced to work somewhere like this or starve? You, and the others like you, are what is wrong with the world. It would be a much better place without people with your attitude. I really pity you.

      • wes

        Let walmart charge LOTS extra and go out of business. Then all the workers can go on welfair. Then tax the big greedy companies out of existence so we can all work for the government.

        The world tried it once. I for one am tired of the government taking money from me to pay it to people who make bad choices in life. JLou2 wants to spend others money. If you have a agenda then start your own business and provide all the benefits you want. I bet you wont last a year. I notice that people who know “theory” don’t know how to actually do. Witness government run healthcare, it costs more, it does less and the educated idiots who run it can not make it work no matter how much of my money they waste on it.

        How about we let people think for themselves. If they don’t get paid enough then quit and get another job or start their own business. Get Government out of our way.

      • jimlouvier

        Most of the workers are on welfare already because of the poverty level wages and limited hours they are given. So that argument is invalid.
        Please explain your incorrect accusation that I want to spend others money.
        How is demanding that a successful company spread it’s profits throughout the company, wanting to spend others money?
        Did a cashier at walmart not make an important contribution to the success of the company?
        Did the unloaders of the trucks not contribute? Or the people that stock the shelves?
        Are the only positions that are important to a company’s success the ones that have assistants and wear suits?
        Can walmart, or any other company, even operate without the people they pay the least and deem unimportant? No, they can not. With that in mind, don’t you think that those people deserve to have a proportionate share in the success of the company? Maybe a wage that is high enough to be able to get off of welfare. Why should taxpayers have to subsidize their pay because their multi-billion dollar profit employer refuses to pay a living wage? Wal-mart can easily pay their employees a fair wage without raising costs a single penny.

      • Robert Laurel

        Then go to college and they will give you more hours.

      • jimlouvier

        That’s not a guarantee anymore. If you had been paying attention over the last decade, a degree doesn’t carry the weight it used to. It’s no longer a promise of better income.

      • Frank Provasek

        The six Sam Walton heirs have more money than the net worth of the bottom 40% of Americans COMBINED. Yet their business model is based on paying a wage that it is not possible to survive on unless the employee applies for Medicaid, food stamps, free school lunches for children, discounts for the poor on telephone service, electricity, heating oil, and the Earned Income Tax Credit – which essentially is a NEGATIVE income tax — that gives poor working families up to a $6,000 a year extra refund when they file their income tax., While it seems like “help to the poor’: this is really “welfare for the multi-billionaires” where the taxpayers are basically kicking in a dollar for dollar match allowing Walmart to pay only half of the actual cost of their labor force.

    • cflpeace

      The problem is that many workers can’t get other jobs because Walmart puts so many small businesses out of business when they move in. And it’s not a matter of their owing “more than pay for a day served;” it’s a matter of wage theft and other violations of law. That’s why workers win so many lawsuits proving that the laws had been violated by Walmart.

      • jimlouvier

        Walmart also actively works to prevent it’s employees from going back to school while working there. I’ve seen many cases where someone starts going to college and Wal-mart suddenly increases their hours during times they have be told the person would be unavailable due to class. The made the people choose between education and their job at walmart.

      • Robert Laurel

        BS. Wal Mart never will increase hours unless corp says so.

        Ok so now your going to college. Well more hours for you my friend.

        Stop with the BS.

    • Robert Laurel

      When Wal Mart hired my wife, she was told how much she would be making. She was told in a year she would get a raise, she was told in 3 months she would get a discount card. She agreed to work for them until she left or they fired her. What’s the problem. If you don’t like the job don’t take it.

      • jimlouvier

        It’s that attitude that allows these companies to continue treating employees like cattle. People are so desperate for any job at all that they will allow themselves to be crapped on.

  • Bob Smith

    If I owned Walmart i would FIRE every Employee that protest. Go get another Job if you can.

    • JLou2

      You, sir, are what’s wrong with the world.

    • cflpeace

      I guess you don’t believe in the U.S. Constitution and the rights it affords us. Neither does Walmart.

      • jimlouvier

        He obviously is of the mindset that profits are more important that environmental, social, or economic impact. He must work in business. I think you have to prove you have no empathy or ethics before you can work above the mail room in most large corporate environments.

    • Just another helping hand

      So maybe this is the reason that apparently you do not own this store?

