Worker Organization Files Federal Charge Against Walmart

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, November 19, 2012

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OUR Walmart Points to Walmart’s Threats to Workers


WASHINGTON, DC – In response to illegal threats from Walmart managers and the company’s national spokesperson, OUR Walmart has filed a charge with the federal government seeking immediate intervention.  The charge, filed with the National Labor Relations Board Tuesday afternoon, cites threats by Walmart to attempt to deter workers from participating in legally protected strikes planned for this week, including on Black Friday.  OUR Walmart is an organization of Walmart workers from across the country who are calling for changes at Walmart.

“I want to send a clear message to Walmart: we will not be silenced,” said Mary Pat Tifft, an OUR Walmart member and 24-year Walmart associate from Kenosha, WI.  “As America’s largest employer, we should expect more than threats to our jobs when we speak out for what’s right.  Walmart’s attempt to shut down our protests is one more example of the company’s efforts to silence any opposition that they face.  We will continue to speak out because there are real problems at Walmart that need to be addressed.”

“We are working hard, trying to get ahead and create a better future for our kids,” Tifft said.  “You would think that we’d be able to do that at the country’s largest employer, but when we speak out about our concerns, Walmart has been trying to silence us.”

The planned strikes, which OUR Walmart members announced would be part of 1,000 store protests on and leading up to Black Friday, are in protest of Walmart’s ongoing attempts to silence workers for speaking out for better jobs. Because the planned strikes are in protest to unfair labor practices like silencing workers through scheduling changes, reductions in hours, and even firings, workers are legally protected under federal labor law.

“Freedom of speech and freedom of association are basic rights for all Americans,” said Rev. Eric Lee, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  “We cannot allow our country’s largest employer to threaten their employees’ rights in closed-door meetings or in the national news media.  Walmart workers should know that we support them.”

On Monday evening, Walmart spokesperson David Tovar made threats to Walmart workers on national television. “There could be consequences,” Tovar said on CBS Evening News of workers who do not come in for scheduled shifts on Black Friday.

“I saw David Tovar from Walmart on the evening news telling me and my coworkers that there would be consequences if we went on strike,” said Dan Hindman, an OUR Walmart member from California who was interviewed on CBS Evening News.  “Yes, some of my coworkers are afraid, but this kind of intimidation by Walmart management is an example of why we are going on strike.  I know my rights, and I’m not afraid to protest against the way this company has retaliated against workers who are speaking out for what’s good for our families.”

In stores across the country, workers have been facing threats from managers.  Workers from a store in Fairfield, Calif., recount their manager telling them: “Home office gave me the freedom to say whatever I want.  If any one of you walks off the job or participates in an action on Black Friday that results in the loss of store sales you will be fired and sued.”

“Walmart appears to be issuing serious threats to employees to stop them from exercising their rights under the law,” said Erin Johansson, Research Director, American Rights at Work.  “These charges should be investigated swiftly by the NLRB as concerted activity is a protected right. Walmart’s breach here is serious, and needs to be addressed immediately.”

Walmart workers have been speaking out about the company’s manipulation of hours and benefits, efforts to try to keep people from working full-time and their discrimination against women and people of color, but rather than listening to the concerns facing 1.4 million Walmart workers, Walmart has attempted to silence them. Some workers have also been speaking out about the early start of Black Friday sales – on Thanksgiving Day –which will keep many retail workers from being able to spend the holiday with their families.  Watch a video from Walmart workers on why they’re standing up or follow the conversation on Twitter at #WalmartStrikers.


75 thoughts on “Worker Organization Files Federal Charge Against Walmart

  1. You know what, how about finding another job then? Walmart isnt doing anything that other retail/grocerier arent. If you want a better paying job to pay your bills find another job…common freaking sense. And i worked EVERY Holiday for 8yrs at Holiday Inn, why? Because it was my job and if i didnt like it then i could have found a new one.

