Support Walmart Workers on Black Friday

October was a banner month for Walmart workers nationwide.  Each week saw more Walmart workers speaking up and going on strike, to protest Walmart’s attempts to silence workers and retaliate against them. The strikes culminated in an announcement at Walmart’s Arkansas headquarters that if the retaliation does not cease, workers will make Black Friday a “memorable” day for the company.

To make Black Friday a success, Walmart workers need the support of community members like you. Our website now features a number of ways to get involved and support Walmart strikers on Black Friday.

1) Take the Black Friday Pledge to say that you will stand with workers on the busiest shopping day of the year. On the Corporate Action Network website we are starting to gather locations for actions and events supporting Walmart strikers, as well as materials. Enter your city or zip code to see if we have something scheduled near you or adopt your own store.

2) If you want to help in another way, why not sponsor a striker? The brave act of going out on strike also comes with an economic cost. By making a donation, you can help to ensure that Walmart strikers receive a $50 grocery gift card.

3) Use our Share for Respect Facebook app to tell your Walmart worker friends about what’s going on!

4) Join the conversation on how to change Walmart by contributing art and ideas to our Tumblr.

5) Connect with workers and other community supporters on our Official Black Friday Walmart Strike Facebook page and like the Making Change at Walmart Facebook page.

6) On Twitter, use the hashtag #walmartstrikers and follow Making Change at Walmart.

Below is the official call to action from Walmart workers with the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart). We hope to see you on Black Friday!

OUR Walmart Workers Call to Community – 
Across the country, Walmart employs 1.4 million people. We are not just the Associates that you see in stores, we are moms and dads, sons and daughters, husbands and wives working hard to support our families.

We have been speaking out for good jobs with decent pay, regular hours, affordable healthcare and respect, but instead of working with us to make changes, Walmart has attempted to silence us and has retaliated against us for speaking out. Our jobs have been threatened, our hours cut, our schedules changed. Some of us have even been fired.

We will not be silenced. Throughout the holiday season, including Black Friday, we will be standing up for an end to the retaliation against workers who speak out for what’s right for our families, our communities and our country, and we hope that you will stand with us. It is not an easy decision, but without an end to the retaliation, Walmart workers across the country will be walking off the job in protest, and we hope you will join us in creative, non-violent action in solidarity with our strike. We ask that supporters take action that spreads the word about our strikes and demonstrates to Walmart a wave of support for workers who are speaking out.

Together, we are calling on Walmart to end the retaliation against hard-working employees who are courageously speaking out for better pay, fair schedules and more hours, affordable health care and respect.

We will not be silenced until we see real change at Walmart.

OUR Walmart Workers

302 thoughts on “Support Walmart Workers on Black Friday

  1. I use to work over at San Fernando Ca Sam’s Club 6625 from 08/20/1991 to 08/28/2002 now I do work Part Time Job at Vallarta Supermarkets in Palmdale Ca as a Courtesy Clerk and make $8.25 an Hour Business move very slow at Vallarta Supermarkets in Palmdale Ca because Customer is Shopping at East and West Palmdale Ca Walmart Supercenter for Low Price. on Block Friday Vallarta Supermarkets Business in Palmdale Ca were I work will be slow on Block Friday because Customer will Shop at Walmart Supercenter on Block Friday location at 37140 47 Th Street East Palmdale Ca 93550

    Thank You Very Much From Tom P Noonan


    Concerted Activity NOTICE

    Walmart, in our opinion, intentionally under-pays its workers so they cant afford to strike for extended periods of time. So, for this one day “Black Friday” we have the chance for our voice to be heard.

    What we as hourly employees must demand from Wal-Mart is RESPECT.

    Respect by understanding that they CANT work us like slaves using the “Task Management system” which is designed to get unrealistic amounts of work in an unrealistic time frame. We must force them to understand that they can not and will not use insulting, patronizing rhetoric and lies to cajole and guilt us into trying to meet objectives that were created for the only purpose of saving Walmart money on payroll. The “Task Management system” creates a record which doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual work we are doing but still may be used against us for coaching and evaluations. That’s called falsifying records! We are not slaves, and we are not to stupid or ignorant to not understand what is truly going on here.

    1. We demand that the “Task Management system” stop being implemented.

    2. We demand that the maximum pay be raised to and keep pace with four times the minimum wage which is currently $7.25. We demand $29.00 an hour as the “top out” pay.

    3. We demand a cost of living adjustment to a minimum pay rate of $16.00 an hour for any employee who has been with the company for 5 years or longer.

    4. We demand 30 excused absences in the calendar year in which we may use available sick or personal time to get paid.


    By not showing up on “Blitz” also known as Black Friday UNLESS our demands are met, we by standing together, will FORCE Wall-Mart to understand and appreciate their hourly employs, and we will FORCE them to use fair and balanced workplace ethics and tactics. We will FORCE Walmart to pay a living wage and not a insulting minimum wage. If we don’t see the improvements we demand with this concerted activity, other one day Concerted Actions might be organized around key dates such as but not limited to, within the last 2 days leading up to Christmas and other holidays, and within the last 2 days before inventory.

    Signature __________________________________________________________________

    Signature __________________________________________________________________

      • What’s so unbelievable about it? I am not nor have ever been a Walmart employee, but I know are horrible to their employees so that people like you can save 10 cents on some cheap shit from China. Walmart forces workers to stay as part time employees so they don’t have to pay for benefits. Try living on minimum wage and no benefits in America. Get your head out of your ass, floridanativee.

      • The new ObamaCare laws are going to make part time (now 30 hours) a way of life for nearly all unskilled workers. Try to keep up. It is up to you to develop your own job skills and your attractiveness to any employer. If you are only smart enough to stock shelves at Wal-Mart, the you are going to get paid accordingly. Your worth is based on how easy you are to replace. Your lack of success is your fault, not your employer. There is no such thing as a free lunch. As soon as you realize, your family will be better off. Whining will get you nowhere.

      • Yep…another FoxNews viewer…the most uninformed people in the United States. No sense in trying to have a discussion.

      • So there are an unlimited number of positions for everyone? All we have to do is want it bad enough and we too can have well paying jobs? You know how ludicrous that is? There are only so many management positions out there. Not everyone can have a nice paying job, even if they have a college degree and are willing to cut their boss’s yard. When you have 100 other people in the same boat, some aren’t going to make it. So I guess you think we should just dump them in the ocean right?

        Honestly, you sound like some stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have to deal with reality beyond her suburban neighborhood.

      • You are really good at making excuses for your own failure. Why not trying to put that energy into making yourself a more valuable employee? There will always be good jobs for those willing to be great employees. Conversely, there will also always be places for the average and the below average folks like yourself. You don’t have to accept your position in life as you have the means to be anything you are willing to work for.

      • Then Walmart and other minimum wage employers will cut hours to less than 30hrs per week to get out of it. BTW, I had this happen to me when I worked a minimum wage job and regulations meant I would start getting medical. Manager cut my hours to one less than the requirement. Boy are you clueless.

      • Yes, but it won’t be just minimum wage jobs, it will be many more jobs. When the government inserts itself into the market, bad things happen. Too bad so many people are going to be hurt by this. The standard was 40 hour for decades and Obama has now reduced workers hours.

      • good get a different job than….black friday strikers will probably be fired, and should be if they don’t show up….and the only thing I like about walmart is they have kept the unions out

      • These poor saps being worked up by the union bosses to get themselves fired. The union bosses will be employed after Black Friday and the strikers will not be able to feed their families. Not a good trade.

      • Everybody has a choice. Some chose to ignore them and some chose to take them. Guess which ones are more successful and happier. You live with your own choices.

    • Your an idiot!! Why the hell would they pay anyone more than $15 an hour, EVER. It’s retail labor. No one should try to make an HOURLY career out of Walmart, and with the money you say “WE” demand you could easily live off of Walmart. Walmart is where you go to work when you’ve hit rock bottom, or are just out of school or even still in school. Not a career as an hourly associate. I’ve worked at Walmart for 2 years now, I’m 19. This shouldn’t be a permanent job, and if it is in mot cases it’s the persons own fault at some time or another where they messed up they’re life and can’t get a real job.

      • I don’t work at walmart, but let me help you understand… In many areas, there aren’t places where one could work and have a life long career. Most manufacturing facilities have moved off shore in order to have more money to purchase shelf spaces at big box retailers… Like Walmart.

        Why come down on somebody for trying to hold their employer accountable for their actions. At least they’re still trying to maintain employment… One could make an income similar to the one they earn at walmart by simply staying at home collecting a gov’t check.

        But hey, since were in the business of Judging everyone, That little red line that shows up under the words you type means you’ve spelled it wrong. You’re gonna need that skill if you don’t wanna make it 3 years in a row at walmart.

        And It’s “You’re an idiot. Not “Your an idiot”.
        Good luck out there Josiah. You have a lot of growing up to do.

      • Wow.. with such a fantastic command of the English language, you should
        become a teacher! People come to this country with a dollar in their pocket and dig themselves out of the dirt and become someone. Others are losers who feel like everyone owes them something. People lose everything and earn it all back.. and others simply are not able to ever “get it” in the first place.. and its every successful person or corporation’s job to start handing stuff out.. what a ridiculous thought. If you guys all screw Walmart… where ya gonna shop??? Oh, and YES, I know “gonna” isnt really a word.

      • Really Josiah? You haven’t got a clue. Either young and inexperienced or just not paying attention. Really?

      • Think about what you are saying. No permanent workers means Walmart is losing valuable skilled and knowledgeable employees. At the same time, Walmart likes to pretend that they offer long term career opportunities. They like to say that you can work your way up. When you are young you might actually believe that if you stay there 10 years, you might get the opportunity to manager your own store. That is what Walmart wants.

