Black Thursday Press Statement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, November 08, 2012
Janna Pea, 202-412-5362,


Statement by Mary Pat Tifft regarding Walmart’s opening on Thanksgiving night:

“This Thanksgiving, while millions of families plan to spend quality time with their loved ones, many Walmart workers have been told we will be stocking shelves and preparing for doors to open at 8pm on Thanksgiving night.

My son is coming home from Afghanistan for the holiday, and I would be devastated if I had been scheduled to work. I see the disappointment in the eyes of my co-workers, especially those with young kids, that aren’t going to be able to share the holiday with their families.

This early opening is one more example of Walmart’s disconnect with the workers who keep its stores running and disregard for all of our families.  As the largest employer in the country, Walmart could be setting a standard for businesses to value families, but instead, this is one more Walmart policy that hurts the families of workers at its stores.”


Mary Pat Tifft has worked at Walmart in Kenosha, WI for 24 years and is one of the many workers scheduled to work during the Thanksgiving holiday.  She is one of the founding members of OUR Walmart, the associate-led organization that aims to ensure every Walmart employee is treated with respect, raise employee working standards, and improve customer service at Walmart stores nationwide.

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  1. Black Friday is on the biggest day of the year for most retailers all over the nation. If folks do not want to do this type of work, then they should get into another line of work. I have worked many a holiday including Christmas. Sometimes it just comes with the territory.

    • I’m somewhat surprised, but then again I’m not. After all of this time, I see that two of my all-time favorite losers (floridanativee and billybob44) are still haunting this blog.

      Have they finally finished the ballot counting in Flori-Duh, floridanativee? The only thing worse than being the laughing stock of the whole country is being the irrelevant laughing stock of the whole country. We should just start holding elections beginning in 2014 without Flori-Duh. Think of all the money candidates could save if they didn’t have to campaign there!

      Normally, I’m not one to gloat. But in the case of you and billybob44, I’m willing to make an exception. After viewing the many posts the two of you have put out there… “No-Bama this and No-bama that,” the results of this election were all the more sweeter. I regret that I didn’t save the file I was keeping on some of the more outrageous predictions you two morons posted over the years. The truth is… I simply didn’t care anymore. As you know, this is the first time I’ve checked in on this blog in almost a year.

    • Im sorry you would rather be working, instead of being home for the holidays… In my opinion, its unnecessary to make employees work 17 hours in one day. Id rather be home with my famiy then be working at walmart so someone can get 25 bucks off of a can opener on black friday. Employees want what they deserve thats all, I work very hard and am very underpaid, its hard to try to do better for myself when I dont make enough to get by. People are fighting for what they deserve, which obviously has no impact on you so why are you wasting your time arguing it?

      • Nobody is making you stay there. America has many great jobs going unfilled for those with the training and initiative to do what it takes to get them. Whining never works. Employees do not decide what they are worth. The market decides. If you can only do work that millions of others can do, then you are not worth too much. Get yourself some skills that make you unique in the market place and employers will be searching you out. If you are satisfied with average job skills and a poor work ethic, then you should become satisfied with below average job results. That is what you deserve. You can solve the problem for yourself and your family, nobody else. You are responsible for your own success, not Wal-Mart. Buck up and take some personal responsibility. It will make you special and valuable.


      • Millions of others have done it and so can you. Everybody has their own story and I doubt that yours is worse than everybody else. You don’t need a 4 year degree, there are plenty of thing you can do for very little costs. Number one is a good attitude and a good work ethic. These are free and go a very long way. You need work on both. Look at on line courses.

      • Thanks for being yet another Floridian who seems to have been smoking too much weed — it’s made me laugh!

        But sober up and think for a moment. If someone is working for Walmart, they don’t make enough money to afford a computer and internet access so they can take online classes. If someone is working 16+ hours a day, it’s not likely that they are going to have time and energy to study.

        True, millions of people have worked their way out of poverty in the past but it’s much harder now. Just for starters there used to be affordable education, reasonable employers and a safety net.

        I’d recommend the book “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich to you. It shows how tough life in poverty is nowadays.

        Who knows? Maybe you could learn something! If not, I’ll be here laughing!

      • If somebody is working 16 hours a day 5 days a week at Wal-Mart’s national average salary, then they are making over $60,000/ year. It is actually much easier for folks to work their way out of poverty now than in the past due to the availability of internet education. Several other socialist or whiners have recommended that book. I am too busy for such tripe. You do not need help looking for excuses for failure. I do believe that we agree on the time and energy part. The difference is these same folks are complaining about getting only 30 hours. That leaves a whole lot of hours available to better themselves (for any employer. not just Wal-Mart). I look at any low skilled job as a way point for further success. You talk about an employer safety net. It isn’t supposed to be a hammock for life except for those few non able bodied folks.