      • People keep forgetting that this isn’t about the Wal-Mart employees, but about the millions of dollars of union dues that the union bosses are losing by not having a union at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has taken away 25% of the grocery business from the former unionized, inefficient groceries. The union dues have dropped off by half and the union bosses are desperate to unionize Wal-Mart. The employees are being used as pawns. It is all about the dues. Wal-Mart pays comparable wages to the other big box stores and higher than the Mom and Pop stores they replaced. Half of their full time employees take advantage of the medical plans offered. When ObamaCare kicks in in 2014, the whole world of the lower skilled employees and medical insurance will come crashing down. The answer for these people is to improve their job skill and their value to all employers and get out of the low skilled categories. The unions are leading you down the “average for life” road. Don’t fall for it.

      • you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about! Wal-Mart kills almost every mom and pop shop within a 5-10 mile radius once they open one of their monster stores… wiping out any competition. For every 2 jobs they create, they kill 3. Also… they do NOT pay better than those places. They are a jobs killer… not creator. Learn the facts before you puke your brains out in public.

      • Anybody driving up to an established Wal-Mart can see you are wrong. There is nothing wrong with competition in America. If older stores are inefficient, they pass the costs along to the customers who usually can’t afford it. It is like this in every industry. Do you know any telephone operators?

      • “Wal-Mart kills almost every mom and pop shop within a 5-10 mile radius”

        This has never happened, ever. You can find no evidence of this. However, some mom-and-pop shops do choose to kill themselves by overcharging, and having terrible customer service (including choosing to hardly be open during the day). These are not decisions Walmart makes.

      • You have no concept of reality! Small towns in the MIDWEST!!!!! WALMART OPENS AND thats the end of the small business. Do your research! Or wait low skilled people like you probably have no concept of research or really working for anything. Or are you one of those loosers that was forced to work at walmart to keep your state benefits, welfare mamas…..

      • Unions, you are very stupid! Unions do nothing. And if you want to create a union just for walmart workers that bitch about the low wages for jobs they choose to take, do you think they can afford to pay union dues, when they claim they can not afford to pay for the health care offered to them???? How many workers have had the true meaning of union bullshit explained to them???? Most can’t even understand how to balance a checking account. Stupid!!

      • 2/3 of the employees at Wal-Mart stores are part-time employees and are thus ineligible for the medical plans offered. When more than 1/2 of your employees are eligible for Federal assistance, such as EBT or TANIF (also known as AFDC), there is a problem. This IS about unionizing.

      • The grocers union has spent tens of millions of dollars and been totally unsuccessful in unionizing Wal-Mart. No telling how much of their members money they wastd this weekend busing in protestors with no success. All they did was look stupid in front of the US.

      • That is because WalMart has more money than ALL of the unions put together. They also have the best politicians money can buy. WalMart is bigger than the next three companies combined.

      • Wal-Mart is far from the largest company in America. Apple for example is much bigger and it makes all of it’s products in China. They have a profit margin 6 times higher than Wal-Mart and offer no health insurance to the workers who make all of their products. Where is your outrage against them? The unions gave $600 million and $800 million to the democrats in the last two elections. You seem to have a real problem with facts.

      • You are clueless. It is about being paid a fair, living wage. Unionizing is their best bet for achieving that. Taxpayers are subsidizing the paychecks of Walmart workers while the heirs of Sam Walton are multi-billionaires and getting wealthier every second of every day. I’m not talking about what the stores or the shareholders are earning. I’m talking about the wealth of the Walton family. We, the American taxpayers, are losing about a billion dollars to Walmart employees who are paid such a paltry sum that they qualify for food stamps and other types of public assistance. The Waltons are redistributing the wealth…UPWARD! The heirs of Sam are greedy pigs who will never have enough no matter how filthy rich they are. Well, I say they don’t get our taxes to help pay their employee’s wages so they can amass enough wealth for 20 lifetimes! I’m boycotting Walmart until they improve their worker’s pay and working conditions. Saving a few cents on each item isn’t worth it to me. Stand up for what’s right, or get out of the way.

