First Walmart Strike in Ohio

Today (November 18th), for the first time ever, Walmart workers in the state of Ohio went on strike to protest Walmart’s retaliation against those who speak out for change. They were joined by community supporters, who say they were motivated to join protests given the extremely low pay Walmart workers receive and the burden that creates on taxpayers.

By coming together and taking a stand for the first time in Ohio, these workers join other Walmart workers who are members of the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) in risking their livelihoods to speak out for what is right. They are working to change Walmart, not just for themselves and Walmart’s 1.3 million workers, but to help improve the American economy.

“OUR Walmart is a support network of other Associates going through the exact same situation as me. Knowing that they have the support of workers across the country and our community, workers in Ohio are empowered to take a stand and join the rest of the nation to call on Walmart to make these changes to improve our lives and our communities,” said Jamaad Reed, a Walmart worker in Ohio at Walmart store #4609.

“The goal of these actions isn’t to shut down the store. We just want Walmart to respect our right to speak out. When Associates stand up for better working conditions, hours and pay, Walmart intimidates and punishes us. This has to stop,” Reed continued.

The action in Ohio is the latest in the series of OUR Walmart strikes across the country. Tens of thousands of people came out on Black Friday last year and the movement only continues to grow with OUR Walmart members in 700 stores, across 46 states. This momentum promises to deliver a Black Friday (the biggest shopping day of the year) that Walmart will remember.

You can support strikers like those in Ohio by visiting and taking action there.

2 thoughts on “First Walmart Strike in Ohio

  1. What city in Ohio….that is not stated….and I live in Ohio and never heard of this taking place, it would have made local news and it didn’t….so where did this take place?

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