      • Myself and alot of others I know are in the process of bettering outselves…but due to low pay have to put a hold on school…I am always looking for better and trying my hardest, and so are alot of people. For my first year there I made $7.90 and hour. Yes noone is making anyone stay, but alot of people have no other choice at the moment. Also its not just about money, walmart is known for treating its employees very poorly. Which need to stop. Its alot easier to preach about it from the outside.

      • Each Wal-Mart store is run by humans and they are the same everywhere. I have had some jerks for bosses and I dealt with it. All successful people have done so. Lots of things you can do without much money. The first thing to do is management of your time. Instead of wasting it, spend it doing the things that will make you a better employee. Check your attitude and work ethic. Being a super star here will yield great rewards. Don’t imitate your peers as they may be satisfied being average. You don’t want your kids to have an average parent. They deserve the best. That is up to you, not your employer.

      • Have you ever worked at walmart? Its well worse then people just being jerks. And my additude and work ethic are just fine. You are preaching more then you are listening.

      • Nope, I have never worked at Wal-Mart, but I do stand by my statement that human nature is the same everywhere. I also know that you haven’t taken some steps to better yourself. If I looked at a resume or CV from you, I wouldn’t call you in for an interview. Look at your sentence structure and your postings. This is easily correctable. Start with the basics. Life isn’t easy. You have to put in the time and the work. There isn’t an easy way. The union isn’t going to be a short cut for you. When you were in school, you didn’t pay attention as many other kids did. You don’t start a sentence with AND. ITS isn’t the right word. You can study up on what you missed and make yourself more valuable to any employer, not just Wal-Mart. You need some preaching and you need to accept it. Don’t your kids deserve you to be the best you can be?

      • Sir,

        I am a CURRENT 2 year Associate working for Walmart. I was a Overnight Instock Team Associate for most of my time at Walmart and now i work as Deli Associate that is the highest Paygrade an Hourly Wage Associate can receive. With that said I was at PG2 on Overnights and when i switched to Deli i went to PG5 according to the computer i got a Promotion in Paygrades but i still lost 30 cents in pay. droping me from $9.50 to $9.20 with 35-38 hours per week which is about $322-$349 per week in wages now an average american can not live on that wage so your telling me that considering i do not like the Unfair Labor Practices and the Proverty Wages Walmart has to offer i am to find a Different Job. What if i was to tell you i LOVE 100% working for Walmart and i don’t mind working Black Friday which is turning into Black Thursday but still i dont mind it. We are not here to destroy Walmart by no means almost 98% of this group fighting for change in the OURWalmart team or the Making Change team love Walmart and love working for them they just are trying to make a Message that what Walmart is doing is demorolizing associates and americans. I personally am not after their money they just need to pay a livable wage approx $13/hour, allow more Full Time, and get better benefits for their Associate.
        “Treat your workers not as employees but as Associates and treat them as partners.”
        “Listen to your Associate they are your best idea generators.”
        -Sam Walton Founder of Walmart

      • National average for all hourly employees. Nowhere does it say that one employee should make enough to support a family of four. The norm in America is two people working per family. Our family did that and most do it. As long as there are so many people as willing to work for lower wages they will not change. The market sets the wages, not the employer. If Wal-Mart paid everybody $13.00 an hour Target would eat them up and they would go under due to having to raise their prices.

      • Yeah and there was a study that said that if every Customer that goes into Walmart just spent $0.47 per trip the company could pay us $14/hour and give more full time. Not only that this company has had record profits EVERY YEAR for how long and they still cut wages and hours and associates and it is rediculious. Basicly it comes down to if Sam Walton was here his foot would be some where up his kids butts for what they are doing to this company. I read his book no where is it near that today. After reading his book i realized how bad his kids are tearing this company apart and if they dont slow down it will crash on its own. We dont want that we want to help them from doing that but their spending millions to stop us and it is dumb we are not asking for much just a Livable Wage and Full Time are the major ones

      • Please link to that study. Sounds like a union misrepresentation to me. If Wal-Mart paid it’s employees $3.00/hour more than Target and the others, they would have to raise their prices and would go under. This is just simple economics 101. Wal-Mart pays about the same as Target, Sear, K Mart, Home Depot and the other retailers. Sam Walton did the same. This isn’t about the employees, it is all about the millions of dollars in dues the union bosses are losing. The employees are just being played for fools by the unions, the bleeding heart liberals, and the Hollywood elite. Unfortunately they will all be employed after Black Friday and a lot of good Wal-Mart people will be unemployed. Very sad. Which one of these categories are you in? Probably not the Hollywood elite.

