Walmart Worker Reacts to Weak Q2 Earnings Report


Walmart Worker Reacts to Weak Q2 Earnings Report


Walmart’s second quarter sales report shows the continuation of negative same store sales. In response, OUR Walmart member Larry Born, who has worked at Walmart in Crestwood, IL for over three years, issued the following statement:

“Today’s numbers make it clear that Walmart’s labor practices aren’t just hurting workers like me—they’re also hurting business. Instead of listening to employees who raise concerns about working conditions and their impact on sales and the company’s reputation, Walmart has tried to suppress our fundamental right to speak out for better jobs by firing and disciplining many of us who simply want what’s best for our families and for the company.

“Now major investors are divesting from the company as a direct result of its labor practices, and Walmart’s urban expansion efforts are facing resistance from cities like Washington, DC that don’t want to bring Walmart values into their communities. Until Walmart shows a real commitment to creating good jobs that can support a family and strengthen local economies, the company will continue to face roadblocks in this key part of its business strategy.

“Similarly, while associates struggle to support their families as a result of erratic and inadequate hours, Walmart is receiving the lowest customer satisfaction scores compared to other supermarkets,thanks to the empty shelves and long checkout lines caused by understaffing. At the international level, costs related to Walmart’s violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act are sky-high, and the company’s reputation with the public and with investors has been seriously damaged by its refusal to join other retailers in committing to improve safety at supplier factories in Bangladesh, where Walmart was found to have procured clothing as recently as 2012 in the factory collapse that killed over 1000 garment workers.

“If Walmart wants to reverse these trends, the company should start by listening to its associates. With $16 billion in profits every year, Walmart can easily afford to increase pay and access to full-time hours so that we can make our stores great places to shop and so that every Walmart worker can support their family—without relying on public assistance. These commonsense changes will help repair the company’s image, lift its bottom-line, and strengthen our entire economy.”



LEGAL DISCLAIMER: UFCW and OUR Walmart have the purpose of helping Wal-Mart employees as individuals or groups in their dealings with Wal-Mart over labor rights and standards and their efforts to have Wal-Mart publicly commit to adhering to labor rights and standards. UFCW and OUR Walmart have no intent to have Walmart recognize or bargain with UFCW or OUR Walmart as the representative of Walmart employees.

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  1. This is emblematic of the failing Obama economy. We have been creating jobs at below population growth needs for 5 years. The anti business climate of the Obama administration and the uncertainty of the calamity of ObamaCare will continue to keep America throttled down until we get rid of these policies. Hopefully we can make a big step in 2014.

    • Obamacare makes it illegal for health insurance companies to discriminant
      against people with pre-existing conditions

      If Republicans repeal Obamacare as they have tried to do on 40 separate occasions,what happens to people with pre-existing conditions that can’t get health care? What happens to those of us who finally have access to health insurance for the first time in nine or ten years? What happens to them? Got any answers Republicans???

      • The same thing that always has happened. They have to pay themselves. ObamaCare just shifts the costs to the unsick. The money is still spent, just somebody else is having to pay for it. That means that I have to pay for shiftless slackards like you. Go get a job.

      • ummmmmm, and how do they pay for themselves? As things are now, everyone is paying for them. Those who have no insurance are paid for by everyone else, NOW

      • Where in the US constitution does it say that the government can use it’s police power to take away money from me to pay for things for the people who choose not to work.

      • It doesn’t. And if you don’t like it why don’t you get on the bandwagon and start protesting for Walmart and other companies like them to start paying a living wage. Why don’t you start protesting to the politicians about stopping giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas, stop shipping jobs overseas. No, you would rather sit around and whine about how you have to pay for all the havenot’s in this country. And if you honestly believe that all the people who are out of work , or working at low paying jobs are in that position by choice, you are the biggest fool on the planet. Until something is done about the way this country is run, and no, that isn’t the republican way, that’s what got us into this mess to start with, you can look forward to continuing to pay for the people who are unable to make a decent living. If another country seriously wanted to take America over, they could do it without firing a shot. We produce so little we couldn’t fend them off. Besides, all they really have to do is buy it. Remember the Civil War? Well I don’t suppose your that old, but I will give you a little credit for having some small knowledge of American History. The point is, why the north won. Not so much because they were in the right or had better soldiers, they won because the north was industrialized. The south was not, it was an agricultural area. All the factories that produced guns, ammunition, clothing were in the north and they were able to keep their soldiers supplied. The south had to get their supplies from Europe. And that is the position our government and big business has put this country into today. Look around your home and see just how many things you can find that are made in the USA. Oh, it may have an American Co. name on it , but where was it actually made? Or it may have been assembled here, but where did the parts come from? Even a lot of the food in stores is imported. So, yes, I am going to kick and scream and complain until things change. Not just because of how the people in this country are treated, but because it poses a threat to our independence as a country. But what does all that matter as long as the rich keep getting richer, that’s what is really important isn’t it?