      • Wal-Mart is paying an average national wage of $11.75 for hourly employees. They pay about the same as Target, Home Depot, Sears, KMart, ETC. This dispute isn’t about the Wal-Mart employees, but about the millions of dollars of dues the union bosses are losing by not being able to unionize Wal-Mart workers. They spent millions in the last month on their big strike and were helped by main stream media. Less than 50 Wal-Mart employees participated out of about 1.4 million. Wal-Mart has taken over 25% of the grocery business and the unionized grocers are closing stores and the union is losing dues big time. It is all about the dues money and the union being able to make the uninformed think it is not. Why do you not complain about the other stores who pay the same? Are you stupid? Wal-Mart saves the poor about $100 Billion a year in grocery savings alone. Why do you think people flock there. If you can buy a gallon of milk and save 50 cents, that is a real incentive to many people. it hurts the unions because they don’t get the dues from the stores that have poor work practices and inflated costs due to the unions. Nobody is forcing anybody to work there. 10 people apply for every job they have. You need to think things through for yourself and stop being spoon fed by the unions. All those people you saw carrying signs this weekend were employees of the grocers who are going under because they can not compete.

      • I prefer to see the unions benefit along with the employees, than to see the Walton family pocket several billion dollars more just to try to satisfy their greedy gluttonous hunger for more, more, more. Unions work for their members. They don’t donate their time and effort, they earn their pay. Isn’t that what you value? What other stores pay is not in question. Stop trying to divert the attention off the poor wages and working conditions of the business in question. That would be Walmart! The workers who went on strike are my kind of people! They may suffer for their actions, but I admire them for being the pioneers who are starting this action. So stick it where the sun don’t shine Florida! Next time I’m picking up and sign and joining in!!

      • What is in question isn’t up to you. They pay the same as other retailers. Why are you not mad at them? They are not pioneers as the grocers union has been doing this for over 15 years. You are the new one to the game, not Wal-Mart or the employees. You will fit right in with your sign along with all of the other nonemployees on the picket line. They did have a record sales day on Friday. It was a huge flop, but the union did manage to fool some of the uninformed I see. I am sure the unemployed will really appreciate your adoration, but that won’t put any milk on the table. You know that wildcat strikers are not eligible for unemployment.

      • Stop pushing the propaganda. Walmart pays an average of a little over $8.00 an hour. We, the taxpayers, subsidize Walmart workers paychecks with food stamps and other forms of public assistance. You are either a fool, or you are not a taxpayer. I’m retired on a nice union pension. Don’t mistake me for someone new to the game. I’ve walked a picket line before and I’ve negotiated contracts as a union representative. The history of the labor movement is fascinating, you should read up on it. There were many, many sacrifices made by the pioneers of the movement. It laid the foundation for a strong middle working class in America. That is where America’s worth is, not in greedy gluttons like the heirs of Sam, but in responsible corporate owners who know the value of their work force, and in a work force who know their own value. The Walmart employees are pioneers because Walmart is not unionized yet. But that is changing! Of course that is bad news for company men like you.

      • You are the problem. The union early retirements are going away as companies go under due to their weight. Already happening. This union has a vivid history of corruption and raiding of retirement funds. If the labor movement is so great, why are they fading away to nothing in the private sector with just one seventh of their prior percentages, The public sector ones are sucking the taxpayer dry. Do you not remember WI? Your actions almost got a lot of folks fired this weekend. Wal-Mart’s customers told the unions to go pack sand. Do you not understand what happened?

      • WalMart has told there employee’s if they join any of the strikes or any other actions that is not in the best interest of the company there will be consequences up to and including termination.

      • I seriously doubt if Wal-Mart would be stupid enough to say that, but I would think most employees would be smart enough to know that. Look, if you participate in an illegal wildcat strike instead of showing up for work, you can expect to be fired in my book. With 10 people in line waiting for their job, they have to know doing something to hurt their employer would be looked at harshly. Most first graders know that if they slander the teacher, they will get in trouble. Unfortunately, the union thugs have been filling their heads with the notion that slandering their employer is their “right”. Those thugs will keep their jobs at the union, but the slanderers will be unemployed and unavailable for unemployment. Very sad.They need to start putting their energy into making themselves into better employees for Wal-Mart or any other employer. They are responsible for their success or failure, not their employer.

      • no it means that there are a lot of people who work on holidays and appreciate that they have a job.. its the people who are used to having things handed to them for free that always complain and think they are owed something

    • You know what? Walmart employees are standing up for themselves. It’s legal and it’s warranted. You may have a gripe about working every holiday for 8 years, but that has nothing to do with what the Walmart employees are asking for. I support Walmart employees! I’m boycotting Walmart stores until they pay a fair wage and improve working conditions.