        I am glad you see through Walmart’s bull crap but please understand that they are deliberately trying to trick others.

      • In America, we all have a choice and we are a product of our own decisions. Losers blame others, winners overcome adversity.

      • Before giant stores like walmart forced all the small shops out, it was common for people to get full benefits, a real living wage, and feel like part of a real organization – working with and for their neighbors, essentially.

        This is because there used to be common sense labor laws in USA, like there are in ALL OTHER western countries.

        Please. You really do need to understand the reality of the situation: since 1983, the “bottom 80%” of americans have lost 60% of their income – from 8.7% a year to less than 4% a year…. According to .gov numbers.

        How can the “lower 80%” loose 60% of their income and not realize it is because we have also, since around 1980, lost 80% of our unionized work force.

  3. Offering a $50 gift card to employees to go on strike doesn’t sound cool to me. Also, $16 an hour for 5 years of service? You either do a job worth that kind of money or deal with the fact you don’t. You shouldn’t get raises simply because you simply show up each day.

    • Wal-Mart offers many options for employee self improvement, Community Colleges are pretty much universally available. Wal-Mart isn’t your Daddy and it is up to you to get the necessary skills to better yourself and go up the ladder there or use it as a stepping off point to other employers.

      • You’re missing the point. There will always be jobs that are just menial labor, someone has to do them. Why should they not receive a living wage to do so?

      • What is a living wage? Workers are paid what they are worth to the employer and no more. When wages are artificially increased, then the employer doesn’t hire them. Wal-Mart averages $11.85/hour or about $24,000/year. With two people working in a family, that is $48,000/year. Nowhere does it say that one person doing a menial labor job should be able to support a family of 4. Two people working is the standard. When workers are paid more than they are worth, then the prices of the good has to go up to compensate and they have to pay more. Our system which has proven the greatest in the history of the world works this way and it is up to the individual to improve themselves. If they are satisfied with the crumbs of life, that is what they will get. Our history is filled with people who started with nothing and achieved great success. Success is self defined. If you want a comfortable life and a nice middle class family and a good retirement, you are successful when you obtain it. You get what you strive for. Strive for being average and you will get average, If you put your energy into being successful, you will get it. If you whine and complaint about your employer treating you poorly and do nothing for yourself, you will get nothing. Expect it.

      • WOO – HOO, floridanativee… I think I am in love with you. Couldnt have said it better! When are people going to wake up and realize where they’re at, and that its nobodies fault but their own? I was taught that as a child.. of a very blue collar family, that worked hard and saved money and gave me a nice life with NO frills whatsoever.. but now because I made something of myself I owe everyone else something? I started a business from nothing and now I need to over-compensate unskilled labor who should be grateful to have a job?? If you cant afford a damn family – Dont have one! What the heck is wrong with everyone?

      • The problem is the union bosses keep telling people that they don’t need to do it for themselves. Just give your money to the union bosses and they will take care of you and allow you to not work for yourself. In reality, it is all about the money for the union bosses. When they get these people to go on wildcat strike and get fired, the union bosses leave and still have their jobs. The poor saps who believed them end up with no job and a record of being a malcontent.

      • Yes, we have reached the point where there are more people riding in the wagon than pulling the wagon. Heaven help America.

      • Hum, and how many of those jobs were minimum wage and part time? Unions produce jobs a family can live off of, non-union places produce jobs that pay less than $1000 a month. I’ve worked non-union places, and they have part-time positions so the employer doesn’t have to give benefits.

      • You and your boyfriend need a room? Anyways, your another misinformed subscriber to the “American Dream”. Yay. Good for you, your one of the “fortunate” that slipped through the cracks and made out okay…so far. We’ll see how good you have it in 10 years.

      • Right, you are definitely the kind of person I would want to work for. Your employees who bust their ass to make you money are a bunch of unskilled labor who are lucky to have a job? Why don’t you post your real name and the name of your business? I would love to see what your employees think of your comments.

      • Employees who work hard get more money and promoted. Employees who have poor work habits get fired, Employees who do just enough to get by and whine and complain usually just stay the same and the world passes them by. Looks like you are in the latter category. Very sad for your family. Wasted potential. Nothing is more satisfying to an employer than helping an employee reach their potential and be promoted. Even the average boss doesn’t fall for ass kissing.

      • I laugh at your comments. Walmart encourages associates to stay with the company and make a career. $24,000 a year? Not a chance. Most associates at my store make around, usually south of, $12,000 a year and will never see $11.85 an hour. Depending on your department you walk in making a tick above minimum wage.
        The “benefits” aren’t realistic due to the fact they would absorb a majority of your paycheck.
        Back to my original point…Walmart really wants you to stick around. So you could advance to a department manager position and see a slight (somewhere around 50 cents) bump in your pay to manage an often under staffed department and literally make miracles happen every day.
        This isn’t a Ma and Pa store. This is one of the most profitable companies in the history of mankind. The work they demand added to the profit they create off the backs of their associates SHOULD allow them to open their purses more to pay their associates.
        So weave your nationalistic pro-capitalism bullcrap elsewhere you uninformed bag of hot air. THIS system you promote DOESN’T work. We are seeing that now. Success is absolutely NOT self defined. You are ALWAYS a product of your environment. If you find yourself trapped in a burning building with no way out…just because you really want to get out doesn’t mean you won’t burn to death.
        In conclusion, your obviously young and ignorant and most likely born of fortunate circumstances so you don’t understand the real world yet. But you will one day.Believe that.

      • Wal-Mart like all employers is desperately seeking good employees to promote. 80% of their management comes from within. There is no better proving ground than an entry level position. Many people use it as a launching pad to huge success. It is much more telling than an interview. You are unaware of this as you have never believed that hard work equals success. It does and I have proved it myself. I have started with very little, worked my way through college, worked in the corporate world, started my own business, and made it successful. I can tell you that whining about my employer played no role in my success. You say it doesn’t work, yet you have never even bothered to try it, You are happy with being average or below average and don’t care if you family suffers for it. Wal-Mart of life owes you nothing. You owe yourself and your family your success and you are too lazy to go get it like so many millions of others. You just cry in your beer about how you have been wrong when you are the one responsible. By the way, Wal-Mart is not a high profit company. If you knew just a little about business, you would know the difference between profit and profit margin. Wal-Mart has a very low profit margin and it is about 1/6th that of a company like Apple. Their total profit is high because they have thousands of stores (up from one as a Mom and Pop). You will continue to be unsuccessful unless you stop the whining and start improving your job skills and your value to any company. You think it is just a “line”, by you have proved it is true by your failure.

      • That is an outright lie. I can give you names of former managers who slid right into management positions straight out of college. As with most American businesses today, there is a two tiered system. There is your average worker who despite how much they learn about operations and how much they prove themselves, will never move up. Then you have management who slides into the top spots without any of the hard work or knowledge. This is how you wind up with disgruntled employees and incompetent managers.

      • I guess ur assumption is that the managers hard work didnt come in the form of completing college in order to get those higher paid jobs. while someone busted their hump studying, a walmart employee busted their hump picking clothes up off the floor in the aisles! ur right ur guy is better prepared.

      • When Wal-Mart fills 80% of it’s management positions, that still leaves 20% from the outside. Get a child to explain the math to you. Knowledge of the job is not the only requirement for promotion and it isn’t the main one. Being able to manage and lead are way above it. You will probably never understand this and it is one reason to stay at the bottom where ever you are. Go take some management classes and mold your work ethic around those principles to succeed.

      • All it usually requires, qualification wise in retail to be management, is to be a complete asshole.

      • yes, most companies do require a college degree for management. Yes, get your education!! I have been in retail over 25 years so I HAVE seen it work. I have watched highschoolers/college kids go from mininum wage, to store managers. Yes, they had to get a degree in the process. I know many college kids working full time and going to college full time. I see people of all ages, but with the willingness to do the work, move up each year when positions are available. I’ve watched them get raises and move up in salary. How do they do it? They stopped complaining, work with positive attitudes, treat the costumers well, act as though they appreciate their jobs, take care with the personal appearance, take on extra responsibilities when asked, learn to do the jobs in other areas of the store when possible (cross train). Don’t say it can’t be done when it IS done everyday!!! If you didn’t do the work required to get a better education, don’t complain because you don’t get the job that requires the better education. I have seen very few, valuable employees…employees who wanted to work and do better for themselves… actually leave the companies I have worked for, unless it was for a non retail job or advancement due to education. When those who started at the bottom, with no education, wanted to advance they did the work required and I see it happening everyday. My current job employees many college aged begining managers (section managers). That is the job required to gain the skills for higher management positions and higher pay. As each employees gains a higher position, that opens a new position for another to start at the bottom and eventually move up. Every employee that I have seen who wanted to do the work and let the company know they were serious about moving up have done so. They now support families with a good paying job, all because they changed their attitudes AND got the education the company required for advancement.

      • This all has to do with the person! I have been with Wal-Mart for 7 months now. I started as a CSS and after two months got promoted to ZMS. My cashiers are very happy people because I listen to then and handle any issues they have. I can’t say they are happy with their pay because I do the hiring and the computer system hires everyone at $7.70/ hour. which sucks, I know that! Buy it is the corporate big wigs that set this pat for this job. not Mr! I am happy with my job and position, even with the pay! I don’t like some of the things this company does, but I suck it up and do my job because I have kids to support! As should everyone!

      • No it’s not, if they let me! That’s a big IF! I only started hiring again for temps. I just hired 6 more cashiers and I gotta try and hire at least 10 more. So we’re always hiring.v
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      • Another thug unable to refute anything. Just go with the union folks, They have done so ,much for Wal-Mart employees so far, right. They are getting ready to make some more unemployed on Black Friday.

