Walmart Responds to Workers’ Calls

At the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention, Walmart made a splash by announcing three new initiatives. While the company’s plans to hire veterans and ‘Buy American’ stole most of the headlines, its third announcement was a major victory for workers who have been coming together for change at Walmart for more than a year.

Speaking at the convention, Walmart US president and chief executive Bill Simon announced that Walmart would make schedules more transparent and provide the opportunity for workers who want full-time work to receive the hours they need.

These changes come on the heels of the largest nation-wide strike the company has ever seen and have been at the heart of OUR Walmart members’ calls since the creation of the worker-led group.

“I’m so happy and proud our hard work and action has paid off,” said OUR Walmart leader Cindy Murray. “We won these gains at my store and now we’re winning them across the country.”

The importance of creating sensible policies around these issues should not be underestimated. As Simon indicated in his speech, “1 in 4 American jobs are supported by the [retail] industry,” 1.3 million of whom are directly employed by Walmart. Inconsistent and nontransparent scheduling practices, along with not giving workers the hours they need to get by, has placed a huge burden on tens-of-thousands of Walmart workers nationwide. If properly implemented, Walmart’s initiative would have a positive impact on the lives of many Walmart workers.

While we remain cautiously optimistic that Walmart is finally starting to hear the voices of its workers, we know that Walmart must still be held accountable for making its new commitment a reality. With $16 billion in annual profits, Walmart can afford to offer quality jobs to its American workers and stop setting low standards for the entire retail industry.

  • guardian333

    I resigned from Walmart as an Assistant Manager a week ago. It was horrible for me to schedule our associates as hours were getting cut. Customer service is horrible, but as long as the prices are low it’s okay right? I felt like working for the devil. All this human turmoil for the almighty dollar.

    • tompnoonan1961

      this is Tom Noonan I use to work over at Sam’s Club in San Fernando Ca from 08/20/1991 to 08/28/2002 as a Cart Attendance I did got Terminated from Sam’s Club on August 28 2002 because I was rude to Member like I did hit the Member with a Basket and call her name by accident on August the 26 2002 because it is was too hot in the San Fernando Valley they won’t let me apologize to the Member the Member told the Manager to fire me on August the 26 2002 if they won’t fire me the Member will sue Sam’s Club and they will lose their Business, I promise I won.t be rude to Member I won’t hit the Member with a Basket and not call the Member name no more I promise I will be polite to the Member,

      San Fernando Ca Sam’s Club 6625 Phone number is 661-2657710 ask the the Manager or Human Resource,

      Think You Very Much From Tom P Noonan

  • Princess

    What Wal-Mart says and what they do are two different things. They are still cutting hours to the bone right now.

  • floridanativee

    All companies are cutting hours to below 30 to avoid the ObamaCare fine of $2,000 per employee. This is the new normal. America is in it’s 4th year of recession or triple the length of the average recession. No end is in sight. Wal-Mart and all companies are hunkering down and trying to survive the high overspending and the government borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent. This will continue until we get fiscal sanity in Washington. It is sad that unskilled employees have to suffer due to this. This was all well known before hand. There are several options for the unskilled workers. They can improve their skills and get a better position or they can get several of the new standard less than 30 hours a week jobs. You voted for it and you got it. Remember the fact that the politicians lied to you.

    • Princess

      There are several things wrong with your statement.

      First, you miss the entire point. It is about Wal-Mart’s integrity. They release this statement about hiring and giving more hours to their employees who want them. Meanwhile, they are cutting hours worse than ever before. Just more corporate lies.

      Second, you assume that the only people who work at Wal-Mart are uneducated and unskilled. About 40-50% have a college education. Some even had very high paying jobs before the economy tanked. A lot of people had to suck up their pride and do what needed to be done. They had to take care of their families even if it meant taking a low paying job just to have some type of income. The fact that people are desperate does not make it right to use and abuse people as Wal-Mart has. It is despicable.

      Third, you said people got what they voted for. I will agree with you that Obama has a spending problem, but what other choice did the people have? The republicans sure aren’t going to do anything for the working class.

      All the GOP is interested in is cutting taxes for their rich buddies. Taxes have been the lowest for the past 10 years, so where are all these jobs it was supposed to create? Oh yea, that’s right, the money is just sitting there in offshore bank accounts.