  2. Most stores do a common courtesy of scheduling employees to work at least 6 hours and not 10 to 12 hours, I remember when Walmart was closed on Thanksgiving day not no more since the old man passed away, his family has lost the family values that he built

  3. Walmart IS doing things differently from other retailers. Yes, one can change jobs if they are not satisfied with the job terms. Or you can stand your ground and work to make the place better. Lord knows I did both several times in my working life. I stood up for what I believed was right, refused to leave jobs just because management could not do their job well, and spent time on picket lines and unemployment as a result. There is nothing wrong with speaking truth to power or working with your employer to improve the job conditions. But sometimes the workers must be adamant in order to get management attention, and it takes organization to get a company to improve the way it treats the employees.

    • There are a dozen people waiting in line for your job. Get some unique job skills if you want more security. You are being used and in about a week when your great feeling is over and your start to realize your new unemployed situation as an unemployed agitator, you will think differently.

  4. You got to be kidding me. Just because you think walmart workers are not allowed to spend time with their families, you can diss them? walmart is the the biggest company in the USA. But at the the same time they don’t pay their employee enough. SO THEY QUALIFY FOR ASSISTANT. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO GET HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Give me a break. Get in the thick of things and stop shopping at the company store……walmart. That is what it amounts to. Take your rose colored glasses off you ASSHOLE. I will be there in the ranks supporting every walmart employee on black friday.

  5. You are a self centered jerk. Look at what the republicans are doing to this country. I used to be proud to work and live in the USA. Not now. THANKS BUSH BUSH.

  6. So these fucking people expect no punishment for skipping out of work on a SCHEDULED day? Regardless of what they’re doing additionally, they are skipping work on a day they are scheduled…in ANY situation that isn’t an EMERGENCY…that would warrant punishment. Ask not what Wal-Mart can do for you, but what YOU can do for Wal-Mart!

    • Guess you didn’t actually READ the article. Organized strikes are completely legal for the worker and legally cannot be fired for organized demonstrations. You are an idiot too! Wake up!

      • This isn’t a legal strike and Wal-Mart has no legality recognized union. They have been trying for years and keep losing elections. You don’t show up and you are fired. Simple. The union bosses telling you to do it will have their jobs Monday and you will be unemployed.

      • Again your wrong! Workers have a general legal right to participate and engage in a
        walkout or other form of work stoppage. It is considered a protected
        concerted activity.

      • You want to supply the link to that right? Ever hear of employment at will states? Don’t link to some union BS, link to the legal right. Prove me wrong!

    • How much more money do they need to make? We are talking about one of the largest companies in the world, where the family is making billions in profit. You’re an idot!

      • Wal-Mart is a very low profit margin company. They make 3.1% or about 1/3 the fortune 500 average. If you stop customers from going to Wal-Mart, they will just go to Target or others who will be open and pay their employees the same. If you want out of this type of work, make yourself a more valuable employee to Wal-Mart of any other employer. They don’t owe you, you are responsible for yourself and your family.

      • There you go again making uninformed statements.
        When a company makes that much a year net, they can afford to pay better and offer better benefits.
        Here are some numbers for you.
        Last year Wal-Mart (WMT) had net income of 12,731,000,000 on total
        revenue of $378,799,000,000 according to documents filed with the SEC.
        Wal-Mart Stores Historical Profit Margin Quarterly Data

        Data for this Date Range

        Oct. 31, 2012


        July 31, 2012


        April 30, 2012


        Jan. 31, 2012


        Oct. 31, 2011


        July 31, 2011


        April 30, 2011


        Jan. 31, 2011


        Oct. 31, 2010


        July 31, 2010


        April 30, 2010


        Jan. 31, 2010


        Oct. 31, 2009


        July 31, 2009


        April 30, 2009


        Jan. 31, 2009


        Oct. 31, 2008


        July 31, 2008


        April 30, 2008


        Jan. 31, 2008


        Oct. 31, 2007


        July 31, 2007


        April 30, 2007


        Jan. 31, 2007


        Oct. 31, 2006


      • OK, that is 3.3% for the year. I gave the last quarter. That is still about 1/3 of the fortune 500′s national average. Do you not grasp the concept of profit and profit margin? 3.3% is very low for a major company. If they drop that % much it could cause them to go under. Do you not get that Apple for example has over 25% profit margin?