      If Walmart does not provide a living wage they should consider it. It is a benefit to all in the community especially the store that incorporates that effective and beneficial business strategy. Take a close look at Costco and the wages their employees enjoy plus the added benefit of holidays such as Thanksgiving being a holiday. That store is thriving by investing in their employees in such a manner. It is very good and effective for the entire community.

      • Robert Laurel

        Then go work for Costco. Oh but you can’t because they wont hire you.

      • guy

        oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhooot

  • deadhead

    I hope they close these stores you are protesting at and put your asses on the street!!!!

  • Solidarity

    Go union, the only way to get a fair deal.

    • Robert Laurel

      BS. I was in a union and was sold out. You pay dues, they tell you how to vote and you get nothing in return. Unions suck.

  • USAForever

    Organized Labor is the only effective way workers can change their situation. Individual workers are almost powerless, united they are unstoppable. Organize, unite and stay strong.

    “Labor creates capital”- Abraham Lincoln

    • darricksf

      Abe was not an economist ’cause labor along with capitol creates products and services. The ability of those products and services to compete with others makes sure that the business making or providing are still in business and make capitol. Organized labor mostly favors those doing the organizing who sit around gathering in union dues having big parties and pay themselves more then they are worth. Unions also tend to favor the largest groups that they represent and sacrifice the less populace groups who actually have higher skills, knowledge and abilities. I say, fight the collective, work harder, work smarter then you will get ahead.

  • thanksfaties

    Boycott walmart its not worth the small amount of savings over your local shops. Buy local so the money stays out of the richest Americans hands.

    • JLou2

      The sad fact is that many communities no longer even have that option.

      • Just another helping hand

        Whenever possible use to the internet to purchase whatever you may need from companies that pay their employees a living wage.

        It’s small but if many see that as a viable option it will make a difference.

  • getthemax

    According to your math the Walmart CEO earns $120,000,000.00 an hour. thats based on your statement that the average employee earns $25,000.00 dollars per year and there are 1,000,000 employees and that the Ceo earns more in an hour than the employees earn in a year. You have just earned the full of shit award for 2013

    • Sassy

      Whose statement? I see $15,500 as the employee average per year.

      • ohkay

        Cashiers start out at 7.65 in a good year a little over 13,000. Cart pushers 7.25 and the work them to death. CSM’s are a pay grade 3 so substantial higher.

    • smalldog14

      It only takes the walton’s 0 minutes 46 seconds to make my yearly salary.

  • obubba jones

    Get a life or work at Walmart and shut the fucking up low life dropout lovers who have babies they can’t afford and whine about their poor miserable existence.

  • jjhhgh

    Why the duck

  • darricksf

    Wages are, and always will be, based on a person’s knowledge, skills and abilities and the need for them. Socialist ideas of minimum wages only work as long as that wage is set below the vast majority of wages already being paid. Look back at the data and you will see that congress and states raise the min wage after the min wage has already gone up. The governments that have gone out in front of the real value of a person’s work have ended up losing jobs after raising wages. IT’S BASIC ECONOMICS!! End all minimum wage laws and then see all of the low skilled jobs that have been outsourced to other countries return and see companies reduce their purchase rate of machines. Since I work on these machines I say: RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE SO THAT I CAN HAVE MORE WORK!

    • jimlouvier

      Please come back when you meet reality. If you end the minimum wage laws, the companies will begin paying what pennies because they can. They would pay less now if they could, but the laws stand in their way.
      Jobs are outsourced to other countries because they don’t have labor laws requiring workplace safety and a minimum wage and they are legally allowed to treat their employees as slaves.

  • Donna

    I have worked for Walmart for the past year.I am an amazing employee and love my job.I MADE $11,099.47 FOR THE HOLE YEAR. It would be nice if Walmart paid there employees better so that we could live better !!!!!

    • Robert Laurel

      So if you are an amazing employee you should have no problem getting a better job some where else.

      • jimlouvier

        You need to meet reality.

  • dave

    There are 1.4 million Walmart employees in the US, 144 million in the US work force. Walmart, by far the biggest employer in the US, is only 1% of the work force. That is why Unions go after them.) There are more than 99 other jobs out there for every 1 at Walmart. If you are unhappy working for Walmart, then take the initiative and get a better one. One that you appreciate, not one you hate. It is the only way you will find long term self satisfaction. Organized labor serves it self primarily, and you pay a portion of your wages for any benefit you get. Nothing in life comes for free. I understand Unions if there are heath and safety concerns at your work place. Otherwise work on yourself, qualify for a better job, and work at having a more rewarding life….

  • Marco

    Minimum wage for minimum work.