      • floridanativee

        Wal-Mart nor any other company is going to pay the ObamaCare fine. Simple fact. Wal-Mart didn’t make the statement you said they did. Read it. The union here have been making the same complaints back when the economy was soaring. These complaints are not about the employees, but about the dues the union bosses are not getting. The employees are just pawns. The abusers of people are the ones who decided to lower everybody’s hours to below 30 strictly for political purposes. When Bush left office 46% of American workers paid no federal income taxes and the tax revenue to the US Treasury was at the highest level only. The top 5% of income earners pay 70% of federal income taxes. You have drunk the kool-aid on tax cuts for the wealthy and apparently everything else. You want to be mad at people for cutting hours, think of the people who made so many people a max of 30 hours. That is your culprit. Don’t be fooled by the class warfare lies. What have the workers gotten from the $6 TRILLION of deficits from Obama. A robust economy by the Republicans helps everybody. A horrible Obama economy hurts everybody. Easy to grasp.

      • tompnoonan1961

        I like Obama Care and I do work Part Time at Vallarta Supermarkets and make $8.25 an Hour Part Time and I do get Social Security Check every month, Walmart got low price then Vallarta Supermarkets

        Think You Very Much From Tom P Noonan

  • Daniel Swanson

    That is good news. I take it with a grain of salt though, until I see it. It is too late for me though since “I refuse to be abused” and quit. I still have no job and the bastard that bullied me still works there. Firing terrible managers would go a long way in fixing these problems. Sexism, racism, favoritism and any other isms need to stop. The 80%part time to 20%full time thing that they paid millions to an outside consultant to create has to stop first.
    The fact that they are still abusing me even though I do not work there. When I applied at a new job they told them as a refference that I sucked and not to hire me. I worked as an Assistant Manager for them for thirteen years and have nothing to show for my agony. Being told to treat my associate poorly was the tip of the iceberg. Mike Duke needs to go to jail and a lot of the top brass needs to join him.
    Thanks Daniel

  • Daniel Swanson

    People need to sell off every Walmart share of stock to get it to crash. That is the only thing Walmart understands, period. People need to stop shopping there , them doing so condones what they are doing.

  • screwed over in colorado

    I was called into the office a month ago and threatened that if I didn’t change my availability, Iwould not be scheduled at all. I am the only overnight full time cashier left. Everyone else has been replaced with part timers. I am the only nine to six. Which has been my management approved availability all this time. I was told my shift never existed. It is blatant open door retaliation from my store manager because Iwent over her head regarding hours being stolen and rerouted at our store. She knew Iwas the only one with a school age child and working ten to seven created a major conflict. I did not change my availability, they overrode the block in the computer, as always, and scheduled what they wanted. They claim to be more transparent? So did o’bummer as his first campaign slogan of transparency. All liars. I was singled out in this way. But they’ve been skimming full time hours by an hour a shift for months. They stole our holiday pay and used it to make up hours. That way it gave the pretense we were still working forty. Its all a scam. Now Ihave to fight for my job again and I will be retaliated against more. And we were also informed that walmart is reading our facebook accounts.

    • SuperGenius134

      I used to work in the Pharmacy, my mistake. It’s 5:25 am where I live. I am now a CSM, which is why I’ve began to see the way employees are done.

  • SuperGenius134

    I work at Wal-Mart Pharmacy. And I will tell you, I am disgusted by their practices when it comes to their employees. Employee payroll is the number 1 company expense, so when they need to meet that bottom line for the week, month, quarter, or whatever, guess what gets cut first? Sure isn’t a manager’s pay, because they are salaried. It’s employees’ hours. And I see first hand how this affects the lives of their employees. Even 4 hours cut off of an employees paycheck could have been their water bill, gas for their vehicle, insurance payment, food money, you name it. And that’s just 4 hours. They try to slash and cut their employees’ hours to the bare minimum so they can meet their profit goals. At the end of the day though, this leads to poorer customer service and employees struggling to provide for their families. Then take into consideration that in addition to cutting the hours, they are not paying the employees diddly squat to being with unless they are in management and salaried. But Hell, who gives a damn as long as we meet that 3rd quarter profit goal and the manager’s get their fat bonuses, etc. while Jimmy the cashier picks between food or paying the electric bill. Wal-Mart, you disgust me and I have several revelations that will be coming public in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

  • floridanativee

    Today the courts threw out the illegally appointed members of the very left wing NLRB and invalidated all of their rulings since they were illegally appointed several years ago. This leaves only one valid member and they will not be able to even get a quorum. This will correct many of the horrible, anti American decisions they have made. It was really stupid make these illegal appointments and now they are paying the price. The mini unions were especially bad. I wonder if all of the dues for these illegally formed unions will have to be refunded.