  7. I worked for Walmart from 11/96 till 02/12. I always knew what my job required of me, and consistantly put forth more than 120 percent production. In January of this year I injured my back while at work, went to their Dr., whom put me on light duty. I worked as much as I could stand, and left in tears every day. Not being able to work as much as I needed to, I was recommended by an OPS Manager to talk to the HR to get some help. Later that week my wife and I both went in on my day off, to do the paper work to get monetary help so we wouldn’t be evicted. It seemed as if they really wanted to help me and my family. Not being the type to ask for help, we went in and being down on myself was in tears yet again and the HR, GM, and AP Managers all told me to take the weekend off to get things in order. The following week I went to my follow up appointment with Walmarts Dr. and they ordered an MRI to be done later in the week. When I went to the hospital to have the MRI done they told me it was going to cost $5000 dollars out of pocket. Fifteen minutes later I called the DC I worked at, and they told me I had been Fired for not coming to work on the weekend the managers told me to take off. After 16 yrs of service I was lied to and shit on. On June 18th of this year, my attorney myself and Walmarts attorney, agreed they were still responsible for my injury in January. Finally yesterday(11/21/12) I received a panel of Dr.’s to pick from to see about my back. Now that I have permanent nerve damage, and already approved for Disability because it’s bad enough. All of which I believe could have been avoided had the Managers not lied to me and taken away my livelyhood. I was born with one hand and never once asked for anything more than I needed or deserved. Never claimed to be handicapped, or disabled in any way, but now WALMART made me that way.
    All I can say is that Walmart will tell you what they want to tell you, and Walmart will do what they want to do.

  8. Just unionize and be done with it! Walmart is worried about losing profit when in reality if all 1.4 million Walmart employee’s got paid a bit more walmarts sales would sky rocket and more than make up for paying them a fair wage not to mention boosting the entire countrys economy. 70% of our economy is consumer spending! Why do you think the economy has been so bad the past 4 years? Iook at the unemployment rate no one is working!

    • The employees have voted over and over against unions. The unions lost, they should not be able to come in and try to coerce employees and require multiple votes on the same issue.
      It’s like the presidential election – it’s over, we don’t get to vote again

      • The first thing you learn in training at WalMart is anti union video’s and just by mentioning union’s at WalMart your job is in jeopardy. So your argument about the employee’s voting over and over against unions is not true. Also WalMart workers have been told if they look for or leave WalMart for other employment they will never be welcomed back. SO much for trying to better ones self!

  9. Keep up your spirits, folks. It can be hard to go against the grain, but even if you don’t succeed in every way you hope to, you are adding your voices to those of all workers who spoken up for fair and just treatment of workers. You’ll aways hear comments like the one below from Val Emmons, but a vital part of our history as a nation are the stands taken by workers and their sacrifices for living wages, reasonable hours, healthy working conditions. After all, workers are father and mothers, sons and daughters, members of communities, balancing work and home, health and wages. Children need to be fed-but they also need to see their mom and dad too. If we are truly value families we will remember that when we see Walmart workers asking for fair hours and wages-this is not only for them, but for the well being of their families and communities.
    Carol B. of Philadelphia, Pa. Retired

  10. I worked at Walmart for 8 years. It was a retail job i knew that going in. I knew I would work weekends and holidays. If customers are going to be shopping they we were going to be open. When I was tired of that work schedule I went and worked elsewhere. And as long as I worked there it has always been the same on black Friday, don’t call in if your scheduled or your were let go, that is nothing new.

  11. 1. Walmart did not come to YOU for a job, YOU went to Walmart.

    2. Anyone that walks off the job, especially non unionized employees are not eligible for any type of assistance including unemployment because federal guidelines clearly state that loss of employment due to labor dispute or strikes are deemed WILLFUL loss of employment. And the second you walk out that door, its an automatic voluntary quit set within your record.
    3. Do you honestly thing Walmart does not have a back up plan? These jobs can and will be filled in by temp agencies. Its not hard to stock a shelf.. Its not hard to scan an item, hear the beep, bag it and take the money.