      • I hardly know where to start with your comments which are typical of a certain type of person with little ability to understand other people’s circumstances. Let’s suppose that you and your spouse with 2 kids to support are working full time at low wage jobs which combine do not meet expenses and you have no benefits in case of illness or accident. Explain where you are going to find both the time and the money to get job training for a higher paid job? And let’s suppose you and a lot of others like you miraculously manage this feat, filling all these better jobs. What about the next bunch of workers coming along? What are their options? And of course SOMEBODY has to work in retail. Where’s the rule that says just because you work in retail you have to scrape by barely making it with few benefits, always on the brink of disaster? What crime did these people commit that makes them deserve such miserable lives? As to Walmart not being competitive if they paid their workers more money, how about (gasp!) reducing their profit! Ask yourself who needs all that money? It’s an illness to want to hoard so much. And a sin, if you really believe the gospel. Don’t know what your faith is, but you might go read about how hard it is for the rich to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Even if you have no faith, consider that the Walton’s profit has been made on the backs of taxpayers who have to subsidize underpaid Walmart workers. This corporate welfare, taking from the poor to give to the rich. Only a heartless person could hold such a view.

      • People should not have children they can not afford to raise them properly. They also sacrificed their ability to educate themselves and get beyond a low skilled job. This also hurts their kids in the long run. Sound heartless. It has worked this way for thousands of years. Why should others be forced to pay for others kids they can’t support. Wal-Mart works on a very small profit margin. One of the smallest in the industry. Sam Walton’s success came from stressing efficiencies. low margins, and gauging customer trends. Their wages are similar to their competition. This has always been the case. Look up the difference between profit and profit margin. You have been listening to the libs too long. Nothing wrong with profit. Without it there would be no jobs. Apple has a profit margin about 6 times Wal-Mart and makes 100% of it’s products in China, Are you protesting against them? Why?

        I think people are responsible for themselves and you think others like employers and government are responsible for their mistakes. We each think the other is wrong. Ever notice the signs in the national parks not to feed the bears as it make them dependent and unable to feed themselves later on. We do a lot of harm by making folks dependent on handouts rather than doing what is necessary to manage their own lives.

      • its not a protest you douche its a strike and to answer your question yes in china the company building apples products is staging strikes. i believe they are called foxcom look it up. and every american employee has the right to organize a union some attempts are sucessful some are not but they still have the right to try.

      • Wal-Mart employees have the right to form unions and even though the unions have spent millions and millions on trying to do so, they have been unsuccessful in America. The one union they had in Canada decertified itself after one year. Your protest is not a strike. It is a minority of disgruntled employees who are staging a walkout. There are federal rules for strikes and this doesn’t meet them. Some union agitators are going to be getting some Wal-Mar employees fired and then they will move on to agitate somebody else. They get paid for agitating. My question about Apple was not about the Chinese employees, but about the American liberals who love and use their products while hating Wal-Mart. The only reason for this is union agitation. They don’t actually care about the Wal-Mart employee. They are just pawns.

      • Your argument is still assuming that everyone has equal opportunities and choices when it comes to how they spend their time and money, and what they’ve been exposed to in terms of education. Since this is a theme coming up a lot lately– Do you really believe that anyone can simply “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”? And do you think there are any barriers that may hinder this movement? –I guess what I am trying to get at is, does class play an issue, or does it not have an impact on success?

        Also, does this mean that only wealthy people should be allowed to have children? How might this assume that people who do not have the same wealth as others are not socially responsible? Do you think that we as human beings are 100% in control of everything that happens to us in life?

        Moreover, how might we go about quantifying “hard work”?

      • Good at making excuses. Put that energy into being successful. Millions have already overcome adversity including me. It takes desire and incentive. It isn’t simple as you suggest. Barriers can be overcome. I don’t believe in class. It is self imposed and easily overcome. People should not expand their family until they can afford to. Not only is it unfair to the children, but having children early is a great excuse to stop your education and self improvement, You seem to have proven that in your post. Wealth and success are not measured with money. Thinking that we are not in control seems to be a common excuse.We make things happen. Amazing how lucky hard workers are,

      • You say that “wealth and success are not measured with money” but then what is your definition of success, as clearly you think I am not putting my energy in the right direction. I am not trying to deny that people have indeed overcome adversity, I am simply questioning whether that argument should be the basis of our assumptions that that is something that people need to do on their own without a system to support them.

