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396 thoughts on “Thanks for Signing

  1. Global “Free Trade” Practices Combined With Mistreatment Of The Retail and Warehouse and Manufacturing Workforces Equates To The Simple Fact That I Still DO NOT Shop At Walmart !!!

  2. I won’t shop at Walmart either. I haven’t shopped there for many years. I would like to do so. They do have low prices. But I’m not willing to save a few dollars while knowing I’m supporting Walmart’s inhumane practices.

      • If you have shopped around much you know their whole thing about low prices is a joke. If you like supporting China and Country’s that most people have never heard of or know where their at Wall Mart is the place to go.

      • rich, I totally agree about the pricing. If a person takes a little time to look around, you will find comparable deals abound. Their advertising seems to work though. They depend on “low information” shoppers.

      • There is not many stores that do not use these countries to make cheap merchandise. We need our government to tax the companies that have shipped their products overseas!

  3. I don’t shop there either!!, they owe ALOT wages from 6 years ago. Denied that they(asst mgmt) clock you back in policy was happening**. no real breaks, mysterious disappearance of our worked time/hours( shrunken total daily) week after week(over 200 hours due) many just left,done to give ‘reason’ to replace us /give less hours…As we would be told were argumentative/combative…said I was insebordinant upon telling my side(no promise to clean up 6 depts that were ransancked–its humanly impossible)when lying asst. managers blamed a still thrashed/trashed-in the eisles(unsafe) store on me. Dozen hourly slaves called in ‘sick’ that ‘weekend’ (local bomb scare that day had thousand+ swamp our store, eisles a mess when I came in!!! dozen+ basketfulls/returns for EA. dept., my shift-I could not make a dent in it all, all adjoining depts co-workers did not show(weekend off) shocked Night stock people were not going to clean up the store, handy to blame… by 1 am my job was just ended. 4 months of misery–over.Wouldn’t pay unemployment– U N IO N I Z E in 2014 !!!Apart of Three class actions** /national level/ wages/practices** since then…(about .o25% of what owed ‘grudgingly given’) GEEZ waited 3 years/ that ! GO UNIONS ! cheery not in Covina anymore!

  4. I urge the union to get the company to pay all of its workers world wide a living wage of at least $11 an hour. I would also demand a certain level of health care benefits, to include mental health and dental plans. While I’m at it, two weeks paid vacation and time and half for all holidays. It’s time to stand up for others and I refuse to shop at Wal Mart until these workers get what they are asking for.

  5. I began boycotting Walmart for its terrible labor injustices ten years ago… I refuse to shop there for ANYTHING and will continue to stay clear until they completely overhaul their policies and treat their employees with respect, like Costco, for example, does!

      • If you mean ObamaCare, just about all retailers are going to be doing this. Those that do not are going to be at a very, very bad competitive disadvantage. Are you going to be grown your own food and make your own clothes?

      • Need health insurance or know someone who does? Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more Americans now qualify to get coverage that fits their needs and budgets. Visit the Health Insurance Marketplace at or call 1-800-318-2596 to get more information. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you may call 1-855-889-4325.

      • You are welcome. My friend @floridanativee:disqus is disabled, I try to do all I can to help the poor soul.

      • Glad to hear she has someone to help her. I too, am disabled and need help from time to time so I understand, but if I have to borrow a wheelchair at some time in the future to protest in the streets I am going to fight for everyone’s rights until the day I die.

      • The person who responded to my comment said she and I just typed she. I’m sorry. BTW I should have listed ‘corporate lackey’ as one of your handicaps. I’ll remember next time.

      • Corporation are the only reason the tax code is so complicated in the first place. Those off-shore loopholes didn’t get carved out by poor people.

      • The bottom 49% of potential taxpayers do pay ANY federal income taxes. I would think that this includes poor people and the unemployed like yourself. Tax loopholes are carved out by any special interest group getting favors from politicians (I think bribing.) I have long been for the Fair Tax or a flat tax, but the democrats have constantly been against it. The Ryan Budget did away with most tax deductions in a revenue neutral manner. It was widely trashed by the democrats. By offshore loopholes, I assume you are talking about the kind of tax havens that Obama and family have in the islands. Basically, conservatives believe that the tax structure should be trashed and a much simpler system should be in place. Unfortunately, politicians love the complexity and the power it gives them and fight to keep it in place. Unions also love the power it gives them and the shield it gives them to hide behind. The Ryan budget does keep for example the home mortgage deduction. This wouldn’t affect you as your trailer is a depreciating asset.

      • Florida – Quit projecting your circumstances onto others. Ryan, Walker, Fitzgerald and Reince (seriously Reince?) are the Wisconsin foursome that are bringing the country and the Republican party down. That said, unemployment is around 7.6% (discounting discouraged workers). All of these workers pay 15.3% into FICA – A FEDERAL INCOME BASED TAX!!!!! To say that 49% do not pay income tax is idiotic. Go crawl back under your trailer.

      • FICA is not federal income tax. The I standards to INSURANCE. It is for social security and is supposed to be set aside for their old age. The fact remains that the bottom 49% of workers pay zero per cent income tax which is used to run the country and pay for the non achievers of the country. The worker only pays half of the 15.3% anyway, but the employer who pays the rest does in fact have to figure it in as a cost of business. I wish it was paid directly to the employee and then automatically deducted so they would see better how much is being paid in their behalf. Before you start berating others, you should at least get your facts straight. The statement that 49% of worker pay zero federal income taxes is correct and that is why I phrased it that way. I had had other lefties try to claim exactly as you just tried to get away with. You slackards always want others to pay for your life style and are not satisfied with the life style we are giving you. You want even more from the the achievers in society. Go get an education and then get a real job.

      • If FICA was true insurance it couldn’t be taken away from you once you’ve paid the “premiums”. Additionally, the amount that is paid in as a tax is based upon income – the more you earn, the.more you pay – so its an income taxno matter what the name of the program may imply. The major issue is the “ceiling” that exempts higher earnings, effectively lowering the rate on higher incomes. Therefore it is considered a “regressive” tax – but an income tax regardless.

      • Insurance can and are routinely taken away when you have paid the premiums. The amount paid in is based on the amount you have earned, but you seem to forget that the benefits are also based on the amount you have paid in. You become eligible after 40 quarters and the benefits are based on the highest 40 quarters you have paid. The max amount paid in, as you complain is capped, but also the max benefits are capped. If you exempted the income cap, you would also have to extend the benefits and that would be a financial wash. You socialist just want to redistribute earned income from the achievers to the non achievers. The whole system is a very poor retirement plan. Any worker that invested the 15.3% on their own would have many multiples more of retirement funds upon retirement that allowing the government to squander the money. You need to think things through. You can do this instead of sitting at home watching Oprah.

      • Perhaps you should get your facts straight.

        “The I standards to INSURANCE. It is for social security and is supposed to be set aside for their old age. ”

        SS has never been “set aside for retirement.” As soon as SS was implemented, benefits were paid out, therefore the SS that is deducted today pays the SS retirees are drawing today and on and on. Although people are living longer than they did when the law was made, there are also many people who die before they get to enjoy their benefits.

      • Wrong again. Social security was set aside and the only started being put into the US general fund under liberal icon, LBJ. Yep, it you get hit by a bus at 64. 1/2 you get nothing (except for a few hundred dollars in death benefit). It is a horrible system and if private industry set up such a system, they would go to jail. If a person took 15.3% of their income and put it into private investments, they would have millions at retirement and it would also be inheritable to their heirs. The liberal hate this fact and call it privatization.

      • Achievers? You must be kidding — how easy must if be for those who have financial security to succeed. That isn’t working — those are the slackers living off their $$ or family $$$ — it’s easy to make money if you have it — it’s difficult to put $$ aside when you’re making minimum wage — those who make minimum wage have achieved much — I’d like the rich to try to do it.

      • 97% of the US’s millionaires are self made. America is the land of opportunity. Anybody with extra effort can make it in America. Companies are looking hard for good employees with good work ethic. Somebody with drive and good work ethic can succeed. It isn’t easy, but it is very, very possible. Minimum wage is for entry level. Good workers can distinguish themselves and move right up. Doing just enough to get by doesn’t get it. The US is filled with stories of people who have pulled themselves and their families up from the bottom to the top. You don;t get there by doing just enough to get by and complaining. I sure hope you don’t teach your students to just get by, but I suspect you do,.

      • That’s just an attack on me — and not appropriate. You have no idea of the effort I put into my job and your suggestion that I teach my bias — or yours — in the classroom. Your comment was appropriate, however your attack is not.

      • I have every right and intent to express my opinion on your comments. Based on a whole, your comments seem to me that you have bought into the anti corporate, anti success mantra of the liberal teachers program. This is one reason our nations international test scores have plummeted in the last 4 decades. To be successful, we need to be teaching our children to emulate other successful people rather than demonize them. This is why we have so many children that can not make it in society and become wards of the state. Teachers preaching this anti success mantra are responsible for so many ruined lives. Anybody, and I mean anybody can better themselves by working hard and working smart. Teaching kids to be whiners and haters is doing them a tremendous disservice. Teaching adults to rely on others like unions rather than on their own resources for self improvement is also a tremendous disservice. Teachers have the ability to change children’s lives and should never be teaching them to be whiners and complainers.

      • It doesn’t pay to argue with a FOX junkie. He spouts nothing but right wing talking points.

      • Are you kidding me? The Ryan tax proposal left entirely entact virtually ALL of the tax breaks going to corporations and actually increased tax breaks for the wealthy and businesses. The only tax breaks done away with were those used by the middle class. Better do some re-reading, because you’re dead wrong on that.

      • I prefer the Fair Tax or a flat tax with no deductions. The Ryan tax plan was revenue neutral for corporations.

      • By offshore loopholes, I mean the kind of tax havens that Mitt Romney, loosing Republican Presidential Candidate and hater of the middle class and family have in the islands.

      • Mitt Romney had no offshore tax havens and even the corrupt Nobama campaign didn’t say he did. They mentioned that his blind trust had money in the islands and relied on the idiots like to to spew the BS indicating it was illegal. If you have information indicating it was a tax haven, link to it.

      • that last sentence was NOT necessary, in this conversation. If you cannot be polite – then take it private out of respect for the rest of us.

      • It is a valid statement and I have heard it many times on C-Span on the floor of both houses of congress.

      • Regardless of the ‘validity’ – it was NOT necessary – it was a personal attack and not relevant to the discussion

      • You should read the thread and complain to the others first. Are you the monitor here. I thought it was somebody else.

      • Throwing daggers at people just shows your level of maturity . . . . or lack of . . . .

      • If you go back and read the previous comments, you will see that I was just returning fire. Making uninformed comments without doing so just demonstrates your level of maturity or lack there of.

      • I did read your previous comments, and you continue to “return fire” to other people — not mature.

      • So was it mature to make the initial comments that elicited my return fire? I noticed you made no comments about his maturity.

      • I find it absolutely astounding the degree to which conservatives are doing themselves in. It’s not the rich going without healthcare, folks.

      • Didn’t the Republicans just double the rate on student loans while banks that destroyed the economy pay no interest on money they get from the government?

