New Reports Underscore Inequality Crisis

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This article was originally published by the Retail Justice Alliance. In the weeks leading up to Labor Day, politicians and economists are calling attention to the growing gap between the rich and poor and its effect on economic mobility and the economy as a whole. A new report released this week by the U.S. Conference of Mayors […]

Moms Fight Stagnant Wages and Precarious Work Schedules

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Across the nation there is a growing conversation about the importance of raising wages and securing consistent hours for retail workers. At the forefront of the movement to improve jobs, it is increasingly common to find women leading the charge. The retail sector employs more people than any other sector in America. The jobs it provides, primarily […]

Californians Call on Walmart to Provide Paid Sick Days

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Mega-employer policies force hundreds of thousands of employees to go to work sick or risk losing their jobs by staying home Irvine, Oakland and Sacramento, CA – Coming from cities and towns throughout the state, hundreds of Walmart workers, nurses, shoppers, students and other Californians called on Walmart to publicly commit to provide access to […]

A Tale of Two Maps

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Recently, the real estate blog Movoto got a lot of press attention when it released this interactive map showing the richest individual in each state. The map revealed that three Walmart heirs are the richest person in their respective states. That list includes Christy Walton (in Wyoming worth an estimated $36.7 billion), Alice Walton (in […]

Failure to Heed Concerns of Workers Playing Role in Walmart’s Poor Sales

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Recently, some Wall Street analysts have predicted that big box stores like Walmart will meet their demise. Why? Not only are customers turning increasingly to online retailers or smaller, more convenient stores—which cut into the market share of big box retailers—but also because business practices like those of Walmart continually disregard the well-being of their […]

As Walmart Workers Struggle, U.S. CEO Bill Simon Steps Down with $9 Million Retirement Package

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This article was originally posted by the Retail Justice Alliance. Last week, Walmart’s U.S. CEO Bill Simon stepped down after five consecutive quarters of slumping sales and declining brand value. During Simon’s tenure, Walmart stores have been plagued with chronic understaffing due to the company’s low-wage, part-time business strategy, which has led to empty shelves, […]

OUR Walmart Member Anthony Goytia’s Statement on Walmart US Bill Simon Resignation

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“It was Bill Simon who revealed the majority of us are paid less than $25,000 a year. Sadly, workers at Walmart face the same reality today of poverty wages and unpredictable schedules that have put the entire economy out of balance. Mr. Foran should work with OUR Walmart to improve jobs at our company so […]

Top 3 Walmart Problems Bill Simon Failed to Solve

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As a new Walmart US CEO is announced, here’s a look back at where Bill Simon (who currently holds the position) fell short and the issues that will be left to his . Low Pay: Walmart is now notorious for not paying its workers enough to get by and reinforcing an income inequality crisis. The […]

Court Ruling Forces Walmart to Relinquish Bribery Probe Documents

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Although the New York Times first reported on the alleged bribery scandal that reached the top levels of Walmart two years ago, the investigation and trials continue. Most recently, Walmart fought to keep related documents out of the hands of concerned shareholders. Despite Walmart’s protests, the Delaware Supreme Court upheld lower court’s decision forcing the […]

Fighting for Family Values at Walmart

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This post was originally featured on Read more about Champions of Change here. It took a tragedy to make me a Champion of Change. I work at a Walmart store in Chicago, and like many Walmart workers, I work hard to provide for my child. But it hasn’t been easy. I make $8.75 an […]

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