        I am really intrigued by your declaration that class does not exist–how is it self-imposed? Can you perhaps extrapolate a little further on this?

        I agree that it might be unfair to their children, but what I was trying to get it at is that life is unpredictable and somethings cannot be fully controlled.

        How do you define self-improvement? So would you say that everyone has exactly the same and equal opportunity to receive the education that they so desire? Have you considered that your definition of self-betterment may not represent someone else’s definition?

        So many children do you think I have?

        I do think that we are in control, in control of denying that we are in a system, which shields our individual concern that we should help anyone else. And again, you are not answering my question regarding quantifying hard work– what is your definition of “hard working”?

        Do my questions pose as excuses? For what and for whom?

      • We each define our own success and happiness, Sorry, you didn’t understand that. Relying on “the system” usually leads to failure. We are a land of equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. We make our our own out comes. Anybody can rise above their station and if they don’t, it isn’t because they were in what you would call a low class, but because they were not willing to do what was necessary to get to where they wished. Giving them an excuse doesn’t help them, it harms them. Adversity makes people stronger, Everybody can improve themselves, it is harder for some, but it is available to all. Don’t care how many kids you have. Having children is a magical thing and it is very controllable in this day and time. If you are not sure of the definition of hard work, them I can’t explain it to you. Not accepting failure would be a good start. Forget the 40 hour week, Forget the wide screen TV, forget American Idol. Do what is necessary to obtain what you call success. Leave the losers alone and become a winner.

      • I have my own definitions of things, I was asking what yours were. So are losers those that do not choose the same lifestyle that you value?

        Why does relying on the system usually lead to failure? I think it is very interesting that you note that we are a land of equal opportunity, but not equal outcomes, which truly supports your suggestion that everything is, on the individual, and in our control. By placing system in quotations, are you saying that the system is not real?

        I don’t actually have any kids, I was just seeing what other assumptions you would make about me, but thank you for withholding.

        Why are we forgetting the 40 hour week? So is the 60 hour week better or worse? Should we continue to be commodities to the state? I actually cannot say that idolize any Americans.

        I am curious to see what your response to the follow quotation will be:

        “For several centuries, capitalism has
        provided the economic context for privilege and oppression. As such, it
        has been and continues to be a powerful force, especially in relation
        to class, gender, and race. Its effects are both direct and indirect.
        Historically, it was the engine that drove the development of modern
        racism. In a less direct way, it creates conditions of scarcity that
        set the stage for competition, fear, and antagonism directed across
        differences of race, ethnicity, and gender, experience of privilege and
        the lack of it.”

        Is this true, false?

      • Loser are folks who don’t work hard and complain that they are not successful. Disagree? Everything is dependent upon the individual. The system is real and is mainly there to take money from achievers and give it to non achievers. People who are interested in working only 40 hours are generally only going to be average. I include bettering their job skills in this. I have worked a whole lots more my whole life and it yields results. If you are only going to do the average, then you must accept average success. Stop doing what it takes to become average and then being jealous of the above average. You make your own outcomes. I do not know or care if that quotation is true or false or some of either.

      • I am still forming my opinion on a lot of things, so my world is still very much gray. I would, however, not be too quick to classify anyone as a loser or a winner, I do think it is hard to listen to people complain about their circumstances, but it is easy for us to judge how they might improve their lives because we are not living in their situation. Do you think its fair to demand people work more than 40-50 hours a week to earn a fair living? Does this not make them slaves to their profession, with little room to advance other personal and professional qualities? Not everyone can become a doctor, we need all forms of labor to continue to function as a society. What if where they work does not provide the opportunity to be trained in more advanced skills, and with the rates of people attending college going up, entry-level qualifications are becoming unobtainable for those without this form of education.

        I used to believe that you control your own outcomes but I’ve become greatly disillusioned over the years.

      • People classify themselves, not me. If you are still forming your opinions, you would do yourself a favor and stop reading the socialist material. I think that if people want to be average, they should work 40 to 50 hours a week and be happy being average. Complaining about not having the success of those who work hard and work smart is their problem. You success depends on yourself. The problem is when the people who don’t do what it takes go be successful whine about those that do. Work does not necessarily cause people to gain additional skills, It is up to the employee. The employee exchanges hours for dollars. They can better their skills on their own time. We are all paid on our skills, not on our desires. College does not guarantee success. Hard work and success do. Sounds like your outcomes have been unsatisfactory. Not my fault, but your fault. Roll up your sleeves and try harder.