      • What a stupid uninformed comment. The House already passed a bill that would keep the percentages at present rate and tied to T Bills. The rates doubled because the Dems insisted on a forgiveness provision. The borrower would pay a set % of their take home pay and then after so many years (based on various factors), the rest of the loan would be forgiven. Just more redistribution of wealth from the socialist. How you could come to your question demonstrates your total lack of understanding of the topic and total reliance on the very liberal blogs.

      • Have you even looked at the forgiveness programs? Their windows are so narrow that no one climbs through.

      • Really? Have you looked at the cost of education? Student loan interest just doubled. The rich are not suffering…

      • The cost of college education is way too high. The House already passed a bill to keep it the interest rate same. The Senate will not agree and is holding out for the very liberal forgiveness programs. We need to get competition back in college and start using hi tec in college. The unions are against that. With the internet, a great teacher can teach thousands of eager students,

      • And you would say that to the baby whose LIFETIME limit of medical claims was used up getting out of NICU to go home?

        To the child with cancer whose parents are working three jobs to make ends meet?

        To the disabled or retired person who suddenly gets a chronic degenerative disease, or is run over by a BMW owned by a slick corporate lawyer who has “sheltered” his income from lawsuits?

        If you are conservative, I assume you must claim to be religious. Read Matthew 25 and see what Comrade Jesus would say to people like you.

      • You liberals always bring up the exception as examples. I am against the people like the proud loafer above who wishes the achievers to continue to pay for her loafer lifestyle. She has turned the social safety net into a comfortable hammock at my expense. We are not against children, clean air and water, we are just against laziness and stealing our money,

      • I would agree with that… however in some smaller, local races, when the only choice I have is a Republican or a Libertarian, I vote for the Republican. Libertarians scare me.

      • If we can beat Walmart’s tactics others will think twice or three times about the damage they can do their bottom line when people quit buying at their stores or using their products. Either we start to fight this type of activity or we roll over and become slaves to the rich. I prefer to fight.

      • You’re blaming everything on the wrong source, Florida. WalMart and Papa John have been doing their workers wrong LONG before Obama was a household name. They’re simply right-wing millionaires who are using this as another opportunity to slam Obama and the Democrats–and, meanwhile, Florida keeps electing the same right-wing nuts at the State AND National level. What’s wrong with you guys?

      • Once ObamaCare go into affect, the average worker will be working 29 hours. You can blame that directly on Obama. He wants socialized medicine (single payer) and if the poor have to suffer through for a while, then it is for the greater good in his pea brain.,

      • yes, I am growing my own stuff, from heirloom seeds (no GMO in MY home!)

      • Rich people don’t pick their own food and make their own clothing Who is going to do all their work???

      • Florida – you contradict yourself. You say “get a job” in order to get health insurance … and yet those EMPLOYEES at Walmart have a job and no health Insurance or other benefits. PS – not everyone is capable of getting higher degrees – - nor should they — so, they should die from lack of healthcare even though they work? And god forbid either yourself or one of yours become disabled or unemployed … so much for working or health benefits. Just tell the ones you love “too bad … I guess you’re gonna die!”

  6. If we could only get the masses of addicted walmart shoppers to stop then the greedy corporate dogs might listen.

    • Some areas have no other place to shop because a Super
      Walmart moved in and destroyed all the other businesses.

  7. Thanks to Walmart,. wages for workers throughout the industry have plummeted. A Safeway worker told me that due to his lowered pay, he had to shop at Walmart because he couldn’t afford to shop anywhere else. I despise Walmart and won’t set foot in their smelly stores.

    • That applies to many industries. They are the largest grocery retailer but their impact has been on many other industries, as well — such as clothing, electronics, toys, whatever else they sell. Support your local independent small businesses that care about you and your community!

  8. The MallWart Foundation recently made a grant of $3,500,000 to the League for Innovation in the Community College to help low-income adults and young people get better paying jobs. Is this irony, or what?!? It’s beyond disgusting what they do to try to get good PR.

    • What about when they recently published they were offering every honorably discharged veteran a job? Never heard how well that worked.

      • Veterans issues are one of their funding priorities.

        How does it help to offer them jobs with salaries they can’t live on?

  9. I will not shop at Walmart until they start paying fair wages and treat their workers with the respect they deserve.

    • If you have not yet, sign the petition on I want a min. of 100,000 signatures when it gets delivered.

  10. I have dislike Walmart since the day a manager either outright lied to me or was too ignorant to understand that what he told me was blatantly inaccurate. I abhor this company’s affect on each and every community it enters, but especially it’s detrimental affect on small towns which lose local small businesses due to Walmart’s dominance. Moreover, I detest its attitude toward human health which is well demonstrated by the food products it acquires and sells. Virtually none is organic and the vast majority come from chemically sustained farms, be they hydroponic or earth-based. I have acquaintances who work for the company mainly because, with the ruining of the area’s small businesses, there are few jobs elsewhere available now. Walmart is like an addiction. You hate it but are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms if you try to kick it. I’m kicking Walmart for good. I will buy nothing there that I can find in other businesses no matter the cost. I have no use for a company that has ameliorated for the worse the goals and values of its founder. I have less respect for a company with its employment policies than I do for indigents who refuse to work, I will seriously work to build a body which will boycott Walmart and, hopefully, hurt it enough financially that its corporate management will get some glimmer of humanity in its soul.

    • Good for you! I agree with you 150%. Have never been in a Walmart; will never even go into one of their vast parking lots. My friends are embarrassed to admit to me if they shop there and every chance I get, I tell them how terrible Walmart is, on all levels for all reasons.

    • Go to to sign the petition to not shop there until they quit cutting worker hours. I want 100,000 signatures! Thanks.

  11. what is going with Walmart this just awful awful I guess I am going stop shopping at Walmart maybe even Sam Club too I thing they are doing the same type of thing, shame shame on you what goes around come’s around CEO and others at Walmart exc. office this can and will happen to you too. I am very very sad to see that you think so little of your works and on me as a shopper

    • Interesting as to how many people I see post that they will not shop at Wal-Mart. Then, the company posts larger and larger numbers of shoppers. Are they inflating the numbers, or are people saying they won’t shop there and then going ahead and shopping there anyways?

      • At my locat walmart, there is a poster on the wall by the bathrooms in the back of the store, showing the going rate for their stock. About ten years ago it was $45 a share now it is $73 a share. Talk about greedy bastards.

    • Join Costco. They pay their employees a fair wage and don’t treat them like crap. I just love my Costco membership. They also have gas stations where their gas is well below the going rate locally.

  12. I asked if David Duke’s brother was in at Walmart headquarters and the dingbat who answered said “I don’t know let me connect you to someone who can help you…”

  13. Their evilness goes well beyond how their workers are treated. For every two jobs they “create” in a community, three are lost. Small independent businesses and other stores that have served their communities for many years are forced out of business. Multiply that times every community they have a store in. Suppliers are forced to cut prices so low they can’t even manage. Not to mention the environmental damage, the traffic, the loss of diverse businesses in a community, and so much more harm they have done. And this is worldwide. All this for toxic cheap plastic crap made in China? Do you really need this shit?

      • Unfortunately under Obama Care many businesses will be going to part time workers to lower the cost of doing business. They cannot afford this new extravagant government health system which will bankrupt our nation. Our County government is predicting a 15% increase in health care costs for 2014 because of Obama Care. The problem is not the businesses but Obama Care. It will become the worst piece of legislation since the Dred Scott decision making people no different than property. Obama Care says that is you don’t provide health benefits then just pay a fine which has a maximum of $695 per year per employee. Since when have you known a government beaurocracy or system to be productive? Social Security will soon be broke and if the government cannot manage that then what do you think will happen with Obama Care and Government workers making decisions for your health care instead of a doctor? Doctors will turn into government employees and listen to government workers who decide if the government has enough money to pay for your surgery or treatment. it will get worse and not better.

      • Mike – I get what you are saying about Obama Care, but what WM is doing has been going on for a lot longer than Obama – We are just finally finding our voice and are able to inform the public. It will probably be a lot worse in the near future.

      • Here’s where your problem is: thousdands of businesses have been hiring only part time workers for DECADES, long before anybody ever heard the name, “Obama.” Putting the blame on him–or on the Affordable Care Act–simply puts a fig leaf over the reality of corporate greed in the US. WalMart is a perfect example: since the days of Sam Walton, the firm has hired the majority of its workers at >35 hours a week, all to avoid paying for ANY benefits, health care among them.

        Don’t let your hatred of Obama stand in the way of your seeing the reality that has been with us long before he was elected.

      • Right on! I have studied Obama care and was on a task force as a senior and it is good.not what fux says.

      • SO FREAKING TRUE!!! stop acting like at stupid republican always trying fight something that would benefit you… this people only care when shit starts to affect them … God i can stand them and their logic … Thank you for posting this stepheneng

      • I am a worker at Canadian tire in Alberta and this kind of behavior and greed of the owners !
        They have the same strategy , the school of business administration ! Needs to change , and give to the students some kind of human rights class ! How a person can survive whit 32 hrs of work a week , whit minimum wedge and paid all their bills , if this guy worked for you for 35 years how can live his retirement ?
        Obama have a dream ! But he is not doing much!

      • Let’s not blame Obama Care. Let us put the blame where it really belongs. The healthcare system is out of whack. It’s another business…a business that caters to the haves…not the have nots!

      • That $695 “penalty” will allow workers to access healthcare that they do not have now… and save the system more money than what it currently costs to treat those same uninsured in hospital emergency rooms. It will also decrease current premiums because we will not be paying for that very expensive care in those emergency rooms. The last time I went to an emergency room for emergent care, I waited over three hours and left without ever getting care – who was being treated? Mostly children being brought in for fevers and other issues that would have been better served by a GP – and less expensively. But without health insurance … The same complaints were lodged about Social Security and Medicare which have turned out to be both successful programs and would continue to be if these programs weren’t constantly raided by the general fund.

      • The 3 Walmart heirs are always among the 10 wealthiest people in the USA. It is disgusting that they say they cannot afford insurance or better pay for their employees.

        Half the countries in the world have some sort of Universal Health Care. It works – no insurance or wealth needed to get good health care. See map:

        Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are getting more and more wealthy and people are dying. Health care should not be big business.

        Insurance companies have Death Panels: they decide what to cover, who to cover and deny life saving treatments when their profits are threatened. On the other hand, Medicare which is run by the government, runs like a dream. My parents are elderly, have Medicare and have been ill and hospitalized and Medicare came through.

      • Wal-Mart is using this as an excuse to keep their employees at part-time and the lowest wages they can get away with paying. No one can live on what that company has ever paid.

      • Walmart tells their employees, from what I understand, how to apply for foodstamps and Medicaid. This is rather than paying their employees a fair wage, so we are subsiding this ripoff as taxpayers.

        And on the topic of part-time help to avoid having to provide health insurance, Dean Baker’s group examined some data and found that isn’t happening, if you look at number of hours worked by individuals as provided to the Dept. of Labor. 25-29 hr/week worker %age hasn’t changed at all.

      • They tell them to do that, so they can get a tax break. I am on SSI, and am a former employee of Walmart. I had to quit because they were giving too many hours, and no matter how many times I told them I couldn’t work them, they kept scheduling me for them. Yea, they got their tax break from me alright, and I got my SSI cut, guess that’s what happens when you work for a company that only cares of the big wigs with sticks up they’re ass and make six figure salaries, while we do all the work to make them look good. Terrible place to work.

