Walmart Workers Increase Calls for Better Jobs and Continue to Fight Illegal Firings

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Walmart workers and the warehouse workers who move Walmart’s goods are fighting back with a wave of actions planned on the ground and online this week in response to Walmart’s increased attempts to silence employees whose calls for better jobs were heard at the company’s June shareholder meeting. Thousands of people nationwide are making the calls for an immediate end to the company’s suppression of workers’ basic freedom to speak out for better jobs directly to Walmart Board members online, at their homes, and at their offices.

With their calls for the creation of better jobs at Walmart resonating widely, workers assert that the company feels threatened and has doubled down on its suppression of associates. In the past few weeks alone, Walmart has fired and disciplined 60 more workers for taking part in the legally protected strike. They are calling on the Board for an end to the labor mismanagement under CEO Mike Duke’s leadership that has led to understaffing, unsafe conditions, and illegal retaliation in stores, warehouses and at suppliers.

Actions picked up the pace this week with protests in Boston and the Bay Area after previous protests calling on Yahoo! CEO and Walmart Board Member Marissa Mayer at Yahoo! meetings last week. Workers plan to continue taking their message directly to Walmart Board of Directors members at their offices, homes, and public events in the coming days and weeks. Demonstrations are also taking place at stores across the country.

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  1. floridanativee
    July 29, 2013

    If these workers want to have a union, why not just form one?


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