      • Protests are a waste of time. If I protest about taxes it will be that 47% of worker pay zero federal income taxes. Redistribution is a socialist idea. We have too many people riding the wagon and too few pulling the wagon. Riders like you continue to complain that we are not pulling hard enough, You want more free stuff, but are unwilling to do what is necessary to get it themselves. America steel was ruined by the unions and had to close down. The foreigners took it over, The only way companies could compete is to mover overseas. Right now over 50% of the cars made in the US are made in non union plants and the UAW plants are dying. Civil war was before my time. I have several cars with a Japanese name on them made in America by American non union workers. I love them. On the food situation, if you want fresh grapes in the winter, they must come from the Southern Hemisphere. Has nothing to do with shipping of jobs. This is true for all fresh foods (except hydroponics). I like grapes year around. I eat FL strawberries in the winter, then I eat GA, then SC, and further North through the summer. I eat FL mangoes in our summer and then South American mangoes in our winter. i like them and canned mangoes are lousy. Realize what you say and think things through before saying them. You don’t get the concept of income shifting. The poor don’t have to stay poor and the rich often lose their money (I know). The concept of risk and reward is at play. If I risk my assets big time and lose, it is my rear end. If I succeed through my hard work, it I deserve to get a big reward. When you trade hours for dollars, you risk nothing and are paid accordingly. You should try to emulate those who succeed rather than vilify them. Most people who succeed work their rears to the bone. (not all). When you waste your time hating the successful and being jealous of them you doom yourself and family to failure. Spend your efforts do what it takes for your success. Giving up and whining will get you absolutely nowhere. Learn to sacrifice for the future.

      • And just where do you get the idea I have not succeeded in life. As usual, you assume, just like you assume Walmart and other big corporations deal fairly with workers. Unless you have first hand knowledge you have noting but opinions…and your opinions are worth about as much as a retail workers paycheck. If everyone owned a business, who would do the actual work. You have a restaurant, for example, you are going to do the cooking and serving and cleaning all by yourself. Sure you are. No you will need cooks and waiters a hostess, maybe a couple of bartenders…if no one is available to trade hours for dollars, how are you going to run that business. And why should those people not be fairly compensated for their efforts to help you turn a profit…but sometimes people take whatever they can get in the way of a job. They have bills to pay and anything is better than nothing, even if they need public assistance to survive…There is nothing wrong with making a profit, but you can’t make a profit without are the one who needs to think about what you are saying before you open your mouth

      • You just keep missing the point, it’s like trying to talk to a child. I don’t know much about the steel industry so I don’t really have an opinion on it. And yes unions have gotten out of control. However it was big business that brought about the advent of unions. If they had paid workers decently, not outrageously, but decently, and given them a safe work place, right at the beginning, there would have been no unions and everyone would probably been better off. As to the non union auto plants, yup, they sure do exist, pretty much all in the south. The thing is, they are not American Companies.They are all foreign owned. And those foreign owners were smart enough to know pay a decent wage and benefits and create a safe work environment and everyone will get along fine. Should that situation change, they may find themselves no longer non union.

        You just had to bring up the 46%. Did you ever look for a breakdown of that to see just who makes up that 46%. Now back in 1996, 99.5% of that group were the working poor. in other words people who had jobs that paid less then 30,000 dollars a year. These are not people looking for a free ride. These are people willing to work but not finding a decent paying job. They were however paying in to Medicare, SS, and unemployment, along with all the state and local taxes. So they were paying some taxes. Just not federal income tax. Then along came Bush who initiated a bunch of tax breaks. By 2009 that percentage was down to 76%. However, at the same time, those making between 30 to 40 thousand who paid no taxes rose from less than one percent to 8%. An increase of 5,000%. Those making $75 to $100 thousand went from 4,025 in ’96, to 476,624 in 2009. And the cherry on top, over 1,400 millionaires payed no income tax in 2009. Just gotta love those republicans. Even though Obama did add to this, at least he wanted to add a 5% tax on millionaires. Well, I suppose they could start having those making 25,000 or less a year start paying 20% in taxes. Of course that would take that money out of the economy as far as spending and poor Walmart would have even poorer sales. Goodness, however are they gonna survive. Or, have millionaires pay another 5%. Heck, I’m feeling generous, make it 40 % on those making over 2 million a year…