      • The $11.85 an hour comes from average salary. The executives at the top throw that number way off. Your every day worker never sees that. If they work there 20 years, they MAY come close.

      • The $11.85 is for hourly workers. Management is not included. It is the US average. Some more and some less.

      • There’s so much general ignorance about Walmart that it’s unbearable.

        Starting pay at Walmart these days even for the lowest of the low is $9-10/hour give or take depending on location. An employee will see $11.85 within a few years if they stick around that long. And do the math – yes that’s pushing $24k per year for full-time associates, which most are. Yes, that’s $24k/yr for just being a stock clerk. This is actually better than most other retail chains.

        Stop being bandwagoneers that just throw rocks at whoever or whatever you’re told to throw them at. Just listen to yourselves: “If they work there 20 years, they MAY come close [to $11.85/hour]“. Such nonsense.

      • I totally agree, been working retail for over 25 years and see it in action. Complainers don’t get raises so they’ll move on out the door and make room for someone who will do the job and advance, which makes room for another to start at the bottom and move through the process.

      • yes, they start you at around minimum, then you work your way up. You get raised based on proformance and job level. Simple.

      • not true…if you don’t push for it you won’t ever get a raise and they don’t encourage performance rather that they encourage apathy…as a person who did hiring I was instructed by my senior management to hire “the dumb ones” so they don’t want more money or bennies…for real! So anyone who believes Walmart is a wholesome company who is just trying to do right by their employees…open your eyes! they are the devil wearing a blue dress

      • They pay more than that. I’ve seen W2′s from Walmart employees and they were getting paid $10+ an hour with as little as 1 year of experience.

      • and??? they didn’t have to give you anything. Be thankful, I know folks who didn’t get that much last year.

      • Lol, why do people say, “that is simply not true.” It’s true based off the fact that his store pays him that much. It varies between store to store. Why don’t you get a clue and quit accusing people of being wrong? Until you know the average every Walmart employee gets paid you can’t make a claim like that. Education is a virtue.

      • I currently work at Walmart, and will be there for 4 years in Feb. and I only make $8.35 an hour. I am a cashier and I really love my job. I work the hours i can and they work with me on that. But, I do understand where alot of the workers come from. Some of the managers at our store are a-holes. They dont treat us with respect and talk to you however they want. In a company this big that is supposed to be “friendly” , then it should start with the members of management. Our DM comes in and looks at you like your crap. I dont know there is alot of little things that add up, but I guess at the end of the day alot of other workers from different places have to deal with the same stuff day in and day out. But I do support all Walmart workers who are standing up for better work conditions and pay. All stores are different and you never know what they go through.

      • why would you work in such a place for 4 years at $8.35 an hour?? With that sort of commitment and experience any other retailer would hire you, as long as you don’t have attendance problems, attitude problems, etc

      • Your attitude is a problem. Acquire some compassion, and go read Grapes of Wrath while you’re at it. Also acquire some common sense–where are all these jobs you keep telling people to get? This economy has been in a recession for the last 12 years: there are very few jobs, and people are grabbing any job they can get. People are taking jobs they are very overqualified for. Walmart takes advantage of that, and Walmart has done a lot to drive wages and benefits down for many years now. And everyone who is working should be getting a living wage, which is enough to pay average rent, insurance, utilities, groceries, child care, clothing, for the locality.

      • Work isn’t about having a good time. It’s about going in and doing what you’re supposed to. There are people out there working harder than you for less pay simply because they believe in an idea called “motivation”. $8.35 an hour is good.

      • very true. We have that in our store. We have dept mgrs that don’t have any help doing more than one person can handle (other depts because there is no one in it, and trying to work their own depts) and getting told they are not productive enough, bc they are HELPING customers. So they get written up and the fired. This one person had been with company for 10yrs+. Part timers are getting cut hrs to where they wonder how they can live. Full timers are being asked to become part time bc of their availability, now they work to pay the babysitter, no even enough to make ends meet. Our store mgr says sorry we can’t chg your schedule, bc it is generated at home office, but somehow some get the shifts that they have ALWAYS worked others get the s*** shifts. I could go on and on about things in our store but it’s not worth it bc things WON’T CHG.

      • You’re the clueless. Take it from a former Walmart employee. Starting pay is rock bottom, raises are next to nothing, and they can usually stack the odds against you to avoid a raise at all. After years at Walmart and four promotions, I was still making $9.50/hour and that was good pay compared to my peers. Talk to a handful of actual employees and you find that the bandwagon is full because the abuse is real. I’ve been there. Start at $8 an hour and get a 20cent raise each year, it’ll take you – wait, what? 20 years exactly to break 11.85.

      • I’ve been in your shoes…worked my butt off literally and it got me nothing at all in return…except de-moted when I broke my ankle and couldn’t walk as a CSM for my entire 8 hour shift…Walmart is an evil company

      • obviously that store did not value you as an employee, for some reason. Otherwise they would not have demoted you. See the writing and go elsewhere. Simple

      • so why did you stay there for so long? Seems you had the experience to get work elsewhere. Doesn’t make sense

      • I would take hundreds upon hundreds of officially-released reports on Walmart’s wages over some guy who claims he’s demonstrably right because of one store he worked at. Genius.

      • um… you, as well, should get your “facts” straight. Walmart in Ohio areas pay $7.85 per hour get_a_clue. Very sorry to burst your little bubble. Bubble…..seems to be a very comfortable place for those who really don’t have a clue! And let’s address the $24k per year shall we. Out of the 24 Walmart employees I know, none can get over 30 hours in a week and they don’t even get that every week. Oh…so you might say then get another job…most of them have that too, but constantly have issues because of Walmart’s scheduling process.

      • Starting pay at walmart these days are not $ 9- 10 an hour ..It’s $ 7.75 and hour ..I work at walmart so I should know

      • why would you work for years at less than that pay?? Go elsewhere! If you are not advancing, don’t blame the company you work for. Blame yourself for not gaining the skills, doing the work, and having the attitude it takes to advance. I’ve worked retail for over 25 yrs so I’ve seen that yes, you can advance through the system when you want to. I’ve also seen many complainers who expect to be promoted or gain salary increases just for showing up to work. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve seen employees who simply change their attitude and go from bottom employee to higher paying positions within a year. Once the employer knows you have the right attitude they can put you on the track to advance. Complainers and whiners will always stay on the bottom. How do you think the managers became managers???? They worked their way there! Improve on your education, it can be done. I see 40hr employees, every year, who go to college or trade school. Stop complaining and take action.

      • It doesn’t quite work that way…I’ve been with the company for over a year. I’ve asked multiple times and have applied several times for opportunities to move up in the company. I’m a cashier, just as I was when I started there, and make roughly a dollar over minimum wage to cater to people who take pleasure in making our lives miserable. It doesn’t have anything to do with not wanting to move up…it has to do with not being given the opportunity to do so just because not all the workers enjoy sucking up to their managers. I have my college degree, I do my job plus work as a secondary at Customer Service, and I do every single thing asked of me. Don’t tell me I don’t try to succeed. I try my hardest, and this company just let’s me down. I try to find another job, but it isn’t that easy where I live. I can’t move elsewhere because I don’t get paid enough to save up to do so – as a college grad, I have loans to pay off on top of other bills. So, please…think through every scenario before you speak. It isn’t too much to be asked to be treated with the respectt we deserve.

      • only been there a year and already demanding raise and promotion??? Give it time. If they don’t give raises or promote then start looking elsewhere. Take your experience and move on.

      • I work at Walmart, not any form of supervisor, and I make $11.80 after 4 years. The pay really is not that bad. Plus they give you a raise every year. The amounts range from 40 cents to 60 cents depending on your yearly evaluation…don’t get me wrong, my job frustrates me and certain things they do irritate me, but what job doesn’t? But my job is stable. And with the economy, I’m thankful everyday I have a job,

      • The amount u get paid is based on the skills necessary to perform that job or the ease in which u can be replaced. No employer is going to pay workers more just cuz the company is making more money. Apple doesnt pay its cleaning lady 100k a year just cuz they are Apple.

      • I don’t understand why you don’t leave the company if you don’t like the work environment.If there are no other jobs available in the area then move to another area with a brighter future. Start your own business, educate yourself, get a better job or a second job. When you go to work, work as hard as possible learning from your employer. You will do a better job for your employer while accumulating valuable knowledge for free on how to operate a business of your own. You are going to be there while you are working anyway why not use that time to your advantage? The more skills you acquire the more you are worth. Take responsibility for the direction your life is headed. If you let a company or the government lead you don’t be upset if are not satisfied with the end result. You have no one to blame but yourself.

      • Thank you! I’ll bet it never occurred to you that the underpaid employee is supporting their children & are not able to just get up & move someplace else. Are not able to go back to school, they work odd shifts & have families to take care of. I know I worked in retail, the hours are awful, I had children in school with after school activities, that I wanted to be involved in. When my children were sick I had to choose whether I went to work or stayed home, either way I lost a days pay. And you have the nerve to say take responsibility!

      • So let me understand you. You are saying that Walmart should pay you more because you decided to have a family which you can not afford? Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t work at Walmart. Find a company that will give you the hours you need. Find ways of earning extra income.Find a second job that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.Find a job you can perform from home. Start a business from home.How many hours do you watch tv? Use that time to find other employment or self employment. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, It is a waste of time.

      • I disagree, the hours of retail are wonderful. They allow me to attend to all my family needs and work. Why because they are open at night and on weekends. I work with many folks who have families and work a 40 hr job, working on their education, AND have a retail part time job. It CAN be done, and it won’t last forever because when you put in the work, the rewards will come. WHEN you decide to put your energy into advancement and turn it away from complaining. YOU have to make it happen. Not saying it is easy, but only you can make the changes towards improvement.

