Tell Walmart: Help Striking Farm Workers

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This post was written by our friends at UFW. On March 17th, thousands of farm workers toiling in the San Quintín Valley—an export oriented agricultural region in Baja California Norte—walked off their jobs in protest of low wages, poor working conditions, and alleged violations of Mexican labor law. Nearly three weeks later, key demands made […]

OUR Walmart Statement on McDonald’s Wage Announcement

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Today, McDonald’s announced it would raise wages for 90,000 workers. The following is OUR Walmart’s response: “We are glad to hear that like Walmart, McDonald’s is starting to respond to the concerns of its workers around wages, hours and our rights on the job. While this is an important first step, McDonald’s and Walmart’s modest wage […]

OUR Walmart Statement on Walmart’s Opposition to Arkansas’ Anti-LGBT Bill

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The following is OUR Walmart‘s statement regarding Walmart’s announcement that it opposed the anti-LGBT religious bill in Arkansas. “While I’m glad that Walmart recently took a stance against Arkansas’s anti-gay bill, as a member of the LGBT community who has worked at Walmart, I can tell you this stance has more to do with public image […]

Walmart Workers to Join Fast Food, Adjuncts, Home Health & Childcare Workers in the Fight for $15

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 31, 2015 Renewing their calls for full-time, consistent schedules and $15 an hour, Walmart workers say they will join 60,000 protesters in 200 cities on April 15th as part of a growing movement for better pay, corporate accountability New York, NY — Earlier this morning, Walmart workers from the group OUR […]

Walmart Workers Pave the Way for Real Change in Retail

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American retailers are finally starting to get the message: it’s time to raise the wage! This month, Walmart announced that the company will be hiking wages for 500,000 of its employees nationwide, raising pay to $9 an hour in April and $10 an hour by February of 2016. This decision came after years of pressure […]

Leaked documents tell Walmart managers how to respond to $15 & full time petition

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Last week, Dave Jamieson reported on documents leaked to the Huffington Post from Walmart headquarters, instructing store managers in Massachusetts on how to respond to a petition from workers calling for $15 per hour and access to full-time schedules. The petition has been signed by workers at over 2,200 Walmart stores, and by over 84,000 […]

Walmart Associate-Shareholder Calls on Company to Disclose Pay Information by Gender

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WALMART ASSOCIATE-SHAREHOLDER CALLS ON COMPANY TO DISCLOSE PAY INFORMATION BY GENDER Following recent workers’ wage win and successful shareholder effort to change pregnancy policy last year, company faces new resolution to address policies for women workers (NATIONWIDE) – A Walmart associate and shareholder has submitted a resolution on gender pay inequity to […]

Walmart Strikers Win Raise for 500,000 Workers

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Last Thursday, Walmart announced that it would raise wages for all hourly employees to $9 an hour by April and $10 an hour by next year. The move comes after public pressure on the company hit an all-time high following the largest Black Friday strikes and protests in company history. “Because of a strong and […]

Melinda Gaino: Working But Left Behind in DC’s Prosperity

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This was originally published by DC Jobs with Justice. Melinda Gaino has a full-time job in DC, but she struggles to make it. She earns $9.90 an hour as a cashier at Walmart on H Street, NW, bringing home about $20,000 a year. That is too little to support her and her four children in […]

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