      • You may have been successful once in life, but I can tell by your extreme bitterness you are no longer successful. I suspected that your lost you business (and dreams) in the Obama recession and became so bitter against those who actually were successful and thrived. Unions are not about the workers, but about the workers dues. Money for the union bosses is the incentive. This union has spent tens of millions of dollars of their members money to unionize Wal-Mart without a penny coming in. It is like a huge carrot out there for them. The reason they hate Wal-Mart is because Wal-Mart has taken over 25% of the nation’s grocery business and cost them millions in dues from the inefficient store’s closings. The foreign car makers in the right to work states have huge waiting list and the UAW has spent millions trying to unionize them without success. They make a vehicle at about a $2500 savings due to very efficient operations and without restrictive work rules. Quality is much higher and the savings is passed along. They are spending millions now on the new TN VW plant. I know for a fact that many people on welfare are not interested in getting work, They will work only long enough to get unemployment. Thinking this isn’t happening is just totally misinformed. You should worry about yourself and not about all of those phony stats you quoted. That just increases your bitterns. Work towards your success. I don’t worry about the taxes I pay, I worry about how badly they are being spent.

      • oh, gee, I had no idea the IRS was publishing phony stats. How naughty of them. And I did not lose my business, I sold it back in the ‘90s. As for the non union auto plants, as long as they treat the workers decently and fairly, they will probably keep the unions out. If that should change so might the attitude of the workers. Companies that take care of their employees don’t have the problems the greedier ones do. If everything is so great, how come 46% of the working population in this country is making less than $25,000 a year.
        I’m not bitter, I’m angry and disgusted about what has happened to this country. It’s people like you with the I’ve got mine, the hell with everyone else attitude that have destroyed it. And you say protest doesn’t help anything. Really, protesting got women the vote, but from the way you talk you probably think that is a bad thing. Protests put an end to segregation, you probably think that is a bad thing too. Protest against low pay and poor working conditions is what gave the unions their start, oh yeah, another bad thing in your book. How about the biggest protest, the American Revolution. This country got it’s start by protesting.
        you keep saying you wonder why I care. Why I don’t do like you and just worry about myself. Maybe this will explain it.

        From Santayana, “ Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

        Or to paraphrase Edmund Burke

        When you do nothing, bad stuff happens

        Or how about this one….

        First they came for the Communists but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists but I was not one of them, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews but I was not Jewish so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.
        Martin Niemoeller

        Now, no, I don’t imagine the union will get a foothold in the southern auto plants for good reason. I did a bit of research. At Volkswagon, starting pay was about $14.50 an hour. At thirty six months, what they pay exceeds the pay of a union tier two auto worker. Add to that, shift pay, and quarterly performance bonuses. There is a free on site doctor, a choice of medical plans, a car leasing program, and an on site gym available to workers 24/7. The workers there don’t need a union. The company is freely offering decent pay and benefits. And as you said yourself, making a profit and selling their product cheaper. So, explain to me how it is, a foreign company can afford to treat their employees decently, but so many of the American owned corporations can’t afford it.

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      • If I had the attitude you accuse me of, I wouldn’t be wasting my time trying to fix a bitter person. DO you not realize now that over 50 % of cars made in the US are made now at non UAW plants in right to work states (not all in the South). MI and WI just became right to work states. only 6.5% of American private sector workers (and shrinking as it used to be 45%) are unionized. They are dying out.Companies compete for good workers, That is normal. You are only thinking of the low skill workers. It has nothing to do with the company being foreign or domestic. manufacturing companies for example in Atlanta pay much better wages than many Northern plants. It is a matter of efficiency. Non union plants run like a watch and have a lots less labor tied up in a product whether it be a car or a plastic bottle. Why do you think the city of Detroit had a horse shoer on staff for 30 years after they got rid of their last horse? What have you personally gotten from protesting? By the way, you are very bitter and it seems to seep out of everything you say.