      • If you couldn’t afford to have children, you should not have had them. You made the decision to have them and are paying for it now. It is not your employers fault that you decided to have children instead of getting and education and obtaining job skills. Many working, single Mothers do improve their job skills and exhibit the superior work ethic necessary to get ahead. Hopefully you will not teach your kids to be a nonachiever. They deserve better. Take responsibility for yourself and do what you need to do. Whining isn’t going to get you anywhere.

      • Yakub, you have just given every reason why you should get off your ass, improve yourself, and move on – however you can. Striving for a “career” in retail, just about anywhere, means you’ll top out well before median US income.

        Its not your employer’s responsibility to provide you with skills and experience – its what YOU are supposed to be bringing to the table, and it _should_ have started when you started elementary school.

        I started in retail out of High School, and spent _every_free_moment_ for years – few parties, fewer “vacations” – building my skill set. A few years later, I was able to get a “real job”, and I never stopped learning. I never stepped foot in a college until I was in my late 30s because my boss wanted a check in his checkbox that all of his employees had a degree, and I went 4.0 in all but two of my classes, and was SHOCKED by the incompetence of those around me (as in, couldn’t write a complete sentence, let alone do college level work).

        You get out what you put in.

      • Thats a load of crap. I grew up in the projects and have been homeless several times in my life. Now I’m a homeowner and still a worker. but still somewhat successful. Am I where i want to be not yet. still a work in progress. If you don’t want to make minimum wage then do what YOU need to do and stop expecting someone else to do it for you.

      • So in your make-believe world, the more you put in the more you get back out? Do you know how wrong that is? Politics plays a huge role. I have seen people come into Walmart and shoot straight to the top without so much as learning their basic job functions. I have seen people that can run the whole store by themselves still stocking shelves after 10 years. Why is that? Simple, because one is a butt-kisser and the other is not.

      • Politics are a common excuse that losers use for never being successful. It would be better to look inward rather than blaming others. You are the reason for your failures, not anybody else. It won’t be fixed until you realize this and take the steps necessary to correct this deficiency. Lots of people with horrible attitudes think those with good attitudes are all ass kissers. Best to worry about yourself and not worry about others. Folks who do this do much better for their families.

      • I’d have to say that you are very well spoken and make a whole bunch of sense! I actually created a ID account just to tell you this. Thank you for your ‘reality in a bottle’ that most people whom don’t want to put the effort into anything want to gripe about…although I am dismayed that the election proved that America on a whole would rather have a hand out then work for it themsleves. :(

      • I worked my way through college doing a lots harder work that Wal-Mart. I also worked afternoons and weekends all through high school. I know all about hard work and I know what lead to success and what leads to failure. I am giving you good. proven advise and you chose to continue to not take it. Working hard, smart, and having a great work ethic does work and it does lead to success for you and your family. I can only give you this advise for free. It is up to you to take it or not. Getting mad at me doesn’t help your situation at all. You must change your own perspective to succeed for your family. It is up to you not to me. Spend your time improving yourself, not reading books to reinforce your unproductive behavior.

      • Are you kidding me? $11.85. Where? What state? I’m in Texas and that is not true here!!! Tell me where you are Walmart plant and I will go there!!!!

      • This person is a troll, ignore. To spend this amount of time spouting off company PR suggest they are being paid to do this, just ignore.

      • Another thug unable to refute anything. Just go with the union folks,
        They have done so ,much for Wal-Mart employees so far, right. They are
        getting ready to make some more unemployed on Black Friday. I’ll take any money in gift cards, but I am trying to get people from losing their jobs by following a 20 year history of failure.

      • I was a customer service manager and was only making $9.50 an hour. When they tout figures like “averages $11.85/hour” and “$24,000/year” it’s because they skew the average by tossing high salaried management with hourly employees. Fact remains, the lower half of all employees can’t survive on their paycheck, even if they put in 40 hours a week. It’s only one of many many corruptions I found in my store, but it’s one that impacts so many people.

      • Your stats are laughable. Where in the US does a walmart employee make $11.85 an hour???? That average is only if you include the fat-cat CEOs who make millions. Walmart pays minimum wage, period.

      • Nothing, but I will accept anything you wish to send me for good old American advise on how to rise through the business world. This works everywhere, not just at Wal-Mart. Some of what I see here is so bizarre. Somebody said Wal-Mart could pay a minimum of $14/hour and not have any adverse affect. They run a very low profit margin (not total profit).Why do you think they became the largest grocer in the US in a decade? They took the business away from low efficiency, high wage, early retirement union grocers.

      • Someone really does not have a clue! Do you even realize in 2012 how many single households there are now? People who are having to survive on one pay check and support their kids? So no it is not “standard” for there to be two people working. In addition, do you realize how many business’s now days only want to hire people p/t to avoid having to pay benefits and then have the nerve to expect you to be available to them 24/7 making it almost impossible to work a second job. Also it is plain bullshit that employers pay people “what they are worth” because many do not!

        Just do some homework in a security class, even it will tell you that employers should pay higher wages so that employees feel “valued” and it will also help prevent internal theft. I was an assistant manager at a shoe store for two years, worked my ass off 5 days a wk, did most of my bosses job duties, and still only got “$8.45″ an hour, and I just left in Oct 2011. So, I don’t want to hear that employers pay what the employee is worth to them, because at the same time employers constantly bitch and moan that they can’t seem to find/keep good help. Well here is a novel idea for employers, pay better wages!!!

      • You didn’t explain why I should pay for others bad decisions. Why? Employers pay people on how easily they can be replaced. This is the free market. My experience has been that employees with poor work habits don’t do any better when they make more money. Why were you working only 5 days a week? On the other two days, did you work hard to improve your job skills? Why not? Low skill people usually blame the employer and do nothing to improve themselves. There is a range of wages, if you raise the bottom, then the whole range has to be raised and everybody ends up paying higher prices for everything. The problem is being at the low range and only you can fix that.

      • Where are you getting your $11.85 average? Also, your citing of a “system that is the greatest in the history of the world” is laughable. I think it would benefit you to study a little history and put some things in to much needed perspective. You are clearly an individual who has little knowledge of economics or history – if it weren’t so sad it would be funny.

      • The $11.85 is widely published, has been cited by the unions and you could have found it easily. Please cite the previous systems generating etter standards of living in history.

      • Your understanding of the history of the labor movement and it’s affect on many of those people who “started with nothing and achieved great success” seems pretty abysmal. Try reading a book sometime.

      • Only to those who have never done it and are willing to accept a life of being average in the union. The labor movement is all about history and not about the future.

      • You can get $25.00 an hour doing construction building highways, road, and bridge work. No skills needed, and yes they do hire older people and women to work on the job sites too. I used to bring home over $3600.00 a week after taxes, if you want to work. Stop screwing around with Walmart and hit the construction sites, get paid a real job even if its only for the summer. You can get unemployment over the winter for 3 months if your off that long the way we are going you might not get winter time down. Point I am trying to make is until things get better there are better paying, better jobs than Wal-Mart that also have to pay benefits and if you like it you can go far in the business too. Once Walmart catches up with the rest of the real world then consider working for them again. I hate to see people feel like they have to work for anyone as a last resort that is never good or safe. Do what you have to do to pay the bills but living paycheck to check sucks when one check will cover all your bills for 2 months at a time. And you can put the rest back for whatever comes along. Time and a half and double time and a half after so many hours is a good thing. Granted I was putting in over 100 plus hours a week but I wanted to work and loved the money. I took every job offered and anything needed doing I did it. I went 10 months with only 5 day off due to rain outs and snow but I made enough money to not have to work for several month over the 3 months we had off and pay off all my bills and live comfortably. Plus bring in $1100. a week in unemployment while on layoff for the winter. That is a living wage to me by the way, and I had medical after 3 months everything I needed to get by and be happy.

      • Oh man, I read through all of these comments and can not believe the self righteous attitudes. Just because someone works at Walmart doesn’t mean they aren’t skilled. They have to have some skills. And they do work hard and that makes the huge profits for the Walton family. And although I don’t work at Walmart I know a lot who do work at the local one. They are not making a living wage while the company gets richer. They are given just under full time so they can’t get benefits. And they get crazy schedules. Some nights to 11 pm and then back at 8 am. These people are not drones. They are people that have families and kids and in our area there are not a lot of other jobs. And it is really hard to take a class at a community college when you don’t know what your schedule will be from week to week. Walmart completely screws their employees. And back in the 50s, it didn’t take 2 parents working to support a family. A woman could stay home with their kids because unions protected the jobs. There is no way you can justify the way that Walmart treats its employees. There are even books written about how bad it is. And please don’t insult me as a liberal who is uneducated. I am not. I have a college degree. I don’t need simple words. All I need is a belief that a company should reward its employees who work hard and make the company profits. And I have seen how hard the employees work. But the arrogant people like the ones who posted here will never understand what it is like. They think they are the only ones who worked hard. So I guess it is up to the unions to help make you understand.

      • Working hard is only half the answer. You have to work smart also. There are many online classes that are nearly free and there are many ways that you can obtain better job skills. The unions have spent millions of dollars and have gotten many millions of people stirred up over the last 20 years. They have unionized zero stores in the US. Millions of folks have had their lives set back by them. You have to decided if you are going to be another one. Are you going to take personal responsibility or are you going to continue to be a whiner waiting for somebody else to fix your life? It is up to you. The free market sets the wages, not Wal-Mart. In good times and bad times, Wal-Mart has a backlog of folks willing to work there. The more unique your skills, the more you make. Did you know the average Wal-Mart pharmacist makes $111,000 a year. That is because they have unique skills. Your skills as a shelf stocker can easily be learned and are not unique. It isn’t Wal-Mart’s fault you have chosen not to learn some skills. Listening to the union tell you that the laws of economics don’t apply to you is just plain stupid. Being a failure or a success is up to you; not Wal-Mart or any other employer. Stop blaming others and step up for your own family.