    Its become painfully obvious that these people are whiners. If you do not like your job GET EDUCATED AND FIND ANOTHER ONE. Walmart is not now nor have they ever been a full time employer. They are a stepping stone. For those that do not understand that, a stepping stone is a place to work to make enough to get by while being educated for a better position elsewhere. Its as simple as that. And to say you have it “tough” because you have to work on thanksgiving. Every person that made that statement should be shipped to the middle east to take the place of a soldier that hasn’t seen their family in MONTHS or YEARS just to teach them how truly selfish they really are.

    • Ship yourself there, dizzy. You are the one spouting selfish rhetoric. Who are you to say who should work where and why. Keep your hate filled judgements out of this! I support you striking Walmart employees! You are standing up for yourselves, and you are in the right. Don’t be discouraged by posts like dizzy’s! You are hero’s in my estimation!

    • i totally agree. you work for what you have and if you don’t like your job then get a new one. these people want attention and want stuff for free, like they are used to getting.

    • You are wrong! Please read up on labor relation law before you try to sound intelligent.

      Most people working at WalMart went to them and where told lies about there “Open Door Policy” and what the potential for advancement would be.

      Workers have a general legal right to participate and engage in a walkout or other form of work stoppage. It is considered a protected concerted activity.

      WalMart was considered a full time employer until just a few years ago and most associates had the option of full or part time depending on there availability.

      Your comment about soldiers is out of line as many return to civilian life only to go to work for WalMart and have it worse than while in the military.

  12. “If any one of you walks off the job or participates in an action on
    Black Friday that results in the loss of store sales you will be fired
    and sued.”

    Well, duh. If people are too lazy to come to work, or they show up at the workplace and engage in unprofessional behavior and harass people and try to damage the business, they will get fired. I sure hope so.

  13. Good for Walmart workers! I support the striking workers. For seven years I shopped on average 3 times a week at my local Walmart. It has now been three months since I’ve been inside any Walmart. Today I plan to visit my local Walmart and join the strikers if they are there. Additionally as you can see from my blog, I have many posts asking my readers to support the Walmart strikers and workers.

  14. I saw the protestors on TV who were bused in. The could not articulate why they were there except to say “talk to the green shirt”. The green shirt was also unable or unwilling to say why they were there. Seems to me that schooling might be their biggest problem, as in they skipped it altogether.
    However, my main questions are
    1) How much are you paying the “professional” (bused in) protestors per hour?
    2) Is it more than the Walmart employees are getting (one lady who walked out was making $12 an hour)
    3) Are you paying social security taxes and unemployment tax for these salaries and taking out withholding or are they working illegally “under the table”?
    4) If you are not employing them legally, then why not?

    • Those folks appeared to be bussed in union employees from elsewhere. They had no clue about why they were protesting.
      It was really quite comical to see them. This was not a grass roots
      movement. I do feel sorry for the few actual Wal-Mart employees that
      bought into this line of BS and are going to lose their jobs and

  15. My wife, daughter and son-in-law were all fired from Walmart within 12 months of becoming tenured employees. This is quite common in AZ where the average seniority of a non-management employee seems to be about 48 months. Retaliation for occupational injuries, refusal to pay for injuries, failures to adequately and correctly administe leaves of absence under the Family Medical Leave Act, and terminations due to complications with pregancies. Thats the Walmart that has to be changed.

  16. I was a customer service manager at a walmart here in ct. I worked @ Christmas time and they always put me by myself at night . customers were always yelling to open more registers and there were none to put on them cause they didn’t schedule enough people. They dont care about their employees the only thing they cared about was how much money the store was making and who many sale they needed to reach that goal. I use to hear it on the walkies all day and It would but aggravating. When the father was alive he was caring and he use to close early on Sundays and he didn’t open on the holidays. He was a family man. Now that he is gone all the family care about is money. The insurance was so expensive you couldnt afford it if you got it that would be your whole pay check.