      • As to the remarks about the Civil War, guess that went right over your head to. My point was, the south lost because they had no factories, they grew cotton. The could not produce enough guns, or bullets, or clothing, or shoes or anything else they needed to fight a war. The north could and they won. And we have put ourselves in the same position as the south. We are reliant these days on foreign imports for far to much of our daily needs. Even the buildings that used to house our factories have been allowed to deteriorate or turned into something else.

      • I knew exactly what you meant. It is just a mute point with our present global economy. The world is much smaller now/

      • and the bombs and bullets are bigger. bomb a few airports and seaports, sink some transport vessels. but we are all supposed to follow the party line and not think for ourselves.

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      • It doesn’t matter what the market is, when people are broke there is no market..

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      • Our GDP is still $17 TRILLION. Lots of buying and selling out there, Haven’t I told you a million times not to exaggerate.

      • yup, sure is, however, we were number one in 2011, in 2012 we dropped to number two in the world.

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      • That is because the average recession since WWII is less than 18 months, Obama’s policies have kept this one going for 5 years and we have 3 left.

      • learn to sacrifice for the future. how about not being a selfish narcissist who thinks that because you take a gamble you deserve a big reward they aren’t just taking a big gamble they are being unfair, corrupt, immoral, and unethical. if you work hourly you deserve to be treated with dignity a fair wage to support a family and health insurance. there not asking to be given the same as the super wealthy there not even asking for close of what the super wealthy get they are asking to be treated with dignity and respect in exchange for their labor to people who are reaping the reward by treating them like they are less than human or because they didn’t grow up on the right side of town they don’t deserve as much. and if you think people who don’t like it all can make a change well then sir you seem like you have been brought up what middle class if its so easy and average and a no brainer to be all you can be than why aren’t you bill gates why aren’t you martin luther king. what does it say about you that you expect people of a lower class to rise above and beat it if you don’t do the same and if you can’t see that rising above being lower class is more difficult than rising above middle class your delusional and have no sense of reality. I don’t know what you have done in your life that was so outstanding that lead you to think that its just so average to rise above your economic class and they aren’t asking for that they just want to be able to survive honestly they would have it easier to be disabled or unemployed than to get a job at a walmart or target so is that what your trying to say that people who work hourly don’t deserve more than what the government has been given noted for beginning of your time to the disabled and unemployed. and that no one should blame the super wealthy because they took a chance he open a business and built up by corruption how is that legit. i can’t imagine lacking so much empathy and not realizing that you are where you are today primarily because of where you grew up whither you took a chance or not. note those stories of rags to riches are one in a million and it had nothing to do with hard work there is hard evidence it has to do with luck read the tipping point get educated. so if you can’t realize you are primarily the conditioning of your parents and what they had and what your grandparents had and don’t think that they didn’t get a hand out at sometime to make their life and the future descendants lives better than once again you don’t have a clue or don’t want to accept that its not about asking for something its about knowing that what your doing deserves more than what is being given to you and standing your ground.

      • Your poor attitude and poor work ethic dooms you and your progeny to a life of being on the bottom rung of success. Very sad.

      • the same place that it says politicians can lie and cheat and do what super pacs want them to for the good of the super wealthy and not the people. seriously worried about people who are not well of as you getting help but not worried about corporations like walmart who’s ceos make billions. Be mad at them they are making billions while not giving 50 percent of their employees health benefits, they are the largest employer besides the government in the u.s,. How does that not make you made that they keep billions while so many people are left without health insurance which inadvertently is the cause and great need of Obama care. can’t you read between the lines and see how much everyone is affected indirectly by walmart. they set the presidency for business and if they are shedding out benefits either is the next guy and result is a nation left without health care and the need for Obama care because I don’t know if you know this but if you are extremely poor you get free health care already hes trying to provide health care for those who make just above minimum wage inorder to protect there family from financial crisis or worse death from being unable to afford it because there job won’t provide it.

