BREAKING: Walmart Moms to Strike

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In a historic move, Walmart mothers and working families announced that they will be taking bold action as Walmart shareholders meeting nears.

On a press call earlier today, a group of mothers who work at Walmart announced that they plan to lead Walmart mom and working family strikes nationwide in the build up to Walmart’s annual shareholders meeting to protest the company’s continuing retaliation against workers who speak out for change.

As the largest employer of women in America, Walmart has come under fire for discriminatory pay and practices. Most recently, women’s group and workers took issue with Walmart’s unfair and arcane treatment of pregnant workers, which forced women with medical complications documented in doctors’ notes to continue to perform duties that could harm their health or the health of their unborn children. Unfortunately, these are just a few of the family unfriendly policies the company holds, including irregular schedules and low pay.

Walmart moms have vowed to strike and hold a national day of action on June 4th to bring attention to the fact that when workers speak out about such issues, Walmart often responds by disciplining or even firing them to keep them silent.

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