  17. I can not stand walmart. Personally do not care about what all you people are bitching about. Having a job in a place that you do not like is your choice, and shouldn’t be my concern. If I find a picket line today, I will make sure I walk across it many times over just to prove how foolish you people are. I do not shop at walmart for many reasons, but I will say not a single one of my reasons has to do with how you are treated as an employees.

    Dont like your JOB???? There are many that are waiting in line to take yours! So quit today stay home on the holidays and dont worry be happy get more welfare for your lazy uneducated asses!

  18. I’m glad I’ve got better things to do… like raking the leaves and cleaning out the gutters. I see floridanativee must have recruited a few more Wal-Mart loving Trolls to come here and sing their praises of the company. Get used to it you losers. The fact is OUR man is still in the White House and YOURS isn’t. Not even the money of the Waltons or the Koch brothers could change that

  19. 6 people control 41.5 of the overall wealth, control 31% of the economy
    with their business practices, and affecting an estimated 33.8 million
    households, I am less than willing to set on my hands any longer. Just
    these six people managed to suck 10 billion dollars in overall wealth
    from 2007-2010 American households, for an increase of 22%, while the
    rest of us, saw a 38% decrease in income earnings potential and wealth
    from an average of 126,000 in 2007, to 77,800 in 2010. So forgive the
    militant stand, but I wish I had JUST SAW a 38% decrease instead of
    about 65% and still looking for work as a professional with a deep
    technical knowledge and skills who gave 25 years to this machine that
    ate my pension savings and dang near my home, faster that you can say
    MADE IN CHINA and it still wants more. Now guess who these 6 people are. The Walton Family.

  20. 6 people control 41.5 of the overall wealth, control 31% of the economy
    with their business practices, and affecting an estimated 33.8 million
    households, I am less than willing to set on my hands any longer. Just
    these six people managed to suck 10 billion dollars in overall wealth
    from 2007-2010 American households, for an increase of 22%, while the
    rest of us, saw a 38% decrease in income earnings potential and wealth
    from an average of 126,000 in 2007, to 77,800 in 2010. So forgive the
    militant stand, but I wish I had JUST SAW a 38% decrease instead of
    about 65% and still looking for work as a professional with a deep
    technical knowledge and skills who gave 25 years to this machine that
    ate my pension savings and dang near my home, faster that you can say
    MADE IN CHINA and it still wants more.

  21. On Strike, from your job, ridiculous. No one should be able to strike. Go to work and do your job, if you are not happy with it, get a new one. Most people do not like to go to work but have to. Too many people in this world expect something for free and want everything handed to them, crazy! Walmart is not doing anything different then any other retailer, but all you here about are Walmart employees complaining, all the time…. GET A NEW JOB and quit complaining. You are not the only ones who work on holidays, what about hospitals, hotels, police, firemen, gas station, turnpike workers, I can go on and on. But for some reason it has to be Walmart employees who have to have a spotlight to complain. Be happy you have a job and go to work already!

  22. As a former Walmart employee I can understand what they are going through. We faced may of the same problems at our store while I was working there and it has only gotten worse over the years. Its about time that the employees started to stand up for themselves. Yes we need the job or we wouldn’t be here but that doesn’t give anyone the right to mistreat us. And for those who want to degrade walmart workers you need to realize not everyone can work for themselves or have incredible job opportunities. For some of us Walmart is the best we can do or the only job available in our areas.

  23. Nothing will change, not these corporations and not the government. Corporate Lobbists buying out the officials and paying for campaigns. New Bills practically shitting on the constitution. Presidents and congressmen who do the same. Questionable voting methods and count recording. People not getting their votes in. News companies being Corporate controlled. News controlling the flow and release of certain information. Namebrands and Social Engineering. While the reserve is printing the toilet-paper for everyone to use (will it be enough?). A War we will never win, and never knew the real objective of. With All the agencies and big names constantly getting caught up in these (naw they couldn’t have) shit-stain events and circumstances that leave even more skidmarks on the true meaning of democracy. People just fight over red and blue and dont realize that they both make purple. Sorry but the players already got all their chips, and there isnt anything we can do about it. And its been awhile now everyone has watched them take turns rolling their dice. But it isnt going to be until the end that everyone realizes the dealer will always be a part of the game, and could always know the deck, and can play any hand.

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