      • I do not mind helping the needy, but we have millions of able bodied people taking welfare food stamps, healthcare, WIC and all the rest. They should be made to work for the county 40 hours a week to collect it. Many people choose not to work.,

      • MEProudLIBERL

        It is time for Walmart join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union for
        all Walmart Cashier Workers and for all Walmart Produce Workers and for all
        Walmart Deli Department Workers and for all Walmart Bakery Department Workers
        and for all Walmart Clothing Department Workers and for all Walmart Pharmacy Workers.
        It is time for Walmart join the Teamster Union for all Walmart Truck Drivers
        Workers and all Sam’s Club Truck Driver Workers and for all Sam’s Club Forklift
        Driver@Stock Person Workers and for all Walmart Stock Person Workers and for
        all Walmart Gardening Department Workers and for all Walmart Hardware
        Department Workers and for all Walmart Customer Services Desk Workers and for
        all Courtesy Association Workers and for all Maintenance Workers and for all
        Sam’s Club Meat Cutter@Meat Wrapper Workers and for all Sam’s Club Cashier
        Workers and for all Sam’s Club Produce Workers and for all Sam’s Club Sam Café
        Workers and for all Sam’s Club Bakery Department Workers and for all Sam’s
        Membership Desk Workers and for all Sam’s Club Cart Attendance Workers for all
        Sam’s Club Maintenance Workers and for all Sam’s Club Pharmacy Workers. It is
        time for Walmart join Communication of America Workers for all Walmart
        Electronic Workers and all Sam Club Electronic Workers. It is time for Walmart
        join the United Auto Workers Union for all Walmart Tire@Lube Express Workers
        and for all Sam’s Club Tire@Car Battery Installment Workers right of away and
        right now please by make Walmart give all Walmart Workers a Living Wage With
        Affordable Health Care and all Sam’s Club Workers a Living Wage with Affordable
        Healthcare right of away and right now please without close down all the
        Walmart Store and without close down all the Sam’s Wholesale Club.

        Thank You Very Much

        From Tom P

    • when bush was in office did the shipment to overseas start to rise? when bush was in office didn’t ceo get richer when there employees get poorer? SInce the bush error hasn’t the employment of temp. to hire risen dramatically?You really think its Obamas fault that business hasn’t thrived in America no its directly stems from walmart setting such high expectations for the rest of the business in the u.s to get such low products no matter the cost. what you think with romney we be better off. hes a billionare who made his money buy shipping jobs overseas, screwing Italy out of millions and believe that the wealthy shouldn’t be taxed as much as the poorest even though they make more money which makes absolutely no sense. yeah like a republican will make it all better just like bush did in his presidency leading us into a war that cost billions and thousands of lives all while knowing that he was falsifying the reason to go to war. yeah republicans are much better. bill Clinton had his penis sucked and was thrown out of Washington chaney hasn’t been under any scrutiny for his lies of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction that lead to a war. causing a war based on a lie is way less offensive then have marital affairs and it affects this nation much more what Clinton did right?

      • Bush 8 year unemployment 5.3%
        Nobams 5 year unemployment 9.4% (no end in sight)

        The country was doing very well under Bush until 2006 when Nancy Pelosi gained control of the House. Obama has both the House and Senate for 2 years doing nothing but a failed healthcare system people hate, 49% of workers pay ZERO federal income tax. That probably includes you as usually the people riding in the wagon yell the loudest at the achievers pulling the wagon that they are not pulling hard enough. You mad because you are not getting enough “free stuff”. You may remember that almost all of the US Senate voted for the war and the approval rating was at 91%. Hindsight is 20/20. Sad that people like you think that they are owed everything without doing what is necessary to get it. Relying on the union for your success is not a good plan. Your success is up to you.

    • Union yes for all Wal-Mart Workers and for all Sam, s Club Workers by make Wal-Mart give all Wal-Mart Workers and all Sam Club Workers a LIVING WAGE AND AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE right of away please without close down all the Wal-Mart Store and without close down all Sam Wholesale.


    • This is emblematic of the horrible Obama economy. Obama promotes taking rather than achieving. You are a great example.

      • Walmart must be paying you well these days. Who in their right mind would not have a problem with one family’s wealth being equal to the wealth of 40% of the population combined. And that they accumulated that wealth by not paying a living wage to their employees…yeah, yeah, you are gonna come back with, they don’t have to work there. But consider the number of other businesses Walmart has destroyed, and that other major corporations are following in Walmarts footsteps, just where do suggest these people go to work. Think about it, when industry was allowed to ship a great number of manufacturing jobs overseas we were told, well we will be a service economy. Now that the factory jobs are gone, they got to work shipping the service jobs overseas. How many times have you been frustrated when you called for assistance and got some barely english speaking person who was reading from a script? So , what’s left? Retail! And with the ease and accessibility of online shopping, how long do you think it will be until even those jobs are gone? If there are so many decent paying jobs out there, why are there people with college degrees working as cashiers, or stocking shelves, or flipping burgers at McDonalds? So come on, tell us where they can find a better job. You seem to know it all.