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions and posts. I really appreciate the insights that you have presented here, they have proven quite valuable for this assignment I am currently working on.

      • I understand your frustration. I am a 5 year walmart associate and walmart hasn, ‘t been fair to me either. was a overnight deli associate and when my job was phased out through no fault of mine the company took $.40 cents from me that i got through a yearly raise not from the job code pay grade. How is that fair? Been fighting 2 years for my money back and not getting anywhere

      • I do for almost 30 years and if they are as abusive as you claim, I can tell you I wouldn’t have lasted this long. Yes there are bad apples in every business and I know FOR a fact… The bad ones ARE let go. You just have to have your “ducks in a row” and deal with it the correct and legal way.

      • Wow! Andrew Reed can spell a word. You truly are as dumb as you look. Fat and lazy – just go on disability (mentally ill/fat) and cruise the web for porn all day, like you already do. Asshole.

      • PLEASE…… This is the USA you DO HAVE A CHOICE… No excuses to be spoken…. JUST grow some balls and do it!! It is your choice… Choice to make yourself happy????? Of course there are many people that make the CHOICE to do nothing. I’ve never worked 17 hrs a day. If so my yrly wage would be higher formally the overtime!! That is something that this company and a lot of others don’t like to pay overtime so its hard to believe someone is working those hours day after day. Lots of people just love to embellish poor me!

      • nobody is forcing you to work there….. Quit and find a job that you can be happy with. Only you can make that choice. Go work for Burger King or Mc I bet you would love it there!!!!

      • Riley, first off I would like to make it clear, since you obviously did not understand, the 17 hour shift is for thursday, I normally work 7-8 hour days. I am well aware of my choices, I am currently working on doing as much as I can at the moment to better myself and my life. I also appriciate your “attept” at a jab at me. Im sure you are quite proud of yourself for that one. Good job , you won the internet. There’s alot I want to say but I’d rather not waste my time defending doing what I think is right, since you and a few others will obviously not understand anything myself or others will have to say. Most likely you work at burger king yourself.

      • Employees work by the hour and get their rewards by working additional hours. Stockholders who put their money at risk are the ones who reap the rewards if any. One only has to look at the history of the stock to see that rewards are not always reaped for their risk taking. This is the way it works. Employees don’t own the company.

    • People in many communities have no choice about where to work or what type of work to do, especially after Walmart drives local businesses out of business. Please realize that your experiences don’t translate to everyone — or even a majority of people.

      • Wal-Mart doesn’t drive anybody out of business. They come in and offer a better value and the consumers decide where to buy. Many businesses thrive in competition to Wal-Mart by doing things they do better than Wal-Mart. A great example is Ace Hardware an individually owned small business. People should have a choice of what to buy, the selection, and the price. People also have the opportunity to move to where they can make a living. Many people have left the old rust belt as the business was destroyed and moved to where there was work. It is unreasonable to expect consumers to pay much more for their goods so some inefficient older businesses will survive. The efficient will survive and thrive with Wal-Mart. Do not penalize the poor.

      • Again, I am concerned that there is a universal idea that everyone can afford to just pick up and move whenever things get tough. Furthermore, your penultimate sentence is practically Darwinian… but then I am confused with your last sentence, where you state “do not penalize the poor” –this seems intrinsically contradictory to all of your previous comments as everything you stated would very well “penalize the poor” –>so what is it? Should only the “efficient” survive, or anyone?

      • Everyone always has the CHOICE to move to the where the jobs are located. If they chose not to, they must suffer the results of their choices and should not try to blame it on others. I have done it and it worked out well. People like you who want the inefficient small operations to be the only place to shop penalize the poor. You are the ones who penalize the poor, not Wal-Mart. You want the poor Mother to pay 50% more for a gallon of milk from the Indian store owner, than regular price a Wal-Mart, because you buy into the class warfare of the left against the free market and the Waltons. Somehow this makes you feel better. Screw the poor so the liberal can feel good. And you complain about me. Amazing.

      • The assumptions you are making are also amazing. But I digress.

        I do agree that our system is built on choices, but at the heart of it, who has the ability to make those choices? I also agree that we should be socially responsible and accountable for our actions and choices, thereby if I choose to murder someone, I will promptly bring myself to jail. However, does this not suggest that the police officer is equally responsible and accountable for protecting those that might be murdered by me in the future? Is the court too responsible for bringing me to justice? Are witnesses also responsible for reporting me?