      • Sorry you’re such a tool. If you do not understand that Walmart “socializes” the cost employees for the Taxpayers to pay, but keeps all the profit “private” you’re level i=of ignorance is tragic.
        Learn about the Walton family. Just how much can one family have while they steal from their employees. Sam Walton set up Profit Sharing. Hi Greedy children dismantled it and have been doing everything they can to increase their fortune.

      • You are exactly right! I worked there the first year they started taking back our profit sharing….they claimed they needed it to operate. I immediately quit but my friends stayed on saying WM would never take any more of their PS but guess what they started draining it off every year so all my friends quit too. What a bunch of greedy crooks. I bet Sam is spinning in his grave.

      • you should really check out your facts before you talk out your ass. New York’s health care has dropped 50% so like I said check your facts instead of believing everything those idiots at Fox-a-Bullshit says.

      • where Obamacare *isn’t* working, is where the state government is attempting to sabotage the whole thing. You know, like those where Republicans took over the governorship and legislatures in 2010.

      • Your racism is showing. Too much TV watching and not enough reading hey, mike. Health care is already bankrupting us. The ER room is how the poor get healthcare which can cost 10 times more. affordable care act goes no where far enough. I suggest you look up “single payer” systems. At a minimum read the law and try to understand it for yourself. Insurance companies already allow people to die denying coverage. Your “reality” is so corrupted and surreal reading/education is the only way to bring you back from the brink. Oh, and watching FOX or reading O’Reily and his lufa-capades does not count.

      • You must not be paying attention. New York insurance cost are dropping 50% as are many others.

      • Calif. is doing VERY well with it, obtaining similar results. Some states are attempting to implement a version of single payer with their $$ from the Feds.

      • Mike, you’re not writing this crap to just anyone. People here know the real reason small businesses are dieing, and it’s not ObamaCare or Social Security

      • People forget those that are working and can’t afford or employers IE WALLMART don’t offer anything,,,and they qualify for assistance who pays… and me in our taxes… to say this is all on “Obama care” is not exactly true

      • Of course we’re not happy about having to shell out more of our hard earned money for medical insurance. But, I HAVE to buy car insurance or I can’t drive. I HAVE to buy home-owners insurance if I own a home and I’m smart if I buy renters insurance. Why shouldn’t I HAVE to buy medical insurance too? Everyone complains about the country becoming more socialist but then falls apart when we’re confronted with capitalist mandates like, Buy Your Own Darned Medical Insurance, so everyone else doesn’t have to pay for your trips to the emergency room.

      • Good job, tool! You got every one of your Fux Snooze talking points out there. Did Hannity tell you about the papers that Walmart helps their new hires to fill out so that they can get food stamps? How sweet of Walmart! They want their employees to be able to afford to eat, but they don’t want to pay for it, or any other benefit that would cut into their profit margin. So YOU get to pay for it through your taxes and through your hospital and doctor bills.

        Did you know that Fux Snooze was sued for lying in their broadcasts? It went all the way up to the Extreme Roberts Court, where they won in a typical 5-4 decision because of “Freedom of Speech”, and because Fux Snooze said they are NOT a news broadcast, but an “entertainment program”. We are NOT entertained! Spreading Fux Snooze lies is NOT patriotic. You’re just working for the greed-heads.

      • I’d like to support your petition but I could not in good conscience ever shop at Walmart so long as it remains the 800 pound gorilla it is today. At some point this reverse welfare project needs to be broken up.

      • Why should that stop you from signing? All you’re saying is that you won’t shop there for a specific reason, not that you ever will!!

      • I don’t understand your objection. My petition was asking people to boycott Walmart until they give full time schedules to employees which would improve their income. Sure, other changes are needed, but one must start somewhere.

      • I just signed your petition and sent it along to a dozen others. Hopefully this will re-ignite your wonderful effort.

    • you forgot to mention all the concessions walmart squeezes out of city and county governments – money that could have been spent on city and county needs; after wa;mart kills local businesses, it raises prices. If shoppers would look carefully, walmart prices aren’t good for shoppers. walmart charges a fee to join sams club, but the prices are the same as in the regular walmart, so the fee is just a rip off. Costco charges a fee, but the prices are waaaay better than walmart’s, and yet, with all the money walmart charges, all the people they put out of work, all the tax forgiveness, walmart still finds it necessary to hand out a flyer encouraging its employees to apply for WELFARE while they are ON CALL waiting to come in to work.. the only reason walmart hasn’t moved their stores to china, bangladesh and other impoverished countries, is that walmart does not pay THEM enough to afford the prices walmart charges

      • Wallmart has taken over local supemarkets here in Central America, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, etc. It also pays low salaries and as soon as they hear talk about a Union they fire the people BEFORE they even have a chance to organize!

    • All excellent points, with a fantastic conclusion.DDo we really want to b plastic America? Isn’t it about time we took all that “WM incentive ” money and created an intense, 10-year, well-funded and researched values-driven commodity – such as a national rails system, delivering autos that run on natural products (easily done if all our massive oil and gas subsidies were re-directed to the PEOPLE and our interests, or building a spectacular national educational system from preschool (starting at age 3) all the way through graduate school? Right now, the brightest international students in our medical schools are no longer staying in the US to practice – they’re going back to their home countries. Nation, these are immigrantx we should ALL want! Currently we are experiencing a ,brain drain, – the opposite of the situation until the year 2000 or so. Is mediocrity what we want? Do we really want to have the safety nets, educational standards and infrastructure of a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY just to placate corporate billionaires? ! Seriously! The Framers would have committed suicide if they saw the way America has handed over its reins to rapacious multinational corporations and allowed us to become a nation with no values worth holding high to the world, or morals to discriminate right from wrong any longer in all areas of life.

    • I agree with you 100%. If everyone would not shop at Walmart for 1 day a point would be getting across. Their greed has to be stopped some how. They buy off all the cities they go into and get special consideration that the stores that have been there for years do not get. Money talks I guess.

    • i only shop at small independent health food stores…i try not to even go to whole foods or traders joes just because i want to support the little guys….people only care about themselves…its a very selfish world we live in today ! so sad…everyone needs to watch GASLAND on HBO…what an eye opener

    • You are right! It’s the same in every country ! I see that in Mexico , all the small business around 10 k. Or more closes lose the jobs and you need to get a job at wallmart they are like a vacuum of destruction , they vacuum all you dreams ,your money , your business ! Whit the permit of the authorities , how you suppose to fight in business words ? Whit this monster ! How ? It’s just about time and the answer is don’t buy anything there ! And don’t get a job there

    • Are they cutting working hours to avoid the Affordable Care Act? Many companies are calling employees either part time or temporary to avoid paying for health care. How’s that for cheap bastards. I don’t think it is limited to wallmart.

      • Well, of course Walmart is not admitting it, but being able to avoid the ACA will be the result. Also, stores are telling employees they MUST be available for any shift at any time so getting a second job is impossible.

      • True, but they are the biggest private employer in the country or the world or something like that, so many more people are affected. And unfortunately, their policies ripple beyond their own employees.

    • Thanks; I have signed it and so has my husband. I forwarded it all over the place but don’t know if anyone on my list has added their name[s]. Good luck

    • My girlfriend and I are so thankful for individuals like you, because you really seem to care about the well-being of others (soooo rare). We are definitely loyal supporters of your petition. Hope you get waaaay more than 100,000 signatures. More power to you, and thank you for letting us be part of this worthwhile cause!

  14. I was fired from Walmart after speaking up to a manager. I worked for nearly three years weekends, holidays, and days that others couldn’t come in because of the weather. I worked when scheduled and was loyal to the company. Walmart is becoming its own little communism community. Instead of being called Walmart it should be called Hitler. I’m surprised they aren’t allowed to take employees that speak out in the back and shoot them. Amazing how they are able to get away with this. It’s discusting!

    • SilI think you mean “facist” community. Communism is based on the principle of equality regardless of ability/effort/birth status. Facism is an entity or group that forces its beliefs/will on others.

  15. From a business standpoint, it amazes me that with all the professional consultants at their disposal, the Walmart board has not been able to figure out or been made aware that they could DRASTICALLY improve their image by treating their employees with dignity. They should also know that a happy employee is a good employee which translates into more SALES! Unhappy employees mean more employee turnover, which costs more MONEY in taxes, training and lost sales because the employees are unfamiliar with their tasks, etc. They COULD become the model employer if they chose to do so. It is no wonder they are losing market share. WAKE UP, WALMART!

    • The problem with what you said is that you are being intelligent and looking at the big picture. Dignity? Happy employees? Workers who know what they’re doing? No, this doesn’t fit in with looking at the bottom line today, not tomorrow or next year. It’s called being short-sighted. They sure the heck don’t care about being a model company or employer. They DO care about their image, though, if you look at the hundreds of millions of dollars, or more, that they give away in grants every year to nonprofit organizations. Goddamn hypocrites. If they paid their workers more, they would be able to contribute to their local economies. Instead, they are eligible for food stamps and other low-income benefits that our taxes pay for. Each store costs one million dollars in taxes that are used to pay for public benefits for their employees to receive food and health care that they can’t afford to obtain through insurance or out of pocket because their salaries are too low. People who think they’re saving money by shopping there don’t realize the full cost of having these stores in their communities. Again, being short-sighted.

      • Costco pays approx. $20/hr, has a great profit margin and opens more stores each year. It can be done. has petition to not shop until Walmart stops cutting worker hours. Please sign.

    • I hope they lot more of Market Share. Greed will lead them down the road to know where. Maybe the American Public will wake up when they are all working for minimum wages. Try and buy a house or car on minimum wages.

    • dignity and respect please they dont’ know what that is, they expect you to lie to the associates and customers, I stood and watch a store manager get really rude with a customer one day as we was doing the morning store walk which nothing is appriciated ether

    • Go to and find the petition to not shop there until they quit cutting hours. Then make up your own about wages and I will sign it.

  16. Watched part of an interview of Mayer on a financial channel and her attitude toward regular people is that we are chattel or servants

    • That seems to be the attitude of a lot of people like Mayer (wealthy and greedy). Their only concern is their bottom line. Shameful.

  17. I won’t shop there anymore, my daughter works there and has told me of how they treat there employs.

  18. I am am a retired U.A.W.member am i also enjoined from entering walmart property? Was the judge that signed that order wearing a white sheet and a hood?

  19. Walmart CEOs, cease and desist with the unfair, illegal anti-American labour practices! Your workers are people with families, not slaves, serfs or animals! You’d be surprised how things you do in your life will BOOMERANG!

    • Tell Walmart how you feel at by signing the petition to not shop until they quit cutting worker hours. That will cause walmart to have to offer ACA insurance plans to employees. Next we can tackle the pay rate.

  20. I used to shop at Wal-mart once or twice a week but I stopped shopping there altogether last Thanksgiving when I heard they forced their workers to come in at midnight for the black Friday sales. The folks who run the company are the greediest I’ve ever seen.

    • Tell Walmart how you feel at by signing a petition saying you will not stop there until they stop cutting worker hours. Next we can tackle their pay rate.

