Dolores Huerta: I Stand with Walmart Strikers

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The following is a statement of support from Dolores Huerta, who with Cesar Chavez co-founded the group that later became the United Farm Workers.

dolores_huerta“Around the country, Walmart workers are courageously speaking out for the basic dignity and respect all humans deserve. Rather than listening to their concerns, Walmart has resorted to frivolous legal maneuvers to silence and intimidate workers. This is yet another desperate attempt by Walmart to distract from the real issues facing workers and customers everyday in their stores and communities.

Walmart workers will not be intimidated by the company’s latest attempts to silence them. Their deep resolve to make Walmart a more responsible employer will not be deterred. History has shown time-and-time again that when courageous workers consistently come together, change can and will be made.”

– Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder of the National Farmworkers Association






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