Get Fired Up: Making Change at Walmart to Organize Volunteer Network

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In response to the continued flood of support for the #WalmartStrikers, Making Change at Walmart (MCAW) is organizing a network of volunteers and empowering them to take strategic action to ensure workers at Walmart are not retaliated against for speaking out.  On January 17th, MCAW will hold its first webinar to engage volunteers. These volunteers will engage with the campaign at the local level as activists, organizers or community partners.

This past Black Friday, Walmart workers took courageous action by going out on strike against the world’s largest private employer. As the story broke, we were inundated with messages of support from members and workers around the globe wanting to know how they could lend a hand.

Such coordinated national action by the workers at Walmart would not have been possible without months of organizing and talking to each other through the newly-formed Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart). Now the next step will be for allies to get organized in order to execute focused anti-retaliation strategies to protect the movement’s worker-leaders and carry the momentum forward.

On January 17th, MCAW will hold its first meeting for volunteers. The webinar will start at 4:15pm EST and is open to anyone who would like to volunteer. You can sign up to attend the webinar here. If you are interested in learning more about the campaign and becoming a local volunteer, but cannot attend the webinar, fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.

Community rose to the call for solidarity on Black Friday by holding nearly 1,200 actions nationwide and raising over $100,000 to support the strikers. It was a historic step forward and made many people, including journalists as well as many workers throughout the Walmart supply chain, question the myth that a company like Walmart was too big for ordinary people to impact.

As the movement continues to grow and work toward real change at Walmart in 2013, community volunteers will be essential to this fight.

Time to get fired up, folks.

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    What is the real change so far?


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