Californians Call on Walmart to Provide Paid Sick Days

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Mega-employer policies force hundreds of thousands of employees to go to work sick or risk losing their jobs by staying home Irvine, Oakland and Sacramento, CA – Coming from cities and towns throughout the state, hundreds of Walmart workers, nurses, shoppers, students and other Californians called on Walmart to publicly commit to provide access to […]

OUR Walmart Member Anthony Goytia’s Statement on Walmart US Bill Simon Resignation

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“It was Bill Simon who revealed the majority of us are paid less than $25,000 a year. Sadly, workers at Walmart face the same reality today of poverty wages and unpredictable schedules that have put the entire economy out of balance. Mr. Foran should work with OUR Walmart to improve jobs at our company so […]

Walmart Worker to Deliver Testimony at Congressional Briefing on a New Scheduling Bill

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AT BRIEFING TO INTRODUCE CONGRESSIONAL BILL, WALMART WORKER TO DELIVER TESTIMONY ABOUT COMPANY’S ERRATIC SCHEDULING PRACTICES Workers, elected officials point to mega-retailer’s policy as emblematic of why legislation is needed WASHINGTON, DC (July 22) — On the day that U.S. Reps. George Miller and Rosa DeLauro will introduce legislation to tackle problematic […]

At Yahoo’s Shareholder Meeting, Walmart Workers Call on Marissa Mayer to Help Improve Jobs, End Illegal Retaliation

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WEDNESDAY, June 25, 2014 At Yahoo!’s annual shareholder meeting, Walmart Moms, Workers Call on Walmart Board Member Marissa Mayer to Help Improve Jobs, End Illegal Retaliation Group questions deepening ties between Walmart and Yahoo! as the retailer faces federal investigations for bribery and treatment of workers  SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Today, at Yahoo!’s annual […]

Walmart Moms Invited to White House Summit on Working Families

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Washington, DC (June 19) — Twelve Walmart moms—many who were on strike earlier this month—are attending the upcoming White House Summit on Working Families on Monday. The group will speak with attendees about their concerns regarding the economic crisis the country’s largest employer of women is creating for them and others in America. The financial […]

Walmart Faces Increases in Votes for Changes in Leadership, Governance

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Vote against Board Chair Continues to Increase; Challenge to Executive Compensation Package Grows Fayatteville, AR — Analysis of an early release of vote counts from the Walmart annual shareholder meeting show an increase in independent investor votes against current leadership of the company and in opposition to its executive compensation package, along with increased support […]

At Walmart’s Annual Shareholders Meeting, Shareholders Vote for Change of Course and New Leadership

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Investor Unrest Grows with Falling Sales, Continuing Out-of-Stock Issues, Escalating Legal Problems. New Poll Confirms Poor Worker Treatment Hurting Company’s Sales Fayetteville, AR –Sending a message to the Walmart heirs who control the company, a growing number of institutional investors, independent shareholders, analysts and advisors are raising concerns – and proposing changes – at Walmart’s […]

Walmart Moms on Strike

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CALLS GROW FOR BETTER PAY AND SCHEDULING, END TO ILLEGAL SILENCING AT COUNTRY’S LARGEST EMPLOYER **Follow the conversation and get photos: #WalmartStrikers, @ChangeWalmart, @ForRespect** (June 4, 2014) — Walmart moms—members of OUR Walmart—have been walking off the job since Friday in protest of the company’s illegal silencing of their co-workers who have been calling for […]

Walmart Moms Announce Strikes

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In Protest of Illegal Firings, WALMART MOMS ANNOUNCE STRIKES Workers, Women’s Rights Leaders Sound Alarm on Financial Crisis Company Is Creating for Women, Families Group to Take Concerns Directly to Walmart Board Members and Shareholders WASHINGTON, DC – Walmart moms—who experience constant financial insecurity because of Walmart’s poverty pay—announced today that many will walk off […]

Americans Call on Obama to Challenge Walmart to End Income Inequality, Take Real Steps Towards Sustainability

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Citing the Company’s “Neutrality” on the Minimum Wage, Poverty Pay and History of Discriminatory Practices, AMERICANS CALL ON OBAMA TO CHALLENGE WALMART TO END INCOME INEQUALITY, TAKE REAL STEPS TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY   **For photos, video and live updates as hundreds gather at CA Walmart:** Washington, DC – Today, responding to President Obama’s call to […]

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