      • Please read some history. Unions have been around since the mid-1800s. If you enjoy your 40 hr work week and two days off in a seven day period it is because unions campaigned in Wash. D.C. and organized strikes, not because business owners were nice to people.

      • I feel sure I know a lots more about unions than you. I know why they have dropped from 44% of the private work force to 7%. They are an anachronism. Look at the UAW. They ran the US auto companies into the ground, got a $100 Billion bailout and are doing the same thing with the New GM. The transplant auto companies in Right To Work states are thriving and now make over 50% of the cars in the US. Their employees are very happy and make a higher salary than the UAW plants. They have thousands of folks on their hiring lists. They do not have the unsustainable 30 and out. The public employee unions are forcing city after city to go bankrupt and the very early retirement pensions are unsustainable and will never happen. Unions are very good at making promises to the uninformed so that they can get their dues and move on. Don’t fall for it. Make yourself successful.

      • go get a job there smart person and become a wal mart zombie.after the first day you will become a believer to be on welfare is cool

      • I have worked at Walmart. On paper Walmart offers a lot of programs to employees. Have you ever tried taking advantage of those programs? I have and was told that there were all sorts of terms and conditions some of which were almost impossible to reach. You had to be a department manager for a year before you could take advantage of some programs. But you are never going to get to be a department manager because you can’t gain the skills and experience that the program would provide. Please don’t talk about things in which you have no experience. Walmart provides programs just so they can so they do. No one is really allowed to take advantage of them. Learn how P.R. works.

      • Community colleges have many management programs for practically free. You just supply the time. It all depends on how much you want success for yourself and your family. Millions have done it (including me) and it can be done. Won’t work sitting around watching American Idol. Atop looking for excuses and start looking for ways to be successful. Excuses are for losers. Be a winner.

      • A part-time employee of any retail establishment does not have consistent hours as a cashier at KMart, I was expected to work 1p.m to 10 & turn around & work 8-3 the next day. Because the work week started on a Thursday you could work 7 days straight for less than 40 hours, with less than a day off. Many times you would have to work split shifts. How was I supposed to go to school, working those hours?

      • Probably like the millions of others who have done it. They didn’t make excuses, they learned how to succeed. You could have and still can. It is never too late to better yourself. There are many online options to earn college credits and to take management courses.

      • You really are an uncaring, would-be know-it-all. Wal-Mart assigns schedules randomly, making it impossible for workers to go to schools that have set schedules. Wal-Mart doesn’t provide steady, consistent hours as it did years ago.

      • That’s not what others have said. You can also go to school on the internet or go work elsewhere. I didn’t think liberals were so judgmental.

      • wrong, you tell them your class schedule and they will work around it. If not, report your boss. I know plenty of kids working there who all go to the local college. They just submit their schedule each semester.

      • First of all unless you have worked at every one of the 4000 Walmarts you have no idea what a manager may or may not do PERIOD. Secondly, these people are telling you their ACTUAL experience with working for Walmart – maybe your experience was different GOOD FOR YOU! I know that my 72 year old father works at Walmart 6 days a week 5 hour shifts (to make sure he is not classified as fulltime). He does not make enough to pay his rent and most of the people he works with have to go to the local food bank each month. They also do not allow him to “pick” his schedule. So do us all a favor jasheb and stick a sock in it.

      • then find another job. your forgetting that you work for them not the other way around. their company and their rules.Simple easy concept. why do people think they should have the right to tell there employer what they will and wont do. seems backwards to me

      • The lesson to learn here is to not blame others for your situation. Walmart does not owe anyone a job. They do not owe anyone full time. Damn get over that one already as it is standard practice at many retail businesses. They do not owe anyone perfect working hours. They do not owe anyone a raise. They do not owe anyone advancement. They do not owe anyone enough hours or pay to cover all of their expenses. People go to them to ask for a job and then complain. Does it suck? Yes it does! Does the company suck? Yes, they pretty much do. But obviously some people are doing quite well working there. Sorry your situation is not better. Regardless, don’t blame Walmart for your life’s situation. If Walmart wasn’t there your father wouldn’t be employed at all, apparantly, or he wouldn’t be there. I am tired of people complaining about where they work as if they were being made to work there. If Walmart is the only place in your area to work then be thankful to be one of the few with a job. I am not unsympathetic, just realistic. Think I’ll go to Target and buy some socks, but to keep my feet warm. Sorry but I will control my own situation and choose to not stick the socks anywhere.

      • What’s a more perfect representation of the free market than people getting together and collectively demanding that they be paid what they want, or they’ll shut down the means of production? Why is capital, which never lifts a finger to create it’s wealth and does so on the backs of its workers, deified, while labor is somehow incapable of determining their own worth?

      • No corporation, no employer, GIVES anyone a job. They hire you because they can make more money from your labor than they pay you. You have no more reason to fall all over them with gratitude than they have to fall al over you with gratitude. Hell yes they do owe you something. At the very least they owe you fairness, dignity and honesty.

      • Walmart comes into a town, sells lower than other stores can afford to, and sequentially shuts down each and every mom & pop store, grocery store, dime store, etc. There ARE no other jobs but walmart. That is when they really go to town with their unethical behavior. full time workers should make enough to support themselves. that is what is wrong with our country. until the middle class can once again subsist, nothing will get better. walmart represents all that is bad in america. i hope the striking workers have much success. jasheb…you probably are a walmart manager. good luck with that.

      • Have you ever read anything about Walmart’s business practices? Ever? Because it really doesn’t sound like it.

      • Floridnativee, who in the world are you? A Walmart public relation employee willing to sell your soul to the corporation and churn out this bootstrap mythology. Or maybe you are an Ayn Rand delusional who is seduced by her ‘philosophy’ because it provides “protection” against recognizing your interconnectedness with other humans. Or do you enjoy shopping at Walmart and knowing all those exploited employees have to serve you? Sort of like having your own servant class just waiting for you to show up, isn’t it?.

      • No, No, No. Just hoping these guys think a little before throwing away their jobs for the union bosses.

      • Internet schools abound, working with your schedule, and whenever you feel like doing your homework.
        I took courses at Brigham Young online to supplement my University degree (it was cheaper than my college’s courses) and I could do homework whenever I had the time. You had a year to complete the course before it ‘reset’ and you could complete it in as little as a week (if you studied hard). Don’t give me excuses why you can’t. Come up with ways you can, and feel lucky that you do have a job.

      • I was a single mom for 15 years. When I was first divorced I was making $6.70 an hour. I had not benefits and two small children. My kids never went without a doctors visit, and we always had a place to live and food on our table. May not have always been the neighborhood I had hoped for, or the food that we really wanted to eat, but we did what we had to do to get by. Over time I realized that the only way I was going to get anywhere in this life was to go to college. So with two pre-teen daughters at home to care for I worked full time by day and went to school part time at night. It was hard, and it took what felt like forever but I did it. I am now a skilled professional and I make decent money at a company that offers decent benefits. I never turned to my employers to get me to school or anything else. Quite frankly I put my life in God’s hands and He always provided opportunities for me to succeed. There are a lot of people out there with worse situations then having a bad paying job….over 31 million who are unemployed Strike if you must – but keep in mind what just happened to Hostess. I am sure those folks would much rather have taken the cut in pay then be unemployed. Business has the upper hand these days…you have to accept it and do for yourself what you can do to get ahead. No company is going to do it for you….especially when you can walk out and hundreds if not thousands of people would be happy to take you place. Be careful. Do stand up for what you think is right, but just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and not caught up in the hype, or being pressured….Hostess strike didn’t turn out so well.

      • Perhaps if you watched the video the gentleman said when he started college they reduced his hours.

      • In life, we all run into obstacles in the road. Learning how to overcome them makes us stronger and more resourceful. Nothing is an excuse for giving up and for failure. Thomas Edison tried over a thousand filaments before he found the right one. Did he just give up? I worked all night and went to school during the day. I scrapped and did odd jobs. It wasn’t easy, but it paid it’s rewards. Look the problem isn’t Wal-Mart or any other employer, the problem is having poor work skills and poor attitudes. They are both correctable, but require dedication on the part of the individual. Whining just makes it worse. Get down and fix the problem. If one employer doesn’t do it, get a different one or better yet get two different employers. The government or the union isn’t going to fix it for you. Up to you, so go start on it. When I see somebody who can’t even put a sentence together start blaming others for their low station in life, I want them to realize they can start to improve themselves.

    • I do feel like a lot of employees complain about their working environments when it’s ultimately up to them how enjoyable their job is. Some companies do screw over its workers, but it seems like people want to get paid $20 without a degree to stand around and talk to everyone. I’ve worked for countless years, and the majority of any work force is comprised of kids who text and screw off with other employees while the lesser experienced folk are the ones doing all the work and dealing with customers they’ve had little interaction with.

      That is why I can’t completely agree with employee strikes. Every day I read about how “This company is bad” and “that company is bad”, and simply come to the firm conclusion that we, as stated above, possess a notion that a corporation should pay an individual huge sums of money to do virtually nothing. My current job started me at $8.50 with no experience, and I have never been fired. Why? Because I have enough integrity to realize a company isn’t going to pay me $50,000 a year to be a cashier.

      Besides, why do people assume they have to stay with a company? When times got tough I became resourceful. I learned how to acquire money in unusual ways, I bought items at Goodwill and sold them on Ebay, I took advantage of social programs. Why can’t others?

    • Well, as one nineteenth century capitalist once said, “I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half.” Congratulations for having no class-consciousness. The capitalists do.