      • Boy have you been drinking the kool-aide. Employer are dying for great employees. In America everybody has the opportunity to be a great employee, but many jsut becoem bitter and squander it. Nobody likes to hire a whiner. You are responsible for your success not your employer.

      • Im sure they are, they just don’t want to pay for them. That’s why they sent so many jobs overseas to poor countries where they can get workers for a dollar a day , if that…and when it comes to whining , your pretty good at it, besides that you sound like a broken record.

      • Wal-Mart doesn’t send jobs overseas. Wal-Mart does not decide what they sell in their stores., The customers decide. Take a pair of jeans for example. If they sell a more expensive US pair, the customers don’t buy them and go to a store that does. That kicks Wal-Mart out of business. Ever hear of Sears and K-Mart. Retail stores of any type must sell what the customer wants or they will go under. Business 101. No wonder your business failed.

      • No, not exactly, however they sell very few American made products, Most of their products are made in China, and the rest comes from various other countries where sweatshops prevail. How do you think they sell cheap as they do, although their prices are not really that much lower anymore.

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      • If you look it up, I think you will find the % lower than you think. Once again, they sell what the customer wants. If they do not, then they will go bankrupt. If the customer wants high quality, American made good, they would sell them, The customer decides what they stock and this is an inconvenient fact you won;t recognize. Want to get mad at somebody, get mad at the right people. If Wal-Mart did what you suggest, they would be down in a few years.

      • Well, the thing is, they are slowly and steadily going down. They have built so many stores that they are competing with themselves. They are finding it harder and harder to get a foot hold in a lot of areas. They tried to get into Russia, they had to give that up. The actually had a store in Germany, but ended up having to close it, the Germans would not let them get away with underpaying their workers their. So far, the only foreign countries they have been successful in are Mexico, South America, China and they were recently trying to get into Africa. Last I heard that wasn’t going to well, silly people kept insisting they abide by their countries rules. Guess the rest of the world doesn’t know that Walmart is king. Oh, and they do have a chain of groceries in the UK, however it operates under it’s original name rather than Walmart. People are starting to wise up and do their homework before allowing them in. Sure they provide some jobs, but on the other hand they take revenue from already existing stores. Now those existing stores have to lay off their employees, and possibly end up going out of business. So what does the area actually really gain. And let’s not forget along with the people who lose their jobs and now need public assistance are the underpaid walmart workers who also need public assistance. Oh yeah, they really upgrade the neighborhood.

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      • The simple facts are that they are continuing to grow. Over 4,300 in the US and about 8,000 in the world. The number still growing. Look at their stock prices. You are letting your hate for them consume you. Get out more and forget about Wal-Mart. There is a whole world out there without them.

      • They keep building but same store sales are falling. They can keep building stores till hell freezes over, but does the world really need a Walmart every couple of miles? I used to live in a city of a couple hundred thousand, within a 25 mile radius were 6 Walmarts, three of them super stores. And three of them were within five miles of each other. The problem with that is it lowers sales at each store. If people really want to shop at walmart they will drive that extra couple miles. But when people don’t realize how close together they are, it all looks good on paper and like you say, see, they are growing. Actually their stock is kind of stagnant. Still good. The won’t go under overnight, but they are running out of places to build, so they just keep adding another store in the same general area…. the whole thing makes me think of a Ponzi scheme…

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      • By the way, the stores do decide what they sell. They have people working for them called buyers who look at what is available and decide what to buy. Of course sometimes they guess wrong and an item doesn’t move. And true, more expensive things don’t sell at Walmart since the people who shop their can’t afford them. The people who can afford them shop elsewhere.
        By the way, what makes you think my business failed. Once again, just skimming and making assumptions.

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      • You still don’t get it about the customers deciding what is sold. You have to think it through. The product buyers are gauging trends and looking carefully at what is selling all over the country. If you look at a sporting goods department, they stock what is hot in that area. They are very savvy. They understand their customers. That is their secret to success (along with great transportation). The fact that you don’t get these basic business principles makes me wonder if you ever had a business. When you say things like if they raised their employees wages, they would make up for it with employee sales. That is such an elementary mistake. You have to work hard and work smart. Don’t know how long you were in business, but without the basics, the bitterness and the bad attitude makes me think you couldn’t succeed. You don’t seem to grasp the fact that YOU are responsible for your success and nobody else. it is up to you. Nobody is stacking the deck against you but you.