        While I understand that Walmart does provide goods at a relatively cheap price comparably, I do not think that our life goal should be the purchase of cheap products. I think this highlights what Rebecca Solnit was suggesting, in her article “Silence of the Lambswool Cardigan” whereby we no longer know where our products come from, and choose not to care. These conversations are evidence that we are both only looking at the side we want to see, rather than the full picture, or what maybe be remarkably constructed outside ourselves.

        I am also excited to note that you do think class exists.

        Trust, this conversation does not make me feel better in the least.

      • The individual. I am not into the social justice stuff. I do not bother with San Fransisco liberal wackos or their writings. Stick with the real world. I always look at the full picture and not at the leftist make believe. Class does exist and is self imposed. People move in and out of classes all the time. You can go up or go down depending on your own actions. Go take a break and have a Twinkle.

      • So would you say that we are not born into class? Is class just defined by monetary value, or also material wealth, such as culture capital?

        What are your thoughts regarding welfare and food stamps? Do you think these sort of social safety nets should be in place to place a floor on the downward mobility between classes?

        When you say real world, what do you exactly mean? Or how might my reflections be out of touch with reality?

      • We can be born into broad classes, but chose staying in it or going up or down. I never have or would take welfare. I have helped out a very large number of people in my life and enjoy doing so. Able people should not be on welfare, What you call welfare has become a trap for millions of people destroying the family unit and work ethic. Obama doing away with the work requirement teaches young people not to work and to rely on the system. It makes takers rather than maker (in general).

      • Do you think then, that we shouldn’t plan for the unpredictable? –As in, would we be a stronger country without welfare (and thus taking from the achiever and giving to the nonachiever)? When you say Able people, do you mean those who are not mentally or physically disabled, or the elderly–that these are only the individual who should be on welfare if needed?

        How has welfare become a trap? Are you referring to the notion of dependency theory, whereby people who start to use welfare become dependent on those providing it, thus creating a cycle where economic expansion requires maintaining a system where other people do not gain economically and are unable to live sustainably, forever destined to need support from those succeeding?

        Can you explain further how this destroys the work ethic? Do you think financial success could also teach young people not to work, as they are used to having everything handed to them? I am just really intrigued.

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  3. I have to agree with floridanative. Some of the demands are somewhat over the top. I am a college educated woman who works in the medical field and I don’t get a lot of what the wal mart employes are expecting. In my opinion your expectations are to be paid a wage and receive the perks of a person who put in the time and the effort to earn a college degree. More even. I work every other thanksgiving and Christmas. I do not get 30 days a year excused time off. If you are not happy with your situation then it is up to you to change it.

      • We are not entitles to them in your both eyes ok then listen up
        I scored a 112 on my ASVAB for the US Military the national average is 31
        not only that i have been accepted to Yale, NTI, and USC for classes
        So a little on my education and knowledge

        But you sit there 4 nights a week at $9.50/hour pulling 2000+lbs pallets around the building and then on top of the expected to get 8 pallets of freight worked in 3 hours and then on top of that deal with customers. While having managers yelling at you that your not what is taking forever. getting coached for crap you didn’t even do or even say
        Be called a dumbass in front of other associates and customers i could go on but until you work for Walmart you have NO room to talk to understand what us Associates do day in and day out to keep that place running and earn or paycheck which is averaged at $300-$600 every 2 weeks

      • Pretty poor grammar for a guy with such great credentials. Attitude and work ethic will go a long way for you.

    • I am a nurse and often work holidays. But I also make over $30 an hour. And I get health benefits and hundreds of hours of paid time off. As a single parent, I’m not really rolling in dough, so I can’t imagine how it must be for a person making $9 an hour with as many or more expenses and no benefits. I just can’t see how the math would work out. As to having worked hard, well guess what, a lot of people work hard, and most of them get very little for it. I have first hand experience with the many hard working and important members of our healthcare team who are LNA’s and don’t get paid anywhere near what I do. I know how hard they work. College educated? Have you checked out how much it costs to go to college? My parents were well off and back in the ’70′s it was a lot cheaper. I’ve been just plain lucky but lady luck hasn’t smiled on all of us so much. I don’t think anyone should suffer because of the circumstances they were born into. And not everybody is born with the same skills and abilities but that shouldn’t condemn them to a life of misery. There are many jobs in society for decent hard-working people that aren’t exactly rocket science but we all depend on them and they deserve to be rewarded with a livable wage.