    • Congress gets raises and they are absent half the time. The USPS lost $16 billion in 2012 and their executives got huge raises. Many corporate CEOs get bonuses even when their companies fail to improve the bottom line. Got a question for you Dave, ole boy. Are you working over the Thanksgiving holidays or will you be sitting on your butt stuffing that pie hole with turkey and watching football?

  4. I was ready to support this as I have heard that Walmart treats its employees unfairly with not allowing them to work enough hours to receive full-time benefits, among other things. However, when I saw the salary demands, it’s kind of laughable. Seriously, how can you expect the public to support your cause when you are making totally unrealistic demands with regard to salary? The median household income in this country is $54,000+ and that is usually achieved with two people working and contributing. I’ve been working in marketing and have worked for the same company for over 30 years and do not make what they are demanding as the top out salary. My husband has worked in a highly skilled job for almost 30 years and does not make much more than they are demanding to start. And 30 paid days off a year? Most people only receive that much time off after working 15-20 years at the same job. Be more realistic with your demands and you may find that there are a lot of people out there willing to support your efforts and boycott Walmart during the holiday season. We KNOW they don’t treat their employees well, but what you are asking for is kind of ridiculous,

  5. UGH! Hopefully youll get kicked out on your butts and other uneducated, unskilled workers will have a chance at a job…

    • If you knew what you were talking about, you would be dangerous. Right now you’re just a sad excuse for a human being. We should let everyone who believes like you move to your very own island where you can only make yourselves suffer.

    • That is a really shitty thing to say, you arrogant ass! I don’t know who you are, what class you are in, what your level of education is, or your pay scale is but it does NOT make you better than anyone else. These people are making an honest living, and doing the best they can. A person’s job is just that, it is what they do, not who they are and it does not define them! Maybe you should hop down off your pedestal and show a little human kindness.

  6. Unions SUCK!! You all need to stop your crying and leave Walmart alone. If you were not part of a “UNION”, You would be working full time and not always looking over your shoulder! You are all little puppets at the Unions control. I actually feel sorry for all of you!

  7. I don’t work for walmart but I am completly on your side, I remember when the cast of the show “Friends” got together and demanded more momey per show and basically threatened to strike, and won. It wasn’t that they needed more money or really even wanted it. The fact was that someone was making billions of dollars on the show. In that case it was the head of the studio and the other suits, and the cast felt they deserved some of the money (and rightfully so) since they were the main reason that the show was such a success. The same thing is happening here. Someone is making billions of dollars, and the workers at wallmart are the main reason why. If it wasn’t for the workers there would be no store. Like the case with friends the people who are making billions of dollars off the backs of their workers can afford to pay more, give healthcare and job security since Walmart has not been hit badly by the economic downfall. They could affod it even if they were. So for the person who wrote that she felt that they were asking for to much, shame on you, you can exercise your right as an American and go on strike. If they get everything that they ask for then good for them. Lets remember the only reason there is a middle class in this country is besause of people who were willing to strike for better pay, better working conditions, and benefits like a week vacation.once we stop demanding what we deserve thats when the billionares win and the middle class loses.

  8. Stand up and live better is good but has very unreasonable requests. Who has gotten a $16.00 raise in the last 20 years?? ask for a reasonable hourly rate and $29.00 an hour isn’t it try going for something that really is going to happen. We are all working harder and making less, Walmart employees are not alone. I want to suport this but feel your request are way out of control and really not realistic.

    Some of the employees I have come into contact with at Walmart really don’t treat customers very well and seem rather lazy. But every one deserves to make a fair wage. I don’t think the increase you are asking for is fair or realistic.

  9. Unions only look out for themselfs. without members they don’t get paid the more members they have the more the union make.. smart’n people..

  10. I am so tired of people commenting on these post with their self righteous attitudes. The Waltons family has money out the ass and they can afford to pay their workers a hell of a lot more money. These people work their behinds off; how do I know because every time I and the rest of us walk in a walmart the shelves are stocked and they have half the registers closed, so the few cashiers that are working have these enormously long lines of customers to check out. So to any one who has anything negative to say, “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! You may just find yourself being overworked and underpaid before you know it!!! How can you speak negatively about anyone wanting a fair wage? Remember there are NO small jobs.

    • Lots of small jobs out there and there seems to be an unlimited supply of small people to fill them. People decide to be small or large by their willingness to work to achieve success.

  11. I work at a walmart. I work hard. I do no drugs. I need food so i steal frozen shrimp and go to bathroom to eat. shrimp is raw and makes me sick. RAISE MY WAGES SAMUEL!

  12. I have so much money I could buy the Atlantic Ocean and feed you all the raw shrimp you wanted. Come smd and ill give you a 20 cent raise.

  13. You all need to just shut up and back off. Walmart workers are lucky to even have a job at all with the economy the way it is, let alone have you people trying to encourage them to engage in behavior that could get them terminated, with cause that would keep them from even being able to get unemployment. Are you going to pay their bills and feed their kids while they go out to look for work in an economy that’s tanked and getting worse by the day? There aren’t any jobs out there for these people to GO to after your ignorant actions get them canned. Unions are a thing of the past, they’ve outlived their usefulness but now that the automobile and construction industry has gone to crap, you all want to justify your existence and go on messing with people that can’t afford your “indignation”. Serve you right if Walmart said “OK, we’re closing the stores, what’s your plan now?” and you know they have enough money coming in from other places that it wouldn’t hurt them one bit to do it just to show you. My daughter works at Walmart and loves her job, she’s happy that they gave her a job in times like these, if your “people” don’t like it they are perfectly free to QUIT and try to get a job somewhere else@!

  14. I work at Walmart, I have been there 2 years. Before that, I worked in management postions in retail and resturants but because of spinal issues, I stepped down and decided to go to Walmart. I started at 8 something an hour, well below what I was making but because I would like to contnue working, I accepted it. After a few years, I bumped up to a little over 9 dollars an hour. Keep this in mind, I have 37 years experience in retail. Also, you must remember, pay rates are based on the area you live and the cost of living in the area. However, many Walmart employees do not make much and many are started at minimum wage. After you are with the company for about 14 to 15 years, you cap out what you can make, ie…. an instock associate caps out at about 14.00 an hour. You can move up to dept manager but you are usually if not always paid only .50 more than what you were making with tons more stress. If you can make it up to a Zone manager, you may make 2 to 4 dollars more and hour. Assistants, GM’s etc are salaried and may have to work up to 60 or more hours per week. If you have been coached or have gotten a D -day, D days are offered to those who might have missed work because of health issues that caused them to miss work, tardiness are frozen from moving up for 1 year.
    Because Walmart does not offer competitave wages etc… they cannot keep people. Not only that, some managers feel the need to be condescending and down right hateful to employees, a little power goes to the heads of the ignorant. Walmart does cut hours and some even hire in at only part time, therefore offering no benefits to the employees. The work load can be overbearing and highly stressful and even more so if one is making 8,25 an hour with no bene’s. I don’t know where the 11.85 an hour is coming from unless it is in a city where the cost of living is higher but I can tell you, most emplyees start at minimum and it would take them about 6 years to make 11:85 an hour.

  15. I worked for a supermarket in UK called Asda for a number of years, was never great, but when Walmart took over in 2000 my benefits gradually disappeared, company shares, bonuses and then they changed my contract to force me to work public holidays and receive a reduced rate for any overtime (not that I ever did any, undertime would have been more my thing), I walked out of the job on the same day my new contract came into effect, and have never looked back. Walmart workings have my sympathy, it is a truly unpleasant company to work for, I wish them all well with their strike action and hopefully things will change.

  16. To all of these people with the close-minded “retail workers deserve their pay” comments.

    Do you really believe:

    - The job of professional athletes is more important than that of teachers?
    - The job of a CEO executive of an oil company is more important than a green energy researcher?

    For some reason, there is this “disillusion” that there is a small limited amount of pie; and that if people in the lower class take any part of this “pie”; that our economy will fail.

    It’s completely illogical; because if Wal-Mart were to pay their employees more; then guess what? These employees would spend more money on Wal-mart products; and support “other corporations” as well.

    Last time I checked, the abolition of slavery in America didn’t destroy our economy – but maybe I’m going crazy.

      • If you were capable of having a well thought out response, you are capable of making yourself more valuable to any employer. Your family deserves it.

      • Why do you feel that workers going on strike has historically never worked when going against a major corporation?

      • Wildcat strikes of a few workers has a very poor track record. I feel it is all about the union bosses and not the employees. They have sponsored these kinds of things before with no success. As far as the customers are concerned, the unions and Hollywood elite have been against Wal-Mart for the last 20 years because of their success in keeping out the unions. They are similar to their competition. The grocery union which owns this site has lost about half of their members due to Wal-Mart’s entry into the grocery business. This is what it is all about, not the Wal-Mart employees. Their business model yields lower prices and their customers like that,

      • I have to disagree.

        First off, it’s a good time to mention that wal-mart employs 1.4 million people.

        A strike that attracts even 10% [140,000] people would bring a huge shift in the wal-mart economy; especially on a black friday – the company may lose close to a billion in profits for the duration of the strike.

        Its hard for the average American to see that, because they themselves do not realize how valuable the average wal-mart employee is. But if they see a chart of profits lost; then it will hit them like a focused uppercut.

        As far as your claim that the grocery union has lost their members due to wal-mart; shouldn’t you support small business and competition? When has a monopoly ever been a good thing?

        Lower prices is great, however, its killing other businesses and it’s not good for the economy in the long-term.

        Why do you assume that employees should be happy when a majority of them feel underpaid and under-appreciated?