  21. Just say no to chinamart. Shop around people. They’re prices are not that low and most of there food is shit. Shop local. Buy local. Support your local businesses.

    • Yes! Support local. Shop at places that hire your neighbors and people in YOUR community, that are owned by your neighbors and people in YOUR community, that keep your money in YOUR community, that sell products grown and made locally where possible, that care about you and want you as a customer.

      • We have a local chain that is doing very well. They are small and the workers are very helpful. They even remember my name. It’s amazing.

        Last I heard, New York City is saying NFW to walmart in their city.

        We used to have a bank that paid a percent or two on savings accounts. They were taken over by U.S. Bank. They pay me a whopping 0.01 percent. I think I am going to have an orgasm.

        Local banks and mom and pop businesses are the way to go. When cheapmart came to town they all closed.

    • II shop at Smith’s and find that their prices are a tad higher than Walmart but their produce and meat is so much better. Right outside the door they have a Smith’s gas station where the prices are low and I earn points reducing the price even further by shopping at Smith’s. I think Smith’s is connected to Kroeger’s. Their store brands are Kroeger’s. Smith’s is 32 miles from my home. Walmart is 25.

      I read where Costco’s stock has skyrocketed. Costco is my favorite store. They compared salaries at both Walmart and Costco. Costco paid their workers very well compared to the cheap bastards who run walmart. Not wonder the wall brothers are billionaires. Visiting Costco, The employees are so cheerful and help you at the drop of a hat. Walmart employees are sullen and don’t even say hello.

  22. I will not shop and Walmart and I let everyone I meet know why. So far, I have had at least 20 people say they will not shop anymore at Walmart. I am going to keep this up until Walmart treats all people with dignity and respect.

    • I envy you having people in your life who care enough to be responsive to the information you share with them. Good for you. I hope each of your 20 people tells another 20 and so on and so on! People refusing to shop there is the only way to make a difference.

      • Tell Walmart how you fee by signing a petition on “Stop shopping at Walmart until they quit cutting worker hours”.

    • Go to to sign a petition telling Walmart you will not shop there until they quit cutting workers hours. Next we can tackle the pay rate. I want 100,000 signatures by the time it is sent to them.

      • One hundred thousand signatures would be awesome. Even more awesome — more than 100,000 signatures. Because Walmart is global, we need signatures from around the world. If the world can’t unite on anything, then, at least, let’s unite for this worthwhile mission.

      • New at petition work and don’t get out much ’cause of disability. Any help you can give in sharing petition is much appreciated. Any ideas of what more I can do also appreciated.

  23. It strikes me as odd that people continue to patronize a business that is willing to sacrifice the well-bing of its employees and so blatantly without concern for anything other than the bottom line. I realize that other business organizations act in a similar manner but Walmart seems unable to accept and acknowledge wrong-doing and entirely unconcerned with maintaining any semblance of propriety. I have never and will never shop at a Walmart store or online.

  24. I will be changing, Drug stores, and the way I shop!! Was all Wal-Mart, and now it will be any place but Wal-Mart, and any place that treats people worse then they do live stock, You will not find me there.

  25. I would love to see every employee walk out on Walmart, and make these jackass CEOs do the work themselves. Take money out of their own accounts, and make the company pay every one of the employees they screwed, and fired a law suit that is out of this world. President Obama needs to step in, and protect the employees of Walmart, and fire the woman he hired from Walmart. She has no business being in that position when we all know how unfairly that Walmart treats their employees.

    • Six members of the Walton family appear on the Forbes 400
      list of the wealthiest Americans. Christy Walton, widow of the late
      John Walton, leads the clan at No. 6 with a net worth of $25.3 billion
      as of March 2012. She is also the richest woman in the world for the
      seventh year in a row, according to Forbes. Here are the other five:

      No. 9: Jim Walton, $23.7 billion
      No. 10: Alice Walton, $23.3 billion
      No. 11: S. Robson Walton, oldest son of Sam Walton, $23.1 billion
      No. 103: Ann Walton Kroenke, $3.9 billion
      No. 139: Nancy Walton Laurie, $3.4 billion

      That’s a grand total of $102.7 billion for the whole family.

      in 2007, the wealth held by the six Waltons was equal to that of the bottom 30.5% of families in the U.S. In 2010, the Waltons’ share equaled the entire bottom 41.5% of families.

      That 41.5% represents nearly 49 million families. While median family wealth fell by 38.8%, the wealth of the Walton family members rose from $73.3 billion in 2007 to $89.5 billion in 2010, or about 22%.

      So while the rest of us are getting poorer, the Waltons are getting richer.

      If you think you’re saving money by buying this toxic cheap Chinese plastic crap, think again about where your money is going.

  26. wal-Mart made what…$50 BILLION in PROFITS last year, and they fight minimum wage increases and only schedule 20-32 hrs a week !?! My family has stopped shopping there AND sam’s Club .

  27. I never shop at Wal-Mart. First of all I get better product and just as cheap at King Soopers. I’m not allowed to shop there anyways as I’ve been a Union member for 38 years and would be embarrassed to be seen in these sweatshops. I am also a veteran. No veteran or military people that I know will go to a Wal-Mart because they buy a lot of products from China. This money also goes to the arms dealers in China to buy guns and ammo to sell to the same people that are killing our troops overseas. The Sam Walton would disown his family if he were still alive. The Waltons and their board are just very sick greedy people who never did a days work in their life. They are as low as you can go. They are the type that if their own grand child was drowning in the swimming pool, they would pick up the loose change they dropped before attempting to save them. Pathetic low life’s.

  28. I haven’t been in a Walmart in years and I refuse to shop there until they let their “ASSOCIATES” unionize! I also make sure that everyone that I know, knows why I won’t shop at Waldo’s world. Walmart can offer their “everyday low prices” because they are so cheap to their employees here in the U.S. and overseas! But the people who shop at Walmart are also being impacted. They don’t seem to realize (or don’t care) that they are forcing all of Walmart’s competitors to use the same tactics that the big Waldo uses. If those tactics continue, spread and flourish, soon everybody will be making low wages and nobody will be even able to buy the cheap junk at Waldo’s world! Even Henry Ford understood that if he expected his employees to buy his product, (since this would be the best form of advertisement for him) he would have to pay them a fair wage in order for them to afford his cars. If Americans think that the U.S. will be just fine as Waldo, and ultimately its competitors, erode the American standard of living, then please continue shopping and enjoying your “everyday low prices” at the place that has made strong arm and sweat shop tactics an art form! Otherwise BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT !!!

  29. Walmart owns a lot of stuff, It’s only that stuff they care about and it’s easily taken away by only a few people who influence a lot more people!
    A few real people have already started as their fired Employees. If these fired Employees and still working Employees can get together, it’s only a matter of time that Mall-Wart’s
    following of stupid shoppers may well get the message. All nearly everyone has to do is simply NOT SHOP THERE, as I and hundreds of thousands don’t already, and all of
    Mall-Wart’s Toys, Businesses, Homes, Investments, and Free Lunches simply dry up and
    blow away ! When their shoppers just start to go away, Mall-Wart’s inertia is such that
    there is no arresting a very hard fall.

  30. I am a union steelworker(USW Local 4889, Fairless Hills, PA), and I think the unethical treatment of Wal-Mart employees must cease.
    I have not been in a W-M for over eight years, and have no intentions of going back to shop at one until their workers make a livable wage with a fair benefits package.
    Unionize W-M! Next step, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s and any of these other box store nightmares who think they can run people into the ground mercilessly!

  31. Although I definitely signed the petition and letter…I highly suggest that you make the choice NOT to work for Wal Mart. They are a FASCIST corporation who does NOT give a flying @#$% about its slaves. I do not EVER go into Wal Marts. I cannot in good conscience do so. @#$% Wal Mart, @#$% the Walton family and @#$% the upper echelon at Wal Mart.

  32. Right from the start I smelled Walmart’s stench and I have never set foot in a Walmart and will never. They are global bandits, have no concern for the environment and are an anathema to human rights. Boycott Walmart! Shop at local small businesses; you can’t afford NOT to! They have wrecked small town American Main Street businesses; now they’re destroying other countries — like the bribery scandal they instigated in Mexico. Miserable, unethical, venal scumbags. YECH! They make me sick!

  33. I refuse to shop at Walmart or Sam’s Club because of the way these workers have been mistreated and the companies’ unscrupulous business practices. GREED is the name of their game. They swoop in and knock out local businesses besides!

    • Voting in all local, county, state and federal elections is VERY IMPORTANT TOO!

      Don’t let your friends vote Republican!

  34. And to think that there are so many Americans who continue to shop at Hellmart! Those people are the same as the CEO and share holders, only care about their pockets and give a shit about other human beings. And what about the worker/slaves in the other countries, they literally live to work there, they are exploited to the fullest by disgusting Walmart/Hellmart!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Shopping at Walmart won’t save you money. I had to go in there to buy lego for my grandson — we live in a small town with a dead downtown and a skeleton of a mall, thanks to Wally world — so there are no other places to get it without leaving the state, going to va. To shop. Anyway, while I was at walmart, I decided to grab a gallon of milk, but it was almost $5 a gallon! You can get it all day for 3.39-3.69 at our friendly food lion. Wtf! Let’s jack up the prices of commodities poor folks have to have, after we lure then in with bogus “roll backs.”

  36. I don’t shop at megamart and I try to educate people I meet about the companies numerous unethical policies. Also I try to steer people to local businesses where possible.

  37. The largest employer in the United States and they(Wal-Mart) can’t even pay a decent living wage to the people who make it possible for the Waltons to be billionaires. These are the people that need to be chastized not the workers. If people are treated fairly and decently then unions wouldn’t be needed, but time and time again big business has proved that they will not do this.

  38. Have you noticed that all of the Walmart TV ads are nothing more than a pr campaign? For example the one about the young black man who is planning on moving up, we buy locally, 60% of people of all walks of life shop at Walmart… you should too. And have you notice they are airing on MSNBC in the land of progressives? Walmart bad for America.

  39. it shows just how far back they are going with terms and conditions in the work place we need to stand together and be a force and fight for what is right and this is so wrong

  40. Walmart prices are not as cheap as people seem to think shop around people their prices are higher on a lot of their products. You would think they would want to treat their employees with a little dignity and respect.

  41. I just don’t understand… How can a corporation of this size treat their employees the way they do? Walmart’s customers are their biggest asset followed by their employees who manage, restock, and collect the money. WHY THEN, wouldn’t Walmart WANT to reward their employees with a living wage, health insurance for part-timers, and perhaps buying products made right here in the USA. Bless our friends in China, but something is terribly wrong here. And one more thing, maybe Walmart could stop locking their Emergency Exits after the close of business. Just in case their employees need to escape in case of a fire. There you go Walmart; don’t say that you didn’t know. I guess that if I didn’t have a conscience I would have made a lot of money buying Walmart stock. Too bad!