      • That is not what I said, what I said was it has reached a point that employees can’t afford to shop their anymore. Walmart has also been steadily raising prices. And it isn’t just Walmart. It’s a lot of other companies too. The more jobs you cut, the less income people have , the less they spend. And that drives down sales. And of course they gauge trends, but someone has to start the trends and when new styles and products come out, the customer can’t decide if they want it or not until they see it on the store shelves. Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder about your ability to comprehend what you read…

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      • The employees of Sac 5th Ave can’t afford to shop there, but they are in their 200th year. Employee sales are a minor part of any business’s totals. The average Wal-Mart Super Store does $35,000 24/7. You still don’t get it about the customers deciding what gets on the store shelves,

      • LOL, no I don’t suppose they can afford to shop their, but can they afford to shop at Walmart?

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      • Well, I’d rather shop at Family Dollar anyway. You don;t have to get all dress up like when you go to Wal-Mart.

      • Very true, some of the people at Walmart really know how to dress, don’t they
        Ok, you’re tired of Walmart, how about Apple , you know them don’t you maybe not the biggest but pretty much the richest company around. How do you think they got that way. Sure wasn’t by supplying jobs to Americans. Nope, all those fancy Ipods and Ipads and ‘ puters are made in China. In factories crammed full of people working 12 hours a day 7 days a week. And all for the grand sum of around 450 dollars a month. Now if you happen to be a student worker, right off the top comes a payment to your teacher for transportation, etc. And of course there is that little annoyance of toxic fumes from the plastic and chemicals that is making workers sick. And even the clerks in the stores here are poorly paid. Now of course I’m sure they pay top dollar to the executives and the designers. They have to to get the best. Well not the officers, they get paid too much no matter if they are good or bad. But pay the people who actually make the product or who sell the product for them. Why on earth would they do that, heavens to betsy, they wouldn’t be the multi millionares they are today, or is it billionaire, whatever, they would only have a few million in the bank .

        Sent from Windows Mail

      • The only difference how America looks at Apple and Wal-Mart is the 20 year anti Wal-Mart union campaign, If you look at just the facts about the companies, Apple is much more anti American worker. They are all big libs and donate money to the lib candidates and give lip service to their causes. In actuality, they are elitist and look down upon the common people. It is all perception, not reality.

      • Um Wal-Mart does to send jobs overseas maybe not directly so you can’t understand why someone would say that they do send jobs overseas indirectly and that makes them just as guilty. the following are facts. Do you remember their slogan that was real popular Made in America? Banners hung all over their stores and commercials I believe advertised it. Not only did they blatantly lie to the consumers but they demanded goods to be cheaper from American factories. so much. so that in order for those factories to stay in business that had to ship the factories overseas because that’s where the competitors were. You don’t think walmarts billionaires could afford to not be so rich and make products in the u.s and not capitalize on their items so much? That’s true retailers must sell what their targeted demographic will buy or they will go under. but they don’t have to break the law to do so. like they did all over mexico which was the first international expansion of walmart, Explain the mass corruption and cover up ceo’s and officials are guilty of. the don’t have to break the law like they did with the bargin tax for exports from china, they don’t have to pay their employees so little wage and make it impossible to be hired on as a full time and not a temporary hire, who works full time, in order of getting around giving them benefits. And they to could afford to have factories in America where they buy there products most large corporate giants can but they choose not to because they make more money for themselves doing so. When it comes down to it walmart can afford to make a lot of changes but they wouldn’t make as much money if they would be get products from American companies, which would boost the economy,
        pay their employees fair wages and gave them benefits, which would boost the economy, practice unethical business practices, which would boost the economy. So all in all if the revenue the money that goes to the billionaires of walmart wasn’t so large that would probably mean they had started made some ethical moral upright changes and those changes would indirectly affect the countries economy, the treatment of labor workers in the entire nation because remember they are the largest private employer, that would make for a stronger middle class and all in all this country wouldn’t be struggling a little less all if wal mart would change. And your right consumers do choose but if the demographic is of the lower class who inadvertently know no better because to them it seems like its a good deal when really it specifically, indirectly, affects them then what do we as a society do let those who ” achieve” even if it means being unmoral and unethical get away with it. don’t you think we as a society should know that if we allow that to happen then we all are indirectly affected because if such a giant like walmart sets standards for the rest of the nations companies and eventually the only way to succeed would be to be immoral and unethical as well. and if your immoral and unethical to succeed is that really succeed or is that cheating?

