OUR Walmart Statement on CEO Change

In response to Walmart’s announcement today that Doug McMillon will succeed Mike Duke as CEO of the company, Walmart worker and OUR Walmart member Tiffany Beroid released the statement below. Tiffany works at the Laurel, MD store and has worked at Walmart for about two years. She is one of as many as 825,000 Walmart workers who are paid less than $25,000 a year.

“Walmart has been heading in the wrong direction, and it’s a testament to the pressure the company is feeling that they’re changing leadership at this moment.

“We’re happy to see Mr. McMillon acknowledge the hard work of associates in his statement this morning, and we hope that this appreciation translates into improving jobs for Walmart workers. Americans nationwide are looking to Walmart to improve jobs and strengthen our economy, and Mr. McMillon has an opportunity to be a leader in moving Walmart in the right direction, not just in offering more empty promises. We sincerely hope that Mr. McMillon will answer the country’s calls for Walmart to publicly commit to paying $25,000 a year, providing full-time work and ending its illegal retaliation against its own employees.”


36 thoughts on “OUR Walmart Statement on CEO Change

  1. let get Walmart join the Union for all Walmart Employee and for all Sam’s Club Employee right of away and right now please by make Walmart give all Walmart Employee and all Sam’s Club Employee a Living Wage With Affordable Healthcare right of away and right now please.

    Thank You Very Much
    From Tom P Noonan

  2. Duke was 63 years old and a multimillionaire. Not sure how you can take credit for getting rid of him. I would not expect many changes. The market sets the wages. Over 5,000,000 people applied to fill the 500,000 jobs at Wal-Mart last year. As long as an employee has 10 people standing behind him willing to work for his rate, they will not change, Your millions of your members dues has had very little affect. This is basic economics. Under Obama, this is never going to change. Obama has held the country back. Businesses will not expand or hire. Hopefully after the midterm elections, businesses will get some confidence. Remember, if you like your plan, you an keep your plan, PERIOD.

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