  42. it doesn’t surprise me a bit, I am an exwalmart assistant manager that was done totally wrong

    oh yeah and about redusing hours that is because they are trying to make their bonus, Like I said I was in Management and now I can speak out about how horrable walmart is I have been there, I will never go back to work there, there is so much I know that it isn’t even funny, like how they have this new hiring system well I am here to tell you that doesn’t help none at all, they pick who they really want and if you have a college degree you have it made with them for Management and the heck with experience because that is not even thought of, When your in Management it is even worse, they work you like a dog for a salary and if you dont like it then too bad deal with it or quit, I know this because I was forced to step down, by the new store manager and she basically told me that if I didn’t step down then I would terminated. and when your the only one bringing in money to home you have to do what you have to do, but it didn’t matter to her because the store managers make any wheres fron 80,000 to 100,000 a year so they don’t care at all

  43. Walmart has a history of mistreatment of their employees and customers, they shouldn’t even be allowed to do business. Since the old man died the company has become the worst PoS in the nation.

  44. I used too work for walmart, 1 of 2 major companies that wrongly fired me.and walmart listed me as unhirable because of putting my hands on another employee,i never got the help I asked for from management getting pushed around by a 19 year old night after night and watching him risk the lives of customers by pushing freight instead of pulling it.hitting displays and destroying them.i had too help the shift mgr. clean up after him.when it came time to defend myself for putting my hands on him one time and saying hey enough you need to back off and quit putting your hands on me.i found out the shift manager had been conveniently been transferred too caslifornai overnight.that’s what the asst. mananger told me.this was all after I voiced my opinion about treatment of employees at the employee meetings,we were forced too stand up and do a walmart cheer like at a football game.

  45. Wal Mart BLOWS !! I …. I mean, my family will NEVER shop there again! Meijer is right across the street and I like it better anyway.

  46. Until Walmart does right by their employees including a decent wage, affordable benefits, reinstates the employees they fired as an act of retaliation for speaking up, striking…I will not be spending my hard earned money at Walmart. MIKE DUKE, and Walton family, you would not have the huge income you have without your workers! Do right by your employees & you will actually have more sales!!!!

  47. How sad to think a major corporation can and will go to these links to keep dedicated people silent, well guess what it didn’t work. We will succeed and make a difference, remain strong together things will happen. Continue to use your voice and stand up for injustice.

  48. Walmart also has a policy that employees cannot work for a competitor. That pretty much eliminates any other employment their underpaid part time workers can pursue to earn a decent wage.

  49. Walmart’s practices and their treatment of their employees are precisely why I have boycotted Walmart for years and will continue to do so!

  50. If they want to be a part of our American life then they have to abide bÿ our labor laws and do business fairly honoring our basic oil and labor rights.

  51. Stop Shopping at Walmart- they have yet to earn me as a customer. You don’t need half of the things they carry- live better! Save your money and the backs of poorly paid/compensated employees.

  52. Stop shopping at Walmart. They have yet to earn me as a customer. You don’t even need half of the cheap stuff they sell. Live Better! Save your money and the backs of the employees who are not compensated well.

  53. Here’s the truly disgusting part of this story. The Walton clan–those who were Sam Walton’s direct heirs–together hold more personal wealth than the entire 40% of the American population at the “bottom of the ladder.” Their greed got them that money, and they intend to use their greed to use it. They may give away pennies to make people think they’re among the corporate “good guys,” but they are nothing but blood-sucking, corporate leeches.

  54. I WILL NOT shop at Walmart. I will pay more at Target or Walgreens for health and beauty items and whatever other junk is sold at Walmart using Chinese workers as practically slave labor. I will also refuse to use Yahoo as my search engine. Are you for real, Marissa? To bad for Walmart that slavery is outlawed in the US. That cheap crap could be made here and save your “struggling company” transportation costs. Of course, Walmart is saving money by ripping off taxpayers. UNAMERICAN

  55. I have NEVER stepped foot inside a wal-mart or a sam’s club. I will NEVER go into either place. The low quality of the clothing, the closing of smaller, family businesses is not worth the few cents I would save on my purchases.

  56. Walmart,

    Shame on you. I won’t shop at your store even though it might save me money and it is less than a mile from where I live. I drive out of my way to shop anywhere else. Treat your employees right. Even India is allowing unions to form. Wake up!

  57. I too haven’t shopped at Walmart for years and refuse to as long as they continue to abuse their employees. They is no reason why they can not afford to pay their employees a fair wage.

  58. I’ve been boycotting Wal-mart for over 20 years now. You can see how effective I’ve been. I’ve brought that company to its KNEES!
    seriously, it’s extraordinarily frustrating. far, far more people must boycott it before anything positive will happen.

    We did it before – does anyone here remember the Nestle boycott? it took years but we finally got the company to stop its murderous practices. we need another like that one. in fact, we need several more like it.

  59. The prices at Wal-mart are not that great, especially when you realize that you are subsidizing the company for health care for their employees. Please, stop wasting your money there.

  60. I will not shop at Walmart either. I began boycotting over 20 years ago. I cannot shop there or at Sam’s Club until Walmart treats their employees fairly and with respect.

  61. This is upsetting to hear and unfortunate that Walmart would do such a thing. Needless to say, I will NOT be shopping at Walmart until I hear they are changing their unfair labor practices! I never like shopping there to begin with (for many of the reasons listed down below), but now I have good reason to NOT shop there any longer.

  62. I spend $150 per week at the grocery. I will not shop at Walmart because of their unfair practices. They scheduled one mom to work 1-10 on July 4; how’s that for family-friendly? And paying minimum wage when they profit so very much. I will not give them my money.

  63. I also have been boycotting Walmart for years due to their unfair practices against their employees that have the nerve to speak up against their unfair practices against their workers. I will continue to do so until they change how they treat their employees. Emily Berres

  64. I rarely shopped at Walmart previous to knowing how they treated their employees: wages, no health benefits, employees on subsidy programs to meet their own needs, and so forth. I no longer shop there at all. I read up on the CEO and her family. The charities they claim to be so generous to are only benefiting themselves. They are scam/faux charities only used as tax shelters. (From what I read they are only various arts groups that benefit the family themselves and very little goes toward the organizations themselves.) Yet the family is made up of billionaires. This is ridiculous. The employees are afraid to speak for themselves. The public needs to be their voices and not let this continue.

  65. I very rarely go to Walmart. I purchase groceries from grocery stores; hardware from hardware stores; etc. A friend of mine has worked for them since 2003 in a full time position. First they denied her a raise because she was instructed by managers to help other departments which caused her work to not get completed therefore they denied her raise on the basis that she didn’t finish her work. Then a couple of weekends ago they moved almost everyone in her store to part time and she lost her healthcare coverage. The rich get richer and the poor …

  66. Walmart treats their workers like crud. I had a friend who was pregnant and her boss hated her so she set her ours so she had to alternate between closing and opening cutting her ability to sleep. the only thing she could do was quit. employers don’t like hiring people who quit their old jobs.

  67. i have been a former csm for walmart in trussville alabama store 2713 for 12 in a half years i left the company due to lowdown shit that goes on for certain people they r racist to certain people they retaliate on you if they dont like what you say they cut your hours down saying the computer makes out the scheldule but new folks get your hours they have csm meetings telling us to tell the associates we dont need a union we have open door policy thats a bunch of bull shit because i was waiting for a union to come to our store i was going to be the first csm to sigh the papers i really wonted to get in a union but they never came and one day they told me i had to go home cause had a red streak in my hair i couldnt wear color in my hair lol that was a joke… i didnt go no fuckn need a union to stop all this shit like i said i did 12 years with this company on dont regret on leaving i left with 18 thousand dollars due to my stock i vested but i tell any one fuck walmart i hope this boy sue the shit out yall

  68. I Hate walmart,hope i live long enough to see it GONE!! They are not as cheap as one might think! When first arrived they had lower prices! Now they’re just as high as anyone!!!

  69. I am a union shop steward at a store in Oregon. I can tell you that in the effort to compete with Walmart, unions are having a tough time fighting to keep wages and benefits up. The damage to labor rights and workers that Walmart’s done is affecting everyone in the industry.

    • Let me say that unions aren’t competing with Walmart, the companies that the union contracts with are. *correction*

    • I live in NM and our state give WM all kinds of incentives. Just one store after another goes up and I have NEVER shopped there and never will. I wish my state would STOP giving them breaks. I’m a teacher and haven’t had a raise in 7 years! Why does WM get a break? My student loan interest just doubled — come dig that payment out of my grave.

  70. I have known about Walmart’s unfair treatment of their workers as well as Walmart’s retaliation for many years. I do not shop at Walmart or and will not until Walmart changes their attitude.

  71. Beeing a former walmart employee, i can say its not a great place to work. Was forced to management work with no pay and worked extra hours only to have them cut later. Now that i have a way better job, they wont see a dime of my money. Ill shop elsewhere. We were always warned never to strike and to me that is bull. You cant fire people for speaking out when they are being mistreated. Their day is coming.

  72. A CEO who makes $9.6 million a year… (median CEO pay for large Companys)
    And who make four rest stops a day (of one minute duration each)
    Makes four times as much standing at the urinal (annually)
    As a minimum wage worker makes all year. (and that doesn’t count hand washing)

    Does Mike Duke wash his hands after he uses the urinal?

  73. I left a management position at Walmart due to their code of ethics. No respect for associates and certainly none for the customers, most of who used public funds to make their purchases.

  74. As a union member, I will not patronize Walmart. This company has been trying to gain entre into the New York City market.They have been continually rebuffed in their attempts.New York is a Union town! They’re cowardly,illegal behavior shows why we support Walmart workers who want to organize!

  75. I do not shop at Wal-Mart. I have heard about these practices of low wage jobs, not allowing workers to bargain collectively, etc. I intentionally drive by and don’t consider it a savings to buy at a lower cost in exchange for fair working conditions.

  76. I don’t remember the last time I walked into a Wal Mart, unfortunately most “Americans” don’t care enough to do the same and boycott this horrible place.

  77. I don’t shop at Walmart for many reasons and I wish they would just go out of business. But, I know there are many people who need the crappy jobs. It’s going to take a lot more than many are willing to give to change this whole system so that people can get paid fair wages, small businesses can make money, and big corporations like Walmart will cease to exist.

  78. I NEVER shop at Walmart’s. Despised them since the days of flag-waving advertising about selling American products while many/most were foreign. Thanks to that kind of business there is now almost no choice of American products to find. They crowd out local businesses and replace the jobs with low pay and part-timers. That’s a current U.S. business model. The next time you vote don’t be swayed by emotional hot-button issues. Follow the money. Maybe this trend can be reversed

  79. WalMart is by FAR the biggest Anti-Union company of all time. They make it their mission to bust Unions. They are obsessed with it! In fact, they have taken the universal Union Slogan LIVE BETTER/WORK UNION and made their slogan LIVE BETTER/SAVE MONEY as a slap in the face of Unions. People need to realize that buying cheaper may help your pocketbook for the short term, but the long term effects of this company will destroy this country. WalMart is RICH and POWERFUL and wants the people below them to be POOR and POWERLESS. Wake Up America!! Its time to start standing up for our rights before every single one of them is taken away. BOYCOTT WALMART!!!

  80. I won’t shop at Walmart anymore either. Inhumanity, bad products that fall apart after a few wearings.. etc.. I won’t contribute to the Bangladesh fires & deaths either.

