Walmart Running Illegal PAC Scheme, Watchdog Groups & Employees Charge in FEC Complaint

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Company Tries to Leverage Economic Power in Political Sphere WASHINGTON, D.C. – Wal-Mart is running an illegal scheme to prod employees into contributing to its political action committee, circumventing a federal law that bars companies from putting corporate funds into political campaigns, Public Citizen, Common Cause and two Walmart employees and shareholders charged today. In a […]

Watchdog Groups, Employee-Shareholders File FEC Alleging that Walmart is Running Illegal PAC Scheme

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Groups are alleging that Walmart illegally pushes associates into contributing to its political action committee, circumventing a federal law that bars companies from putting corporate funds into political campaigns. Public Citizen, Common Cause and two Walmart employees and shareholders filed a charge with the Federal Elections Committee today. In the complaint, the two employee-shareholders, Cynthia Murray and Evelyn Cruz, allege in detail a […]

In Advance of New Forbes 400 Richest Americans Ranking, America’s Most, Least Generous Billionaires Revealed

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New Analysis Shows Walmart Heirs Give Substantially Less than Their Peers   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Setting them apart from others on the Forbes top ten list, the Walton family members are donating very little of their growing $145 billion in collective wealth. The four Walmart heirs – the top 6th, 7th and 8th richest Americans […]

Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor Is ‘Unsustainable,’ New Study Finds

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Reposted from the Retail Justice Alliance A new study by the Harvard Business School argues that America’s wealth gap is ‘unsustainable’ and U.S. living standards must be lifted so that both businesses and workers can succeed.  The study was based on a survey of over 1,900 of Harvard Business School alumni from around the world Titled An […]

A Labor Day Message from Bill Fletcher, Chair of the Retail Justice Alliance

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Originally posted on The Retail Justice Alliance As we approach Labor Day, the growing divide between the rich and poor continues to dominate the national conversation and, in some parts of the country, has led to social unrest.  While many politicians, academics and economists agree that our country’s wealth gap is bad for the economy and […]

New Reports Underscore Inequality Crisis

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This article was originally published by the Retail Justice Alliance. In the weeks leading up to Labor Day, politicians and economists are calling attention to the growing gap between the rich and poor and its effect on economic mobility and the economy as a whole. A new report released this week by the U.S. Conference of Mayors […]

Moms Fight Stagnant Wages and Precarious Work Schedules

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Across the nation there is a growing conversation about the importance of raising wages and securing consistent hours for retail workers. At the forefront of the movement to improve jobs, it is increasingly common to find women leading the charge. The retail sector employs more people than any other sector in America. The jobs it provides, primarily […]

Californians Call on Walmart to Provide Paid Sick Days

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Mega-employer policies force hundreds of thousands of employees to go to work sick or risk losing their jobs by staying home Irvine, Oakland and Sacramento, CA – Coming from cities and towns throughout the state, hundreds of Walmart workers, nurses, shoppers, students and other Californians called on Walmart to publicly commit to provide access to […]

A Tale of Two Maps

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Recently, the real estate blog Movoto got a lot of press attention when it released this interactive map showing the richest individual in each state. The map revealed that three Walmart heirs are the richest person in their respective states. That list includes Christy Walton (in Wyoming worth an estimated $36.7 billion), Alice Walton (in […]

Failure to Heed Concerns of Workers Playing Role in Walmart’s Poor Sales

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Recently, some Wall Street analysts have predicted that big box stores like Walmart will meet their demise. Why? Not only are customers turning increasingly to online retailers or smaller, more convenient stores—which cut into the market share of big box retailers—but also because business practices like those of Walmart continually disregard the well-being of their […]

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