      • Any previous union attempted strike against Wal-Mart have never even approached 1%. Just a guess on my part, but I think it is true. The grocery stores that Wal-Mart has shut down were not small business, but chains that were made very inefficient by way too high salaries and work rules that insured inefficiency. They opened the door for Wal-Mart and they and others just walked in. The Mom and Pop have their place and are great for small quick purchases. I use them all the time as my preferred place. Mom and Pops can compete with the big box stores by emphasizing what they do best. Ace Hardware is a great example. They are all individually owned and operated. They can never compete with Home Depot or Lowes for large orders, but they are thriving with good customer service and selling in quantities people want. If I need to buy 2 screws to hang something, I have to buy a box of 25 at Home Depot where at Ace, I can buy just 6 and have an old guy answer questions about it. The grocery union shops lost out to Wal-Mart because they couldn’t compete, not because of lack of competition.

        When the dial telephone was invented, did we lament that all those operators were laid off? It was good for the economy and Wal-Mart’s low prices are good for the economy. It frees up disposable income for consumers to buy other goods. What you are missing is the reason for the success of Wal-Mart and the genius of it’s founder. It gives the customer what they want and does it quickly. They change to trends. If they didn’t then they would go under. Sears dwarfed them in the beginning, but they concentrated on having what the customer wanted when they wanted it and now Sears is in the tank and Wal-Mart is at the top just waiting for somebody else smarter to knock them off. Unionizing just makes that much easier.

        I don’t accept your premise that all Wal-Mart employees are disgruntled. Many posting here on this union sponsored website are, but they have never won an election in the US. That tells me that most are not. It is all about dues for the union bosses.

  17. I work at wal-mart and I don’t see what the big deal is about working Thanksgiving. I’ve worked the past 4 Thanksgivings and it’s not that bad. Customers are always really nice, just regular folks coming in because they ran out of cranberry sauce or pie. We get a free turkey dinner and we get time and a half. Plus, this year most of us are only scheduled 4 or 5 hour shifts because of them moving the deals up earlier. (although it’s only two hours earlier then last year, so big whoop) I’m grateful for my job. The work is not very rewarding, but the flexible hours are great for when you are taking classes. I’ve worked at several different stores and they’ve always been very accommodating about my schedule. If you have to gripe about the injustices of Wal-Mart, how about focusing on their Chinese factory conditions rather then just boo hooing because you don’t get a holiday off. I don’t see people striking movie theaters during the holidays or gas stations. If you absolutely HAVE to have holidays off, go work at a bank!

  18. I hope every store strikes. I hate that people in the retail industry are forced to work on holidays and events that are ridiculous such as Black Friday. People are SO greedy to shop, that people do not get to spend time with their own families at such an important like Thanksgiving. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sometimes this is only time that families can get together. Some live very far away and have to save money so they can all be together at once. Maybe America should stop and think about somebody besides themselves for once. You have all year to shop.

  19. Grow up? really? I have been employed by walmart for almost 2 years now, they treat everyone like crap, and do anything they can to cheat their employees out of money. I ONLY expect to get paid what i deserve for the work that i do. the pay is awful. I have to work 17 hours on thanksgiving, they cheated everyone out of our “disaster pay” from hurricane sandy. the list goes on and on. Its not a pity party we just want what we deserve and thats respect and fair pay. I take care of myself and can barely get by. Some people have no other choice but to work there. You are what is wrong with the world.

  20. Are you F***ing nuts asking people to NOT work in this screwed up Obama economy? What a bunch of IDIOTS you are, you obviously vote for the dummy in the white house who has helped MILLIONS LOSE their jobs with no PLANS for JOBS in the future!! Sad for America!

  21. This is total and complete BS!! This is the job that you applied for, knew the pay rate and accepted and now you are complaining?!?! Stocking shelves and sliding an item accross a scanner is not rocket science!! You want a better paying job then you should go out and educate yourself to qualify for those positions!

  22. @floridanativee:disqus , you are fighting against people who are fighting for what they believe in, walmart employees are underpaid and mistreated, we want what we deserve. Some people are trying to better themselves but it is very difficult to when you dont make enough to get by. I see that you post alot on here, why does it bother you so much that you waste so much time of yours on here?

    • I post here in hopes of getting people to understand that they are responsible for their own destiny. If I didn’t think it was helping, I wouldn’t bother. I myself worked at an all night gas station to put myself through college and have been successful. While others were making more money and having families after high school, I was sacrificing for the future of my family. It worked out great for me. Many of my friends of that era are stuck in low skill jobs and are very unsatisfied in life. I want younger folks to not repeat these mistakes that my friends now realize they made. In America, we are responsible for our own lives and I hate to see these folks throwing away theirs by being lazy. They must do the work to be successful.

  23. “Work Harder Live Better” – You’re a fucking asshole.

    For those thinking this is “liberal versus conservative”, you’re wrong. This is non partisan. (I’m a libertarian BTW) This is about one the biggest corporations that has stolen “the American Dream” away from main street mom and pop stores and now that they’ve successfully done that, they treat their employees like crap, pay them crap and sell us crap from China.

    Walmart employees, I stand with you and have donated money to your cause. I believe in fairness for all. It’s because of shit like this that I have never set foot in a Walmart or any other big box store for that matter…and I never will.

  24. $50 grocery card? How about the unions cheering this on, pull out their wallets and pay the workers their list wages? Walking off the job is still an automatic termination. Idiots!

  25. Unfortunately this employee strike just isn’t good enough, the best way a customer can celebrate Thanksgiving/Black Friday; would be for you to picket along with the employees because by Walmart claiming that this strike won’t effect business, Walmart is saying to their customers; that you are predictable and that they know/are sure that they can scam you into shopping there whenever they want to lure you in to their trap. It also isn’t good enough for employees/customers of a global company to just strike/boycott within this singular country, this has to be a global effort. All Walmart employees/customers worldwide, must unite and refuse to work/shop there. A clear message must be sent to Walmart and their competitors through a strike/boycott of Walmart, that they can’t just escape scrutiny/responsibility/ethics/unionization by closing down one store or all in a country; then relocate around the world and take advantage of employees/customers elsewhere.

  26. The right thing is always hard. Especially without people that have you and your families back if it is accomplished. I believe in what you are doing is right. And I don’t buy from WM, I will soon be in the forefront of stopping anyone that imitates this model. Faith in yourself and your people plush hard work will feed the mouths you wish to enlighten and change. good luck and my best wishes to overcome.

  27. You need your president Obama to lead the rally! You will be like the coal miners,and several others will be soon, jobless!!

  28. I wont cross a picket line. Time for Walmart to pay a living wage. I know in the town I live in once an employee makes about 10 bucks an hour they cut their hours and force them out the door….

    • Do you not realize that ObamaCare has redefined full time as 30 hours a week. Employers will have to pay a $2,000/year fine on each employee working over that. This insures that many, many employers are going to be cutting folks hours down below that. If people are worth it, you can get it. If you are only skilled enough to stock shelves, then you are going to be paid accordingly.

  29. I am not a big fan of Walmart for my own reasons, but this is kind of ridiculous. I was a chef for many years and worked straight through every holiday. Once I had children, I decided that I wanted to be home and made the effort to get a job where I could be off on holidays. If you work retail you should just expect to work on Black Friday. If you want the day off, find a different career path and empower yourself. These strikers should not work for Walmart in the first place.

  30. Walmart provides quality products at low prices that poor people can afford. They make a profit for their shareholders. They are our nation’s biggest employer. They are a national treasure! Why do socialist misfits demonize them? If they were such a terrible employer, why do their employees work for them? The reason – proven time and time again – is that their compensation and benefits are better than those provided by other availble jobs in the stor’s local area. When WalMart opens a new store, they typically get 5 or 10 job applications for every jobe opening. Why? There can only be one answer: WalMart offers better jobs than are being offered by otheres in the local area!! It’s that simple. What else can possibly explain why so many job searchers are dying to work for WalMart?? Americans, wake up. Without a strong WalMart, our country would be in bigger trouble – and millions more would have no jobs.,

    • This whole thing is about their success in keeping out the unions. The union care nothing about the actual employees, it is all about the potential millions of dollars in dues they are missing out on.

  31. Don’t like your job? Quit. Someone will take it.
    Don’t like your job? Strike. Someone will take it.
    Don’t like your hours? Quit. Someone will take them.

    Of course finding another job might be hard as you are equal in skill with 15 million illegal immigrants who are supplying so much extra labor that it makes you that much less valuable. If you want hire wages then everyone at Wal-Mart should demand the government get rid of all the illegal labor that makes you worthless. Only when your unique skills of being able to show up for work are appreciated will you have any chance at hirer wages.

    • Well, we agree on that, you will get what you deserve. The union bosses will move on to try to get dues from those still employed and you will be left unemployed.

  32. There’s one thing I don’t understand here. Why is walmart the only target here? Other stores do the same thing on thanksgiving and black friday. Some places make people work double shifts and in some cases even triples on holidays. One resturant chain my son works for (I won’t name) is one. So, why is walmart the only target? I worked for Meijers in Ohio some years ago. They are unionized. They do the same thing on black friday. Their union didn’t stop them. How will a union or strike stop walmart? They’ll just fire the people and hire others.

    • they are not the only target – they are just, you know, the nations single largest employer – so people pay more attention to them, and they are, beyond doubt, a test case for marginalized big-box labor across USA and probably several other countries in latin america, or other areas that are NOT WESTERN EUROPE – cuz USA has stopped being a western country in the early 90s….

  33. Just know that there are many people even here in Canada, like me, who wholly dislike and avoid WalMart. We wish you all well in your stand against this behemoth that is sucking the life out of its workers and the communities it inhabits. More power to you. And to those who think you’re getting what you deserve…all I can say is…’what goes around comes around’ and if they think they are immune to this s@&$ they need to check in with reality once in a while. GOOD LUCK!