  • Sebastian

    Do you believe that Walmart workers whould have better privelages depending on which nation they live in? Should the Chinese workers have more/less paid depending on whether or not they live in China rather than they American counterparts or should it be a company wide set policy?

    • floridanativee

      All companies use pay standards in the country in which they are located. Anything else would be foolish.

      • V8beetle

        So you’re arguing for ethical relativism?

      • floridanativee

        I am saying all companies use pay standards of the country in which they are located. Pretty simple to grasp.

  • Samuel Walton

    WALMART: Ya’ll just do not give a shit about the associates or the customers do you? This passed week we have had empty shelves simply because our store does not want us there to stock and fill. Also, thanks soooooo fucking much for my 18 hour weekly schedules. Sorry, 18.5. Good to know that my family’s needs and well being are a priority at my concentration camp. Whatever, just continue on making your infinite amount of money while giving out hand jobs, bribes, and “charitable donations” to whom ever you please.

    -I only pray that one day this corporation sees the devastation it creates on the surrounding community. Families are economically downtrodden, excluded from living less stressful lives, and Walmart is the cause.

    Oh well, what’s that cliche again? The bigger they are…the harder they fall.

  • Walmart5410

    So not true.
    Things are consistently worse.They have cut full timers to almost nothing hours ,and gave part timers more hours as well as hired more part timers.The supervisors where told by District Manager Ray that they will have to work a back and forth schedule or they find someone else.People are in tears !Some are Single mothers and cannot do this schedule others have sick family members they are caring for ,some are going to school.Management does not seem to care even though they where aware of the circumstances when they put these people in these positions and said they will just not have any hours scheduled from here forth.

  • Walmart5410

    Things are consistently worse.They have cut full timers to almost nothing hours ,and gave part timers more hours as well as hired more part timers.The supervisors where told by District Manager Ray that they will have to work a back and forth schedule or they find someone else.People are in tears !Some are Single mothers and cannot do this schedule others have sick family members they are caring for ,some are going to school.Management does not seem to care even though they where aware of the circumstances when they put these people in these positions and said they will just not have any hours scheduled from here forth.

  • Jo

    I heard that line about schedule transparency and giving people more hours about two weeks before they cut hours in our store severely. One young woman, a single parent, was bawling in the mgr. office after they didn’t schedule her at all for 2 weeks. Two of the people in an adjacent dept. filed for and qualified for unemployment benefits based on their schedules. Unemployment pays them $150 per week. Then there are the people who seem to simply disappear. When I ask if they quit, I’m told that their hours were cut. Last week I was scheduled for 32 hrs. The dept. mgr. called me to the back and “asked” me to take an additional day off. I ended up with a 26 hr. week.

    Workers at WM have such low self-esteem that they don’t think they deserve better. The standard response, when I say something about the deplorable treatment of employees, is, “Well, at least I have a job.” And WM workers, at least the ones in my store, are terrified of union involvement. They don’t even let the word ‘union’ pass their lips.

    How can people ever make their lives better when they don’t know how much they’ll make paycheck-to-paycheck? When they don’t even know if they’ll have a paycheck while they continue to be employed? Why should people need to beg for hours? I’d like to see income cut for the managers and department heads; it’s so unfair to constantly beat down the people who are already the lowest paid workers in an organization. Managers and department heads never get their hours cut.

    It’s not extraordinary for them to schedule three people in an area that needs ten. On a Saturday evening three people must cover womens’ wear, mens’ wear, boys, girls, baby world, shoes, crafts and jewelry–oh, and the fitting room, where outside calls are routed. It’s a nightmare. Customer service is virtually nonexistent.

    And the American public: they don’t care. They say, Well–if you’re so unhappy in your job go to school, or get a better job. That works in Walmart’s favor, and WM knows that. (It’s not Walmart’s fault: it’s the fault of the unskilled and unmotivated riffraff plaguing this great country of ours.)

    Despite websites like this one (thank you, guys,) and despite unions who are trying to help WM workers, no long-term change will occur. WM will keep lying to the American public, because when you have that kind of money you can talk a lot louder. The only way to change WM policies and deplorable treatment of workers is for the customers to become involved. If customers would just agree to boycott the store one day, one frigging holiday, let’s say, without shopping at WM, they’d make real change. The WM board of directors would be bawling then, and that’s something I’d like to see.