      • Wal-Mart sells what it’s customers want to buy. If they wanted to buy more expensive American made good, they would sell them. This is retailing 101. You stock what the customer wants. If you don’t they will go elsewhere. How many K-Marts, Penny’s, or Sears do you see now. Want to be made at somebody, be mad at the consumers. If a foreign country (and many do) has a system of bribery in place, in order to do business there, you must participate in it. This is a cost of doing business. It is especially bad in the Arab world. Every company doing business there does it. Either do it of don’t go there. It is the fault of the country, not the business. Not realizing this demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the world. Then again you want the poor to pay more their good becasue it would make YOU feel better. Shameful of you.

      • What an ignorant comment “Obama economy” he was elected into presidency under a country that was already in economic turmoil. And are you blaming Obama for the financial crisis of 2008 because i’m pretty sure he had nothing to do with it actually i’m positive. I think your misplacing your anger , confused , or delusional. I’m sure your probably a pretty decent person but yeah this comment makes you sound like what was stated above. and what has Obama supporter been given? if you respond please consider the rebuttal I would have and start your response with that because we could go back and forth about what we think. lets talk about the facts and consider the facts of republican presidency I could use against you.

      • The average recession since WWII has been less than 18 months. Obama has turned this one into over 5 years with another 3 years to go. His anti business pro dependency policies will not allow the country to thrive. We are at our lowest work participation rate in the last 34 years. If Romney was now President, the recovery would be well on it’s way. Millions of people are being hurt. His latest debacle has made us the laughing stock of the world.

  2. Vote Unionize Walmart Store by make Walmart give all Walmart Workers a Living Wage With Affordable Healthcare right of away and right now please. without close down all the Walmart Store.
    Thank You Very Much
    From Tom P Noonan

  3. same things going on at home depot. poor wages cant get full time—have to pay for your own insurance,seems like hd is running there stores with the same playbook used by wal mart—only home depot sales keep going up , +16% just for the 2nd qtr. but like wal mart you can only cut so many jobs before customer service starts to suffer.

  4. I recently left Wal-Mart after 9 years, 3 of those being Salaried. The problem internally is all of the flight programs that were initiated back in 2006. Several of these programs, namely the “Inventory Management System” was designed to better manage inventory and freight flow, as well as reduce staffing by way of a more efficient process. Walmart piloted these programs with some success in more affluent, higher wage markets. Once rolled out throughout the company however, they began to experience difficulty implementing them and getting the results they wanted. The average person making $7.50 an hour is not engaged enough to work these programs properly. Next, the company decimated its hourly supervisor workforce, combining departments and reducing department managers, making it next to impossible to provide good in stock or decent customer service. Then it moved it’s scheduling format to one based on forecasted sales, which sounds good on paper, but actually is the whole reason behind long checkout lines, poor staffing, lack of knowledgable associates, etc. This same system would budget me at 117 hours of Inventory Mgmt Associates. Each week I had to spend 500-600 hours. Every night, tasks are broken down by the company so that you can prioritize. Generally an average night would consist of 250 hours of tasks which equates to 31 people. This does not account for additional tasks that are staples of store and market level expectations. Each night I was running at least 80 hours short of manhours versus tasks. When I would try to hire, I would get refused by our Market Human Resource Manager, as she stated we were “OVERSTAFFED”.

    I have since left the company and moved on to better things. However there is a rumble in the kansas city market, as well as company wide. Many store managers have had pressure put on them to retire or step down to allow more vocal and direct managers to take stores. The store I was at went from a .56 shrink to a 1.43 in one year as a result of facility practices. Walmart can be a great place to work if you have a store manager that uses logic and not fear or intimidation. The shrink speaks for itself as do sales. The company’s newly rolled out programs are killing its ability to grow and evolve into anything greater. I predict within 6 years the company will either realize the error of its ways and fix its staffing and wage practices, or it will double down and eventually lose a lot of market share. If I know the company, sadly, I would assume it would travel down the latter path.

    The other important factor is the 96% correlation of GDP with energy supplies. As the globe has now peaked as pertains to oil production, as that production continues to be tightened, the world economies will shrink. So really, in the end, its irrelevant what Walmart does, or what the Fed, or the Govt does to stave this off, as it is an inevitability.

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