  81. This is why I’ve started going back to my local grocery store, instead of getting my food at WalMart. Sure, I pay more per visit, but it’s worth it. But let’s remember: there are people who *can’t* boycott WalMart. They have no other option, either because their other options are too expensive, or they live in a place where WalMart’s all there is.

  82. Stand up against poverty level wages. Love people not corporations, even if the Supreme Court calls corporations people, they have been wrong before, many times.

  83. Marissa needs to quit being a whore for big business and do the right thing-shut THAT whole thing down-I never shop at Walmart and I will not until they quit all their devious practices against Americans and our environment (Constant fines from the EPA).

  84. Vote with your wallet. Do no support Walmart or any other company that hires two part-time instead of one full-time employee to avoid paying benefits.

  85. You are a Loser M!!!!! You should know this was not what Sam wanted for Wamart, it’s workers, the Public or to line the Upper Management Pockets. You should be ashamed. Hiring people at low wages and having the Gov’t subsidize these workers is a LOW LOW BLOW!!! (And You Know it) You might as well change now or you’ll all be gone….Remember….MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!!

  86. Boycott Walmart. Why: inhumane labour practices in the USA and inhumane and dangerous, exploitative conditions in the sweatshops that produce the products they sell all over the world. Spread the message.

  87. Your share for Twitter has too many characters. Tried to share, tried to delete some letters, but doesn’t work for me. Thought you would want to know. Thanks!

  88. hoo boy!!!! what great comments! for a number of reasons, I loathe walmart and have not shopped there for many, many years. the way they treat their employees is reprehensible….and they think they can whitewash their darkness with one or two charity activities through the business…..yech.

  89. i live in siberia but i support walmart workers because to our companies like walmart watching this conflict and they may be offensive too against local workers

  90. I just wish that the public would support these courageous workers and not shop at “Wally World” for the duration …shop anywhere else but not at WW, and of course let the corporate office know why you’re voting with your wallet….

    • It’s hard for me to make a difference now, because I haven’t shopped at WalMart in decades. So let me say this: If WalMart changes it’s entire operation and starts treating workers and suppliers’ workers fairly, THEN I’ll shop there.

  91. I have a really big personal beef with wal mart! back in 2011 after only 3 months I was let go because i reported a cart to car collsion to the wrong person! despite my excellent record it turns out that managers look for absolutely any excuse to fire people for the littlest things just so they look good to upper management in particular the orange city florida on veterens memorial parkway. now I want to do anything in my power to support the others they have wrongly terminated just to look good. but Im no longer even mentioning them in my employment search anymore either. i want them to pay! Im out for payback!

  92. I’m a Local 391 Teamster Union member..I do understand pay and benefits .Often companies make big profits and not share anything with employee’s. They think the only way they made large profits are CEO’s making decissions.If you don’t have employee’s you make nothing.!! American people are not to be used as semi-slaves to make CEO’s rich.

  93. Until Walmart deserts its starvation wage model: let the taxpayers pick up the food stamp and welfare tab model Costco has all my business. Many people share my beliefs and it shows in the financial pages.

  94. My sister got got fired from Walmart after 10 years as a cashier this past March. She admittedly had a tough schedule because my nephew has cerebral palsy and has a lot of doctors’ appointments. They were usually pretty flexible but he had some surgeries / emergencies where she missed some work that I think caused them to let her go. However, the premise for firing her was that she was making too many mistakes (nothing to do with her schedule) but never showed her proof of the mistakes. They also told all the other cashiers why she was fired, rather than let her have her privacy.

    She has yet to receive a dime in unemployment because Walmart refuses to pay it to her. I’ve since stopped shopping at Walmart, regardless of the cost savings

  95. I think it’s a sad day in America, when a man who makes 100 times the pay he gives his employes says it is fair wages. I don’t know how anyone who has the wealth the Walton family has can sit back and watch the people that make the money for them suffer and turn a blind eye to them. I just wonder how GOD will handle them on their judgement day. I think their Dad would be ashamed of them.

  96. I will support any worker action at Walmart anytime at all BUT what I won’t support is the illogical notion that my stopping shopping at Walmart is going to make one bit of difference. Last week I, a senior on very limited SSA income, bought a pack of 7 pairs of underwear, a 3-pack of 3×42 wet-wipes, 2 tubes of anitbiotic gel and a large plastic dish tray to do my dishes in. $18.00 total. I checked the gel at RiteAid and saved $12 right there. $9 on the wipes, $10 on the underwear and $4 on the tray. Total saving about $35.00. Anytime you want to send me the money I’ll ‘shop locally’.

    • I get better prices than that at CostCo and they pay their workers more than twice what WalMart does. The WalMart heirs have gotten rich on the willingness of people like you to screw over your fellow human beings. I won’t shop at WalMart until they treat their workers AND their suppliers’ workers with dignity and respect. I’m a senior on Social Security income too.


  98. I personally hate Wallmart. They put all the small mom and pop stores out of business and they make all their products in China and Japan or any other country that will let children work in deplorable conditions. They pay them pennies to work 12 hour shifts in conditions no one should have to work in. I refuse to shop in Wallmart. Its about time this country did something about all our jobs being outsourced to other countries. What ever happened to Made in America! When we all unite, and refuse to buy these products that are not made in the good old USA, then maybe we can put all our unemployed people back to work again. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  99. walmart has been dirty and bad for a long time now , i was let go for workigntoo much , but a store manager named merle axford at the time let ice cream that had been thawed out for 6 to 8 hrs be refrozen and put back on the floor for customers for the 4th of july holiday , and walmarts own quality control wouldnt do anything about it or even reprimand him or make a notice to the community , and the district manager craig doud agrred with them and wouldnt do anything either , they all just kissed each others butts and let the consumer beware, was sated to me if no one complains then dont worry about it.
    Robert, former employee store 1901 butte mt.

  100. I never have shopped at Wall mart and I NEVER will, While the owners are worth more than 100 billions, their employees Have to be on food stamps, medicaid and go to the emergency room for care because they don’t make enough money to see a doctor..

    ALL OF US pay for that with our taxes because the owners will not pay their employees a decent wage. They are parasites.. In addition the workers earn so little that they will not be paying taxes. So Wall Mart are pushing out businesses with workers, that DID pay taxes..

  101. We have 2 new Walmart stores in our city, near-by, easy parking, numerous reasons to shop there but I will NOT until they treat their employees as fellow human beings.

  102. I too stopped shopping at Walmart several years ago when I learned about how they treat their employees; and their political activities. Recently, I’ve noticed something. I’m a small HVAC contractor in PA. I have customers who work at Costco, BJ’s Target etc, but not one single Walmart employee. I think it’s because they can’t afford my services on the pitiful pay that they receive. Walmart’s low wages hurt local economies; I’ve seen it first-hand.

  103. My family and I haven’t shopped at Wal Mart for over a year now. We do not believe in the way they treat their employees nor do we agree with their business practices.

  104. I will never shop at wall Mart. The way they treat their employees is despicable. So many are on food stamps and medicare and need to go to the emergency room for care because the owners will not pay them a decent wage….. While they are worth more than 100 BILLION. We all pay for that with our taxes. Also Wall Mart workers do not make enough to pay taxes, Wall Mart are pushing out businesses, that pay their workers better, making THEM able to pay tax.

  105. I never step foot in Wal Mart. They have had an impact on this country that it will never recover from. GREED That has allowed one family, ONE FAMILY, to make so much money they can’t possibly know what to do with it………SHARE IT?????? OH NO!!!!!!! TREAT THOSE WHO DO ALL THE WORK FOR THE??????? OH NO!!!!!!!!!! CLOSE DOWN THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF MOM & POP BUSINESSES THAT THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON??????? OH YES!!!!!!!

  106. One of the reasons I will not set foot in a Walmart & try to persuade friends not to as well. If we chopped their business they might decide they need to change.

  107. I bought 2 pair of shoes and one pair lased 3 weeks and the other less. I will no longer shop there until they start getting something worth caring out an treat their help right!!!

  108. Cheech,
    Well said. I’ve argued with otherwise intelligent people who believe Wal Mart gives low income households access to goods and don’t want to admit that Wal Mart creates low income households, closes middle income small businesses, and pushes middle wage manufacturing jobs to countries with the lowest standard of living. We can stop Wal Mart with out wallets, we don’t need elected officials.

  109. American democratic ideals must seriously protect employees First Amendment rights. Democracy should be felt in every sphere of American life including the workplace. If not, something is seriously wrong with our democracy.

  110. Working class people made the Walton family one of the wealthiest families in the world. Sadly while most organizations realize their most valuable asset is its’ people, Wal-Mart seems to feel that cut throating suppliers and riding roughshod over their employees to increase profits has not only become acceptable but sadly desirable. The wage earners of this county made you rich and we can break you because you depend upon us. The downside to naked capitalism is the ruthless pursuit of profit over people. The upside is that it puts we the consumers, in control. What if we called for a national one day boycott of Wal-Mart? Imagine every Wal-Mart in America empty for one day. Think the shareholders might want to know why you think costing the company ten of millions of dollars in one day rather than spend thousands to treat workers fairly and provide a safe and non-hostile environment was a wise choice? Share prices plunge, analysts downgrade the company, reputation is tarnished. If one boycott is not enough to get your attention how about two? What about 3 o 4 times in a year? What if we all boycott all stores one day a month? Think of the economic impact; unnecessary losses totaling easily over 100 million in a year because you refuse to treat your employees with respect and common decency. We the consumers can reward you or punish you economically and treat you with the same callous contempt for your financial health that you demonstrate towards your employees. Almost everyone who works for a paycheck knows someone or has a relative who works at Wal-Mart and no matter how many commercials you run telling us how great you are; we both see and hear how you treat our friends and relatives in the workplace.

  111. They are fucking horrible, I use to work for them when i was 18 years old, They Train their so call Customers Service Managers (CSM’s) to treat cashiers like garbage, at times they would not have people to give Lunch Brakes to their employees because their excuse was… they did not have no one to cover for them, wild they had this so call CSM”s just running around doing nothing !!! and wild this people think they are special being a CSM’s they don’t have no benefits or not health care so you would think they would start to unite as one but for them its something special with some sorta power … fucking idiots

  112. I see those people working all the time. They can’t make ends meet. Why can’t we help each other for a better life?

  113. The functional definition of a psychopath: One who knowingly damages another person or their life when it is unnecessary, and usually for their own perceived benefit.

    This is the definition of virtually every corporate board member (big corporations) corporate executive, and management to a lesser degree

    • And i have refused to shop Wally World for years because of their bad hiring/pay practices. When the Waltons make more money than the poorest 40 million Americans together – and pretend that they can’t afford to pay a decent wage, they are delusional, psychotic, and moral morons.

  114. That Cheap Stuff You Just Bought At Walmart? Turns Out It Cost $6,000
    More Than You Thought.

    According to a Congressional study, $6,000 is the
    average amount taxpayers are being dinged per Walmart employee. Walmart’s
    wages and benefits are so low, it forces workers to go on Medicaid and receive
    housing assistance, childcare subsidies, food stamps, and more. Yes, it’s
    totally insane, but it’s true. Many Walmart stores give actually give classes
    to employees on how to apply to welfare and for food stamps.