  4. I do not shop at WALMART if at all possible–I had to go to the vision ctr there to pick up my daughter wanted to pick up a few things so we did…the coffee we bought was really awful so i went to the 24 hr walmart at ten pm..which is like 12 miles from the be told customer service was CLOSED and i could not exchange my bag of coffee for our usual brand!! I said OH I SEE YOU CAN still TAKE OUR MONEY at the register but CANT MAKE A SIMPLE EXCHANGE??? FUK THAT! I told her I KNEW i was making a mistake to buy crap in this corporate greed shithole!!!

      • Tom, first of all, get some psychiatric help for your obvious anger issues. Second, stop making assumptions about people of whom you know nothing. . Third, realize that telling complete strangers to kill themselves makes you look like an insane moron.

  5. I understand that times are tough right now and I commend anybody who is taking the steps needed to make a better life for themselves and their families. I do not shop at Walmart because I agree that they run a dirty business and treat their employees unfairly. My point was, the demands that I have seen that Walmart employees are expecting are unreasonable. Correct me if I am wrong, but the demands that I have read on this site are to name only a few: $16 an hour for any employee who has been with the company for 5 years, $29 top out pay, 30 days a year excused sick/personal days, and not have to work thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. If I am wrong I am going to apologize in advance. I have a college degree and a career and I don’t get some of those things. I honestly do know how hard it is to try and go to school and support your family at the same time and I also know that at times it feels like you can’t do it. I worked as a waitress for 15 years and I struggled for a very long time trying to raise kids on a servers income. When I decided I was going to leave my husband of 15 years I knew that I couldn’t support 4 kids on my income alone. I went to college as a single mother of 4 kids and it was the hardest thing I had ever done. I went to school full time (more than full time actually, I took between 19-21 hours per semester). I did a lot of my core classes online so I could continue to work and be home with my kids. When I started doing 12 hour clinicls for school I could no longer work. I had to depend on student loans to pay my bills. I worked harder than I had ever worked in my life for this degree. I survived on an average of 3 hours of sleep a night but it was worth it in the end. I earned a 4 year degree in a little over 2 years. I was able to do this because I knew that I had no other choice. It was up to me to support my family. It takes a lot of hard work to get where you want to be in life. Walmart needs to treat their employees fairly but it is not their responsibility to provide their elployees with the wages and benifits of a job that requires a college education. Only hard work will provide you with that. Working holidays comes with the territory in retail. That just is what it is. It also comes with the territory working in the medical field. I chose to work in the medical field so it would be unrealistic for me to expect to have holidays off. You can choose your own path in life, it just depends on how hard you want to work for it.

    • So your message is I’m really great and everybody who isn’t as wonderful as I am should just suffer? Livable wage here in Vermont for a single person IS $16/hr. Almost nobody gets paid what they should to support themselves. That’s why we have so much poverty and it’s getting worse all the time. And the problem? Businesses who put profits ahead of people. If you, like me, are getting paid enough to get by on, why begrudge it to others? It’s great you are such a wonderful person, but it looks like you can only measure your self-esteem based on the fact that you make more money and can’t stand the thought of someone less “worthy” making a decent wage.

      • Hate to break it to you but without profit there is no business and therefore, no job. Why is that so hard to understand?

    • demands are what you start with then the company mans up sits down with the leadership and comprimises. the issue is in that fact walmart will not take these people seriously and negotiate

      • There is a legal process for doing this. Wal-Mart is following it and if the union does so, then they will follow the law. The unions have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to get the required 50% and failed miserably. The company would be stupid to sit down with a fringe element.

      • MORON ALERT! ^ When it comes to “fringe elements,” floridanativee, you and billybob have no equals!

  6. Hello, all-I am not a Walmart employee, but I am a regular customer. I am also someone who works. I don’t make the best wages, either. And I am heartbroken at where you stand with Walmart (and evidently other retailers as well) and that certain traditions in this country are being all but erased in the name of profit. Thanksgiving is a national holiday-and a tradition in this country for centuries-and a time for all family to unite from wherever they may be coming from (especially military) and also to indeed be thankful for the things we have worked for. This situation is unacceptable, especially with Walmart’s apparent lack of respect and support (financially and otherwise) for its employees.
    Could someone please let me know when a walkout on Black Friday will start at our local stores? I would like very much, please, to show up as A CUSTOMER to voice this opinion as much as I can. (Respectfully-non violent person here! NO worries.) Our family’s position this year is this, by the way-we are not shopping at Walmart for Christmas this year. We will be shopping online at other retailers, or in person.
    Maybe cutting into their profit margin-which has a very LOUD voice-might wake them up a little. I’m hoping I could start my own protest here.
    I’ll be checking back to see what your opinions are…but no matter what, I support you all…and I am so sorry this is happening to you.
    It is wrong.
    Thank you for reading…Heidi Coppin, Auburn, Washington

  7. I don’t care how low the prices are, I’m boycotting Walmart this holiday season. Choosing to open on Thanksgiving, which requires their employees to miss this family holiday, is reprehensible. I’ll take my business elsewhere this year, and am encouraging my friends to do the same. The only way Walmart will listen is if it affects their bottom line.

