OUR Walmart Announces Plans to Take Their Concerns to Walmart’s HQ

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, May 6, 2013


Associates will call on Walmart to address retaliation, poverty wages and scheduling concerns that hurt workers, customers, and the economy

On Sunday, members from the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) announced their plans to take their concerns about pay and working conditions, as well as Walmart’s retaliation against workers who speak out about these issues, directly to executives and shareholders at Walmart’s annual shareholder meeting on June 7, 2013 in Bentonville, AR. Citing Walmart’s $16 billion in profits every year, associates during a Sunday afternoon live stream broadcast announced that OUR Walmart members would caravan from across the country to Bentonville to call on the company to raise wages and increase access to full time hours so that no worker at Walmart makes less than $25,000 per year.

Though Walmart has paid lip service to workers’ concerns since the historic Black Friday strikes last fall, the company has yet to take meaningful action to address the problems plaguing associates and customers at stores across the country. Walmart workers have called on members of Walmart’s Board of Directors to meet with them, but have been met with silence. Now, members of OUR Walmart are taking the next step, confronting Walmart board members wherever they can in an effort to be heard.

“While the Walton family has the wealth of 42 percent of American families combined, many associates like me can’t even support our families without relying on government support,” said OUR Walmart member Mary Pat. “In addition to low pay, the company’s scheduling practices leave many of us with inadequate and erratic hours—making it impossible to afford even basic necessities, or even find a second job.”

In the weeks leading up to the meeting, workers and community supporters will call for the Board of Directors and the Walton family to be responsible to their employees and to the economy by creating good quality jobs for workers at its stores, warehouses, and along the supply chain.

OUR Walmart members and their supporters are also bringing their message directly to members of the Board and the Walton family, before they arrive in Bentonville – speaking at shareholder meetings of other companies where Walmart Directors also sit, and at public speaking events and fundraisers where Board members are present.

“Walmart Board Members like Rob Walton and Greg Penner of the Walton family, Marissa Mayer and Aida Alvarez can do so much more to be leaders in this company and to help change the way Walmart treats workers. We’re telling them that silence is no longer an option,” said OUR Walmart member Colby Harris.

Calls for a change of course and leadership at Walmart have grown in recent months, as the company faces allegations of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations abroad and scrutiny in the U.S. over empty shelves and long lines caused by inadequate staffing.


UFCW and OUR Walmart have the purpose of helping Wal-Mart employees as individuals or groups in their dealings with Wal-Mart over labor rights and standards and their efforts to have Wal-Mart publically commit to adhering to labor rights and standards. UFCW and OUR Walmart have no intent to have Walmart recognize or bargain with UFCW or OUR Walmart as the representative of Walmart employees.

34 thoughts on “OUR Walmart Announces Plans to Take Their Concerns to Walmart’s HQ

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    Think You Very Much

    From Tom P Noonan

      • America was started by colonist standing up for their rights against an oppressive English King. It’s no different than Walmart employees standing up to the oppressive Bentonville regime.

        It all started with the Boston Tea Party. Isn’t that where your crazy political group got it’s name from?

      • Wal-Mart employees are free to leave at any time. The founders were attacked for leaving. You can’t seem to grasp the difference.

  2. Workers are paid what the market determines. Artificial wages like artificial prices never work. They offer many progams for the betterment of employees. Any worker can take advantage of them. The real problem is going to be the huge shift in hours when ObamaCare comes into affect. Many employees will be dropped to below 30 hours a week. If they work over that, the employer will have to pay a $2,000 fine or pay for a $7,000 healthcare policy with many expensive mandates.

    • How much are they going to pay those veterans they keep talking about hiring?

      As little as possible and no benefits!!!

      • Average US hourly wage for Wal-Mart is $11.87. If you want more money, then improve yourself to make yourself more valuable to any employer. People all over the US are making a lots more and it is becase they made themselves more valuable. It is up to you, not your employer.

      • Why can’t we all be like Mike Duke’s and get a salary increase of 14 percent despite the fact that Investigating claims of bribery in its operations in Mexico, India and Brazil cost Walmart $157 million last year?

      • He works for the board. We all have a boss. They determine salary based on all facts, not just those presented by union zealots. Why are you so obsessed with his salary?

      • Bribery is a part of doing business in that part of the world. Worse in the middle East. I am obsessed with the free market.