  115. The Walmart family, the Walton’s, net about $6.8 million per
    day, that’s $285,388 per hour, and $4,756 per minute, or about $79.27 per
    second. Just for waking up, eating breakfast, going to the bathroom. Meanwhile,
    people in India sewing clothes for Walmart hangers in their stores, make about
    $00.31 an hour. 31 CENTS!

  116. Walmart fired me in March after 6 years of solid busting my ass for them!! Don’t worry I’ve got your back : )

  117. I know a young family man who works very hard in Walmart’s garden center. He lifts heavy items all day long. Yet never gets more than 32 hours a week max. His average monthly salary is just $800. How can people survive on such pittance pay? They rely on local government assistance and food pantries to supplement what they can never earn through hard labor. Walmart expects their employees to remain dependent on government assistance. It is not a model of capitalism that we citizens should idly accept. Walmart’s model is becoming the norm for employers everywhere. And who gets hurt the most? Who are the people fighting to organize unions? The people who don’t qualify for any assistance, the people who are ashamed to be on it, and those who believe in the old American ideal of getting ahead by hard work.

  118. Ditto, what a scum bag of a corporation. Rates right in there with Monsanto. I would go without before ever shopping there. Each of the five heirs are worth about 25 billion dollars, with that kind of money they rank at the top for greed and immorality.

  119. I worked for Walmart and trusted them when they told me about their anti-collective bargaining “Open Door Policy” whereby I could take up any issue that came up with my Walmart Supervisor(s) or Bosses. I was a happy and productive employee at two Walmart SuperCenter stores until at each store, an issue came up that you would think could be resolved, but could not. Due to a previous multi-State lawsuit Walmart lost, when I worked for them, they put the entire onus on the Worker (Me) to take my lunch break no later than five (5) hours after punching in on their timeclock – the so-called “5 Hour Rule” of Walmart. I heard they have since changed this rule. However, when I worked there circa 2006, I was going to punch out, but realized I was scheduled to 11:30 not 11:00 P.M. so I stayed on the clock another 15 minutes. For that reason alone, I passed the 5:00 Hour Mark and even though I was going off the clock and home in 15 minutes or less, I was supposed to take – no, REQUIRED to punch out to take my 1/2 hour LUNCH BREAK. Walmart fires people for violating this rule, and it is a serious mark on a Worker’s record which precludes promotions or pay raises. I met with a new Store Manager, an Italian-American guy like myself. However, after talking around this issue for an hour, and him calling the District HR Manager (Southeastern New Hampshire District) nothing could be done to fix this simple problem, which meant I had to either sign a piece of paper agreeing I had done something wrong, or find myself not eligible to fulfill my work schedule. Can you believe that?! As it happens, I had specified my availability ended at 11:00 P.M. so whomever scheduled me until 11:30 P.M. made a management scheduling error. It did not matter to them, because at Walmart the evident business philosophy is: “We can always trash our current Workers who make our wealth, and hire some more. That way, we never have to meet anyone’s potential expectation of a pay raise or honest management.” No place I have ever worked needed Collective Bargaining and an independent Worker’s Union more than Walmart Stores.

  120. Haven’t set foot inside a WalMart store in over 3 years!!!! Been waiting until they changed back to Sam Walton’s WalMart…. At this rate I never will go there again!!!!

  121. i tell everyone i know not to shop at walmart…most only care about the lower prices and to hell with the way they treat their employees though…it is so frustrating ..this world is a me me me world now and it is a shame….WALTON FAMILY HOW MUCH MONEY IS ENOUGH !!!!! may GOD mercy on your cold black hearts !!!

  122. If Wal Mart refuses to pay better to its workers and the subcontractor workers then it is time to nationalize Wal Mart.

  123. I don’t shop at Wal Mart and I am not fooled by their lame ads saying they support their workers! What hypocrisy!

  124. We have the same problems at Canadian tire stores , they don’t care ! If you go there for get a better kind of life , you are just a number a body , who can’t just work 4 hrs and next day 8 and next 3 or break your day 3 hrs morning and 4 hrs evening to close the store ! And no 40 hrs , they just play whit yours 22 hrs a week , then you don’t have any kind of benefits ! Hired foreigners by contract ! And the dealer of the store because its a kind of franchise , don’t give any profit sharing to foreigners because they aren’t Canadian citizens ! And the law protect this kind of behavior ! It’s not fair !

  125. Walmart execs are taking advantage of our bad economy, knowing full well they can replace those 60 employees for a low wage and limit their hours so as to disqualify them from medical coverage. It’s barbaric; it’s like the Chicago slaughterhouses where people died in/from unsanitary/dangerous work environments, long hours for little pay and there were no child labor laws. Once again, corporations are treating people like a dispensable resource. Electronic companies in California experienced meteoric growth within 2-3 years, hired on thousands of employees, offering decent wage/benefits, went public, and the few who initially invested made a killing. With that, they closed the doors and disappeared, wiping out countless vendors and adding hundreds of people to unemployment roles. It goes on and on.

  126. Bottom line. its not just walmart or obama. its the government since Bush. weve been falling downhill ever since. the government doesnt give to shits about anybody but themselves there for why should we. all thats happening is getting told what to do with people who have money and think they own the world. and walmart is messed up ive seen first hand as im sure many employees have how they screw u over on hours and pay. ive known plently of people who have worked there. and some who are still struggling to work there people who dont dare ask for a raise or hours because they will lose their job. it takes one employee almost 3 yrs to get a dollar raise. if anybody blames anybody it shouldnt be business’s or obama or people who are too stuck up to realize. but Everybody should be blaming themselves rich middle poor. once again bottom line america did this to themselves because of GREED.

  127. I have not shopped in Walmart’s for at least 15 years. I will not shop at Walmart’s unless and until their labor practices are brought up to the standard that shows they respect the people who enable them to stay in business.

  128. I have never stepped into a Walmart in all my 70 years, and I never will! Go shop at Costco, that is a good, fair company.

  129. I an a united steel worker and i am so glad that these workers are standing up for what our union brothers and sisters fought and even died for! Good benefits, safe working conditions, and a livable wage is something that every hard working citizen deserves! My friends and I will not shop there either. We are the only ones who can stop this!

  130. To all you WALMART lovers out there…….go work there for minimum wage, no benefits, get treated like crap, being forced TO WORK off the clock, largest importer of foreign goods, and SUPPORT THIS COMPANY? MOVE TO CHINA OR SOME OTHER COUNTRY.

  131. I don’t understand how wal mart takes advanatage of sweat shop labor in factories in china, bangladash, india and Thailand pays the workers 13 cents an hour . hey wal mart ins’t that slave labor.I would love to see wal mart workers get union representation and the company wouldn’t be able to get away with the shameful work practices it does now.

  132. the wal- mart corporation in Bentonville Arkansas is making record profits world -wide .this is company greed. why don’t they give their workers better heathcare benefits, up their hourly wages, and more hours per week .

  133. As long as we use money as a medium of exchange, we will always have
    poverty. It’s the basic economic principle of supply and demand. There
    must be a constant and increasing demand for money; otherwise it’s
    valueless. Those who most need money must continually labor for it
    simply to survive. The more people need it, the more willing they are to
    do abominable things to get it. Wealthy and politically powerful
    people control the money supply, restricting global trade for profits.
    Used for world domination and the spread of terrorism, those who
    control it wage wars and pass trade agreements impoverishing the many to
    benefit the few. We don’t have to barter individual goods and
    products. By voluntarily using our skills and abilities to benefit
    humanity by structuring service, social and industrial unions to
    produce, develop and distribute the world’s resources we can abolish the
    overwhelming social ills caused by money: poverty, homelessness, global
    environmental destruction, waste, illiteracy, war, injustice, crime,
    slavery, governmental and corporate corruption and fraud, overpopulation
    and ill health around the world. Only by abolishing money can
    international cooperation secure genuine world peace, aided by the use
    of Esperanto, the international language of peace.

    Workers, union and nonunion, know who supplies what, where to find the
    best quality products and the people who can get the job done.
    Businessmen want only those who can do it fastest with the cheapest
    available materials and methods. Unions organize to represent the
    workers’ interests; Businessmen, voracious for profits, by and large
    oppose unionization. Labor unions would be the primary centers
    coordinating administrative duties and information about availability of
    goods and services locally and globally, nationally and
    internationally. They would manage local, state or large cities for
    primary services such as food, water, shelter/construction, sanitation,
    education, healthcare, recycling, clothing, power/energy, the
    environment, labor and for other fields of endeavor, such as
    entertainment, fire and police protection, space development and
    transportation. Others could be formed as workers’ needs are determined
    during the transition away from money.

    Read, “Ultimate Poverty, Unlimited Wealth”

  134. Shame on Wal-mart. we all know you have the supreme court in your back pocket. Your employee moral is in the tolit. Hurah! for Wash.DC. Stand your ground.

  135. No more we cant tolerate the multinationals like WalMart and its high exploitation.99 against to less than 1%.

  136. I will not shop there. This family also needs to back away from public education reform. They do not believe in democratic principles just greed.

  137. I have a dream. The Walton Board met and adopted a new and exciting policy. “WalMart will now pay a living wage to the world’s employees, based on the rate set by the individual nations. Chinese employees will get a fair Chinese cost-of-living wage, Americans will get a fair American cost-of-living wage, and so on… We will stop touting our goodness by bragging of the Foundation WalMart has established to project an honorable image. Instead, we shall be that honorable image. While we shall profit a little less with a policy of justice and integrity, WalMart will go down in history as the corporation who led the way back from the devastating state of affairs we have helped create.”

    It’s a dream, but…

  138. The only reason Walmart has low prices is because they don’t pay a living wage and make you pay for their employee’s benefits so if you are shopping there you paying twice to keep them in business.

  139. The only reason Walmart has low prices is because they don’t pay a living wage to their employees and keep all profits at the top. If you are shopping there you are paying them twice as you are also paying for their benefits through welfare, Medicaid and food stamps. Walmart shoppers are the ones losing.

  140. I will not support the corporate welfare Walmart’s business model relies on. The low cost of products comes at the expense of employee wages. Those employees must then rely on local/federal social programs to fill the gap. Consumers must stand with the employees to demand living wages, otherwise we all pay for Walmart’s greed, shopping there or not.

  141. I rarely shop at Walmart and will be letting my Sam’s Club expire. I am going back to Costco, who have a different business ethic.

  142. Here’s an idea: Pardon Ted Kaczynski and provide him with the mailing addresses of all these bloated, blood sucking, inbred Walton enemies of decency! Remember the French Revolution. Change is coming, and blood will flow!

  143. I’ve actually seen first hand how upper management treats their employees during one morning and they were moving stock from one department to the other. The manager spoke and the associate wrote down the notes and said nothing. The manager spoke in a tone that I find disrespectful. When they passed and I proceeded to say “good morning” to the manager what I got in return was a nod and no smile. Had I not been in a hurry that morning, I would have let that manager know he isn’t any better than everybody else in that store be it another associate or customer. Knock off the snotty attitude.

  144. I don’t mind you being the biggest corp in the U.S. but I do mind you being one of the lousiest to work for.

  145. i have never shopped at walmart. a high percentage (over 50% i believe) of their employees qualify for foodstamps based on their wages….so americans listen up – you can either pay reasonable prices for products and allow workers a living wage….or you can pay less for offshore products, thus reducing jobs in the USA and you can pay for food stamps through your taxes…….