  8. I work at Walmart in North schedule on Wednesday and Thursday is as follows: 10pm Wednesday night til 7am Thursday, then come back and work 5pm Thursday evening until 7am Friday morning…Our schedule was changed yesterday to this..something needs to be done!

  9. here’s the bottom line: No one in this country cares about anyone anymore. It’s a me me me society. It’s a shame. If WE really cared, We would not shop at WalMart, or any retailer for that matter, that decided to open on Thanksgiving day. I’m a retail manager and our company is not going to be open until 7AM the day after Thanksgiving. This is as it should be. I understand I’m a retail employee and days off are precious, but the owners of my small company understand family time is important, so we are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, and we close early on the 4th of July. Sadly, that is unusual in today’s me me me society. I, for one, will not shop at these mega retailers that choose to open on Thanksgiving day, nor will I shop at these mega retailers that open before 6AM. It’s ridiculous to take away from your employees happiness. It’s counter-intuitive that it could be good for business to make your employees unhappy. At some point, and this year may be that point, it’s got to be counter productive and hence, unprofitable. Let’s hope so anyway. It’s at the point of ridiculous. Besides, it’s actually easier and less stressful to shop online.

  10. That’s why they are the richest company…When you go to buy the cheapest price at the big box stores, be aware this savings is on the backs of substandard wages, the consumer without a conscience is everwher…very sad. I only recently bought an emrgency item at a walmart, and it took a long time to find a knowledgable person, and get served…I didn’t blame them…that is clearly a management issue…For Shame Walmart…what is this 1915? before organized wages, health & safety?…fair wage for a fair days work…..sweat shops ? America the Beautiful has become America the greedy…..look into your heart America!!!!

  11. I find Wal-Mart is no different than any other employer. There are good and bad bosses where ever you go/work. I have worked for Wal-Mart for almost 30 years. Actually this is my 30th holiday season to work. I must say that most of my time, I have been treated with respect. I can also say that any of the members of management that I have worked with (since 1983) that did not treat me with respect, no longer works for this company. As of fair wage…. Please people…. You are told up front what they pay and in all my years I have NEVER heard a gun being put to their heads to force them to work for Wal-Mart OR to stay working for Wal-Mart. I feel over all we have good benefits. Everyone’s insurance rates are going up. With Wal-Mart you have the OPTION of what plan you want to enroll in. Mine is a $5,000 deductable and I pay less than $26 per pay period. I selected this plan because I never meet the deductable. I HAVE the choice and I MADE the choice on that plan. I also want to share 2 other positive things that this company has done for me in the past. First in 1984, after being with the company for ONLY 4 MONTHS, I had a house fire. This “awful” company gave me a check for $1,500 to help me and my family with essentials. 2 thing that this company did for me: my husband was found to have cancer. Anyone that has dealt with knows that it is a non-stop nightmare. I received a check from Wal-Mart for almost $2,000 to help with bills. I received a very touching letter with this check saying that they also paid the income tax on this money so I would not be burdened with that also! They also provided me with my own person to call if I had any insurance issues. I had this persons direct phone number. WOW…. What an awful company to work for…. I think not! Incase anyone wonders, I am an hourly associate an I am proud to work for this company an I have actually have worked in 6 stores.

  12. Why is everyone in such an uproar about thanksgiving and not Xmas eve? Aren’t they open stupid hrs that day too? As someone who works in one of two restaurantsin my town that are open all of Thanksgiving I offer this…we make approx. $10k that day in Togo orders alone. So yes, I can say I wish I was off, but unless people magically start eating at home, it’s not gonna happen.

  13. I support the Wal Mart workers for going on strike! I can assure you, if Sam Walton was still alive, this would not be happening. Wal Mart has turned into a money hungry cooperation, not what Sam Walton intended! Guess that’s what you get when your children take over and it’s all about the money instead of the customer and workers! I bet Mr. Walton is turning over in his grave! Good luck to the workers! You deserve some of that 16 billion in profit. I have a great idea…..let the head people come down and work the stores on holidays!!!!! If you work for Wal Mart you should know how to run the register too!!!! BEST OF LUCK HOPE YOU GET MORE MONEY AND BETTER BENEFITS…YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

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