    • with all due respect floridanativee…these “wonderful programs” you speak of are, well, crap..just another waste of money program, another program that the state/govt. finds a reason to deny those really in need of it….kinda like the whole welfare system in general. The real problem you speak of…..ask any walmart worker…..the huge shift in hours is not due to Obamacare as much as republicans and some others would like to believe…….Walmart has been cutting workers hours for years and years, before Obama was even president walmart was giving workers less than even 20 hour weeks, and their full time – pfft full time is considered 32 hrs a week, so even full timers do not get full time hours. I myself would at times have my hours dropped to 16 a week…..So, sorry to disappoint you by educating you on the real story at walmart….but I felt it unfair to sit back and watch you ramble on about issues at walmart and simply blame the president…..

      • Evidently you are unaware that the ObamaCare provision about the 30 hour work week does not start until 01/01/14. Then all emoloyers will have the choice to pay a $2,000 fine or pay a heavily mandated $7,500 healthcare policy. If you didn’t like Wal-Mart cutting hours before, they you should really dislike even worse from ObamaCare. Don’t feel bad, many low information voters don’t know about it either. YET, but you will. Before you had the opton of changing employers, but ObamaCare now means all employers will be doing what you disliked Wal-Mart for. Here you are blaming Republicans for something that is not in force yet and all Republicans voted against. You seem to speak ill of the welfare programs which I pay for. I don’t like them either and would love to see folks actually work for a living. Nobody is forcing you to work at Wal-Mart. Just quit or start your own business. You would find that about 70 hours a week is normal and you have large RICK.

      • This metric has no meaning, CEO’s income is based on result as is small businesses. Do a good job and you get paid more. Has always worked for me and is what developed America. As one who has never signed the front of a payroll check, you wouldn’t have a clue.

      • Walmart’s CEO’s income is based on understaffed stores and poverty wages it pays it employees.

      • All employees make their replacement values. Improve your worth and improve your salary. Simple concept and why private union membership has dropped by 500% in the last 4 decades.

      • Enlighten us oh business guru who signs payroll checks.

        How does Walmart calculate their employees replacement values?

        What’s a cashier worth to your friends in Bentonville?

        I’ll try not to laugh to hard when I read your response!

      • WOW, are you stupid in the ways of the business world. If you have other potential qualified employees willing to work for a certain rate. Wal-Mart has many applications in hand and can rehire employees at a moments notice. Do you think before making these stupid posts? The market determine the wages, not the employer. Obama’s high unemployment holds down wages for everybody.

      • “All employees make their replacement values. ”

        “Wal-Mart has many applications in hand and can rehire employees at a moments notice.”


      • Wal-Mart uses the same system that I and every other employer uses. Employers had rather keep their employees than have a lot of training costs. This is called the free market. It also works for all employees including CEO’s. Look at the recent Sears CEO.

      • Great! Now do you thing you can answer my question?

        How does Walmart calculate their employees replacement values?

        Does Walmart use the same system that every other employer uses to calculate their employees replacement values?

        Do you mean the way Sear’s CEO has turned Sears in to a joke?

      • I told you once, but will again. Every employee’s value is determined by their replacement value, If you can be easily replaced for $50,000 a year, then that’s what you are worth, Employers won’t pay $75,000. I said Sears to see if you were up to speed. JC Penny’s CEO was recently fired. You failed again. No knowledge of the current state of business.Your worth is what you are paid. You make yourself more valuable, you get more with current or future employer. Penny’s CEO made some wrong decisions and hit the bricks.

      • So then what makes Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) CEO Mike Duke worth $20.7 million and not $15.6, or $13.2?

        Didn’t you say Artificial wages like artificial prices never work? How do we know that Mike Dukes wages are not artificial?

      • His wages are determined by the board who has all sorts of input. If he stops producing, then he is fired just like the Penny’s CEO. His wages are in the same range for similar companies. Those are his peers, not the stock clerks. Why are you so obsessed with his wages anyway. It makes no difference to the bottom line or employees. It is just a union talking point for the dumb masses.

      • Ask the board, they will know all factors. All companies doing business in places with common bribery must do it or not go there, Done it myself. (In goods, not money, but the same thing.)

  3. I dont work for walmart but i have friends that do and i am their voice, Our walmart was complaining that maintenance was not doing the floors and the resson they were’nt was because they were getting pulled all the time, they told management they needed 4 people to do them and they of course said no. so what did walmart do they out sourced the work of doing the floors and how many are doing them 4, Now the talk is moveing one of them to another shift. I dont call that looking out for there employees.

  4. Im near a few walmarts and i have found out that walmart is out sourcing their maintenance department. They are buying equipment for that Company the same equipment that the maintenance asked for. they have then number of people doing he job that maintenance asked for and now they are forcing employees that have been there 20 yrs out of a job. From what i am told by employees that work at the walmarts i am ntxt to the company is using illegals to do the job. This needs to stop walmart needs to take care of their employees give them back there jobs.

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