  146. I used to shop at walmart loyally… now I will never shop there again. It is disgusting to know how this company treats its employees. The people that work there are such hard workers and to get treated the way they do, walmart should be embarrassed.

  147. I have never shopped there and I never will because of things like this. Give workers poverty wages so that they are eligible for government aid? Your business plan is to have the government pick up the tab. That’s not capitalism, that’s slavery and you’re oppressing America, Walmart.

    A lot of Americans are living in hell as a result of your existence. It’s only a matter of time when everyone realizes that they’re screwed either way and will not tolerate being raped apathetically anymore. Lets break free from these chains of poverty, America. Lets take Walmart down! Let America prosper again!

  148. I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago when I heard how much the Walmart family and senior executives allow themselves to be compensated. They make millions in bonuses at the expense of the workers and feel that it is okay because it is legal. There have always been the ” haves “and the ” have nots” and those that have so much more than most, do not feel an obligation to help others with their resources even though their riches are due to the efforts of others.I hope that I live to see the day when Walmart and other corporate monsters become extinct.On a positive note, more and more being wealthy is no longer a sign of success but more a sign if immorality.

  149. Here’s a suggestion that will make WallyWorld take notice in the ONLY way they will notice. . .Buy food at WallyWorld; take it home; cook it and feed some hungry people [It does NOT have to be family members]. . .Make certain that you keep the receipts. . .Then, return the “residue” from your meal {packaging; bones; etc] and, ask for your money back under their “Satisfaction Guaranteed” policy. . .There are LARGE signs posted in ALL WalMart stores that outline the terms for return . . .And, in ALL the stroes that I have seen in over a dozen different states, it states WalMart WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY!!!

    To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, “. . . One person, just one person does it they may think he’s really sick and. . .And if two people, two people do it, in harmony, They may THINK!!! and . . .And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking into Walmarts all over the country asking for a refund. . .They may think it’s an Organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said Fifty people a day walking into Walmart, returning food “residue” and such. . .And, asking for a refund and. . . And friends they may think it’s a movement!!!!

    And, THAT’S what it’ll be. . .The “WalMart Workers’ WE want a Fair Deal Movement!!!

  150. Another reason I don’t shop there: their policy on pig gestation. they put them in little crates where they can’t turn around or lay down! This cruelty is beyond belief!

  151. Wal-Mart seems to believe in Middle-Ages style feudalism. Wal-Mart Corporate Executives consider themselves as the modern equivalent of Barons and Earls, while the workers are regarded as expendable peasant farmers.

  152. Walmart could do so much more for the communities they do business in by acknowledging that their workers are the community and treat them with the dignity all deserve.

  153. Walmart is despicable. They sacrifice everything and everybody for low price. The Waltons are 7 of the 10 richest people on earth. Do you ever hear about them? Doing anything with that pile of cash? Beside sitting on it?

  154. I have not shopped at wallie world since I don’t remember when. It is high time they offer health care to its workers and get them off the dole. The wallie world has not been the same since the Father died and the kids took over. Their buy America campaign was highly laughable.

  155. I do not and will not shop at Walmart of Sams Club because of the way the employees are treated. Not giving them my money is my best way to protest.

  156. You’ll not see me in Walmart either. My grandson worked there and I was shocked at the treatment of employees along with the poverty wages. I wouldn’t mind paying 1.1% more to know when I walked out Walmart’s doors that the people who work there don’t have to use food stamps and borrow gas money to get to work. It’s an outrage. I make sure I shop at a union store.

  157. Walmart is a “Plantation” with their Slaves from Communist countries. The minions and morons that shop at monopoly walmart are stupid and that’s exactly how the slave master is able to get away with this greed! They and other Money Sissies are going down for Treason! They have Assaulted American workers long enough and will pay the price in the spiritual sense. Long Live Teddy Roosevelt Screw Walmart!

  158. EEK Walmart – Will not shop there at all!!! It is hard here in NW Arkansas not to shop at a Walmart, i.e., Neighborhood Market, Sams Club, Walmart, Arvest Bank as there is always one within 5 miles of eachother, Shall I mention more??? Arvest Ballpark, Crystal Bridges, and they just bought out Bank of America. They have put so many wonderful small companies out of business around here, it is AWFUL!! I would rather go out of my way a few miles, Target, Kohls, Ross, small food stores,etc., then to shop at Walmart. Not only that, but I know several people who have begged for full time work, was turned down and had to go on Medicaid, and they started them at minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Walmart is milking the system and making taxpayers pay for insurance for their employees. I say, WALMART, ENOUGHT IS ENOUGH!! Stop the discrimination, stop abusing your employees, stop using the system!!! And as far as your low prices – ha ha, that is a joke. Many Many Many items are priced more or the same as other stores. Unless, of course, a person buys the Walmart brand – Great Value. But even then sometimes your prices are more or the same as other generic brands like Best Choice, Always Save, etc.and these other generic brands, in my opinion are a much better product. LETS PUT A STOP TO WALMART!!!. I say, protest their headquarters in Bentonville, AR and don’t quit until they cave. Just an FYI, it appears that whatever Walmart wants here in ARkansas, Walmart gets.

  159. I worked for Walmart for almost 2 years then finally quit…I would rather drink BLEACH than work for them EVER again!

  160. I will go across my state , to shop K-mart or Target.
    Rather than walk across the street than shop walmart.

  161. Sometimes Walmart forgets that shopping there is an option. We have many more stores to shop at if they don’t treat their people as human beings.

  162. I dont shop this store as they treat their people very poorly .. I was at costco and they have the number of years they have worked their on their name tags ,, one said since 1986 .. I asked her you must like working for this company and she said they treat us right !! These companies are so stupid .. you get what you pay for .. happy employees make for a prosperous company !! duh!!

  163. The six heirs to the Walton fortune have more wealth than the bottom 40% of the American people combined. They got it the old fashioned way – they inherited it. Now they won’t pay their hardworking employees a livable wage. I have never shopped at Wal-Mart. I used to go to Sam’s Club a few times a year but stopped that a year ago.

  164. shame on you Walmart. your employees deserve to make a “living wage” for their families. and these “targeted” fired employees deserve back pay as well as re-instatement. where’s the commitment to the community — do the right thing! until you do, I cannot spend my dollars at Walmart.

  165. You have to check that PUBLIX has a good deals daly , I won’t shop in Walmart anymore utill they change the slavery policy……

  166. Since Walmart depends so much on merchandise delivered to the docks in containers and then to the stores via trucks wouldn’t the Dockworker’s Union or the Teamster’s be a good fit for Walmart employees?

  167. I’ve not shopped at Walmart for a long time, but until a couple years ago would go to Sam’s Club. Now my husband and I go to CostCo. Much nicer to their employees, and it hasn’t hurt their bottom line. Now it they’d only buy more American goods …..

  168. Walmart has been on my list of: DO NOT SHOP THERE! for a long time. Their greedy and cruel ways are part of the financial problems this country is dealing with. They operate under the guise of offering lower prices, which lures many people into their stores, but this is a complete lie. The treatment of their employees is despicable. They have also contributed to the blight of all the small towns in this nation, which used to offer interesting fare and charm. The sooner they go bust, the better for all of us.

  169. No more sweat shop tactics! That’s what the 40 hour work week was all about. Living wages would reduce welfare costs by giving people a chance to earn their living with pride.

  170. What really offends me is the brother who speaks in a walmart commercial about Dr. King in comparison to what walmart is doing in impoverished communities. Then, they pan out to show minority communities as if they care so much about these “poor people” getting nutritious foods! Dr. King probably has turned over in his grave! Why not use your position to encourage walmart to PAY the people what they are worth? You have been appointed for such a time as this! Remember Esther( Old Testament, in your BIBLE)? Alot of walmart employees get government assistance. Yet, walmart can take a tax write off on these monies spent to assist with food insecurities!!!!!!!!!!!! …as charity!!! Beefing up their corporate bottom line all under the guise of “we care for the poor!” PAY THE PEOPLE A DECENT HOURLY WAGE AND LET THEM CARE FOR THEIR OWN HOUSEHOLDS!!!! This is how the retail industrial complex enters our homes in subtle fashion. I try NOT to enter the doors of that place! I have NO respect for these rouges!! When are we going to genuinely come together people…for the good of all? We ALL have been appointed for such a time as this…I am ready to act! So fed up with people in this country!

  171. My entire family refuses to shop @ Walmart. Their prices may be cheap, but so is the quality of their services and the treatment of their employees has always been questionable. I have job coached disabled people who were hired by Walmart and they were treated poorly by their supervisors and management in general. All fair minded people should boycott Walmart.

  172. Wal-mart makes enough damned money for 1,000,000 families. They can afford to pay a decent wage. Make them do it. Save them from Hell. I’m DEADLY serious.

  173. I do not support Walmart in any way…..I don’t shop there and I discourage any one I know from patronizing any of their stores, products or services……Shame on them, Slave Wages, No health benefits, Employees having to use food stamps expecting and getting our government to subsidize their operating expenses …SHAME

  174. The Walmarts in poorer neighborhoods are poorly kept up, the employees themselves aren’t pre-trained in proper etiquette, some have up to 30 check out areas with only 3-4 lines open to ring out customer’s items, some employees seem edgy as department managers belittle them in front of customers, and I keep hearing awful things about Walmart as abeing a drain on other neighborhood businesses. For such a successful chain, why aren’t they more grateful and professional? Workers who suffer cause customers to suffer.

  175. Walmart’s policies affect manufacturing here. To sell through their stores, manufacturers have to accept their pricing. This is so low that, for the maker to survive, they have to pay less for various parts they buy, or drop salaries or employees. Them those employers have to do the same. The quality of all the parts and products is lowered, as all that goes into a product sold by Walmart has to be made cheaper, for the makers to have any profit.
    Raising unemployment, lowering quality, and forcing Walmart employees to seek county, state, or federal aid for health care — this company really seems to be anti-America. Their founder, Sam Walton, has been dreadfully shamed by his heirs. He was working to make American lives better where he saw a need.

  176. I have never shopped at WalMart and the main reasons are the way they treat they’re employees and what they did to the “Mom and Pop” stores.

  177. Wal Mart for years has put the smaller buisness concerns out of buisness…I say that we should all boycott the greed of this insidious company.

  178. The heart and soul of my community has been stomped out by Wal-Mart. I wish I could say it was stolen, but sadly we handed it over to them. They have put any successful local business out of business. Today the biggest source of employment here is Wal-Mart and their distribution center. People that once earned and paid a decent wage are now struggling to make ends meet. I for one am willing to settle for less instead of paying slightly less for their products and feeding the beast. If we want to build back our economy we have to trade out these big box stores for family or locally owned

  179. I am a victim of a manager bullying me all the time. I don’t know what to do about it. I have took all my steps as far as a member of the home office and I’m still getting no where. I need my job for the reason I am adopting one grandson and possibly a second grandchild a girl this time. The bullying is now a form of action by law but I don’t know where who or how to take care of this situation. I also would like to mention The Rights to Freedom of Speech. HELP!

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