  34. walmart is biggest destroyer of American economy. Effectively It acts as a proxy for Chinese companies while destroying cities business and retail structure. getting people into dead end jobs while feeding the insatiable greed of its owners. I don’t think it now is what Sam Walton had in mind. Uneducated and stupid are those who don’t understand how a society functions and has to encourage people to start and move up, instead play the blame game on whoever is a little lower than them as being incompetent.

  35. When these people took these jobs they knew what they were getting in to… If they wanted a better job they should’ve applied somewhere else, but I’m sure this is the best job they could get. Have you ever talked to employees at Walmart? Most of them are borderline retarded. There’s a reason things a Walmart are so cheap. I hope every one of them gets fired and has to work at some fast food joint for half the pay.

  36. Wage Slavery is not an existence or even a choice It is the economy of strugggle the bourgeoisie have put it place of real living We are chained by debt a debt most of us wouldnt have if we were paid a decent wage workers of the world unite you have nothing to loose but your chains

  37. I currently work at walmart. I’m paid $8.10 an hour, work 37.5 hours in one week, attend college in the mornings, and only am capable of getting 5-6 hours of sleep each night because of schedules. I was recently denied seeing a dying family member on Thanksgiving because “Everyone works that day”. I have now found out that three of my friends do not come in on Thanksgiving. My daily schedule consists of waking up, picking up my little brother from school (he only has two classes at high school then attends college), leave for college, leave for work, come home around eleven thirty. I get two days off, am now failing most of my classes because my requests for less time working are being ignored.
    So please, do not tell me, or any other worker that they are being treated the way they should be/would be at any other retailer. Even if you believe this to be true (which I actually know for a fact it is not), then you need to pull yourselves out of your own asses.
    I have had friends being forced to work while ill. One with her arm in a sling and still being forced to work, and it does not get better.

    • Are you seriously trying to blame your having to wake up earlier to chauffeur your brother around on Walmart?!?! Maybe you should look into a class for time management because you blaming everyone for your lack of this skill is ridiculous!

  38. I work at 1499 Lewisburg West Virginia. I have been employeed by walmart for 5 years and I do not even make 10 dollars an hour. I have been promised full time and each time I asked they say not right now but your on the list. This year I have been working 39-40 hours a week each and every week no call ins or no leaving home early. And rarely do I get 2 days off in a row. And couldn’t even take a few days off for vacation which was only 5 days because my department is cut way back nobody to fill in.

    My walmart is run by some of the laziest managers around.

    JB is worthless he spends all his day on his cell walking through the store. Yes you read this right on his cell phone in the store when hes not in the store hes usually back in the office with all his other managers goofing off and ordering pizza.

    Christy our assistant manager. Shes blonde and yea shes a real B____. She literally pulls people to go to other departments to help out and when it comes to your department complains cuz your work isn’t done.

    Jeff is a real working manager pulling freight working the floor harder than any zms out there. As far as I personally look at it hes the best manager we got.

    Danny is preety cool except when something don’t go to plan and gets all serious about it.

    Maggy the sweetest manager that really does her job like It should be done.

    Nick gives you respect as long as you are a good worker.

    Tammy is one manager I would say is nice to work for treats everyone just as her kids.

    Shawn our newest manager is literally allways on the go getting and making sure a managers presence is always known through the store. Hes usually the one that responds to customers when the customer askes to speak with a manager, Because you guessed right all of our other managers are on the phone or in the office eating pizza.

    Out of all of these managers, Shawn, Tammy, Nick, Maggy, and Jeff all abide to the 10 foot rule.

    I loved by job till this year when we started loosing workers. Its hard to be pulled from your department into somebodys elses department and not know everything there is to know. I know we have lost sales because of that. We the walmart associates are not knowledgable in all departments. In the past month alone we lost several department managers who has been there a long time. One I looked up to because he was a true worker. Now I look at myself and think you know their making good money and just to quit all of a sudden what chance do I have of retiring from here. Its hard. To think what our managers will think up next to scew us. Last year we was going to get the biggest quartly raise ever over 400 dollars. But in the end we got just over 70 dollars. JB told us in the morning meeting we missed it by the first month. But the weeks prior he was bragging on our hard work so HE would look good.

    Ill say if you want to voice your opinion and tell JB to get off his phone please call (304) 645-5280 and ask to speak with JB.

  39. I worked at Walmart and I never got any good feedback from management just pass over for raises, and promotions just because I didnot kiss ass. I got carpel tunnel because of the job and they decline to give me workmen comp. because they said I did it at home and once I got better they refuse to give me my regular job back I quit them and took a job with less pay to get out of there THEY NEED TO CHANGE

  40. I have friends that work at Wal-mart and they are truly treated poorly! Their pay sucks and they work very hard! Their managers are bully’s and that needs to change.

  41. Walmart is a sweatshop; only here in America! Don’t you people that are criticizing get it? You would have to be an idiot not to!

  42. As was stated before, Walmart offers more then most retail chains. Even having a full time position is something that isn’t offer a lot in chain stores. I worker over 10 years in retail. I started as a cashier and went to department merchandise. I loved my job working with the public and merchandising, until I got sick. I remember my raise was when minimum pay would increase each year there for a while. Here I was getting the same pay as a new person starting.

    But if I could work I would be working retail because I enjoyed how proud I was to have a clean nice looking department. And yes I do have a associate’s degree which I manage to get while working

  43. I have a college degree. I’m a professional. I agree that Walmart workers earn too little for their employment. Work harder has no idea what associates do. They do work hard. They work all holidays except Christmas. They are not paid enough. On top of that, medical and insurance benefits have decreased because the company said it had to save money. Walmart employees are allowed to buy stock. But they get no break in price and most of them can’t afford to buy stock. They need to be paid fairly for their services. Othe super-stores need to pay their employees more also. We all know who they are.

  44. I am a professional H.R. manager and I have been interested in the Walmart business plan for its workers for years. To all of you that are interested in advancing workers rights for Walmart employees, ignore the negative commenters that are distracting you. They can very well be implants of Walmart. They dont know your personal struggles and they don’t care. They only want to discourage you from seeking fair compensation and treatment from your employer. Stay focus; communicate with your team members and prepare yourselves for negotiation with your employer. Organized. You make billions of dollars for your employer; you earn huge bonuses for your managers, but yet you can’t be given full employment, a consistent work schedule or appreciation from your employer for the value that you bring to work each day.

    I am not, nor have I ever been an employee of Walmart. In my organization, I bargain on behalf of management. But I could never support an organization such as Walmart and many other companies. I will sponsor a worker that wish to strike. I have been familiar with this economic injustice for years. There will not be any gains or concessions from Walmart until all workers unite.

    Good luck and keep up the good fight!

      • No, I’m not a union plant. I’m not misrepresenting myself. The statements I made are the truth, supported by data. When the employees of Walmart are paid a fair salary, the Nation will benefit. Even Walmart will do better.
        Why do you not think it to be fair to pay an employee a wage to provide for their family?

      • Wages are not determined by the employer, but by the market. People that can be replaced easily, make lower wages. Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, ETC all pay about the same. Two full time employees in a family making their average wage can make an above national average family income. Nowhere does it say a person working along can make enough to support a family of 4. The two wage earner family has been the norm for decades. I am afraid however that the new $2,000 fine from ObamaCare means that many if not most lower skilled workers are going to be only working less than that new standard (30 hours). It was 40 hours for decades. This is really sad. I am afraid this is going to affect many millions of workers (all those who’s employers have less than 50 people). If Wal-Mart started paying it’s employees $16/hour, they would quickly be eaten up by their competition. It isn’t just the wages, but also the inefficient work rules. Just look at what happened to all of those union shop grocers who are no longer in business because of Wal-Mart. When artificial things are introduced, the market corrects them and those in the way are in for trouble. The answer for the individual is to make themselves more marketable. Most won’t bother and they are stuck at the bottom. Low skills are easily corrected via effort.

  45. I work at wal-mart – I’ve been there 6 years now and yes I make over $12 an hour and am full-time. I am not a depart manager, csm, zms just a plain ordinary stocker on overnights. The average raise at wal-mart is 40 cents a year – not 20 cents – that is the lower end of the raise scale – 60cents which no one in my store gets is the highest you can get. I’ve been so puzzled on all the wage complaints – Wal-mart has the highest paying retail wages in the area – Meijers which is next door to us and Union is only paying $8 an hour. TRU where I worked previously well I was there 10 years and left just under $9 an hour – I started at Wal-mart making more than that!

    I went to college and unfortunately, due to the economy, I have not been able to find a job in my field of study so I did try to do better.

    I won’t say that everything is a field of roses in our store, we’ve got issues like every other retail store that I’ve ever worked at but wages – that has never been a complaint!

  46. Seriously though, I’ve been on both sides of this argument and can honestly say that I can see where both sides are coming from. I don’t particularly want to see a strike, I don’t feel that anything positive will come from it but if it brings a sense of pride from within the workers, well, whatever…

  47. Remember THIS on Black Friday
    Destroying the Middle Class for 50 Years……. the Biggest Employer of
    “Lazy Liberals” on Public Assistance (Food Stamps and State Funded
    Healthcare) because they make Crap Wages considered “Poverty L
    evel” ……..Thus Working AND “Collecting” but hey at least THEY’RE Working…….. and You’re “Saving” Money Huh? ;)

    Besides the 6 Heirs are Only worth MORE than the Combined Lower 30% and
    Make Merely $2,000,000,000.00+ ( 2 BILLION Plus for the “I can’t
    Count”…Conservatives LoL ) a Year in Dividends Alone (That are More
    “Conservatively” Taxed at a much more Reasonable Rate of 15 % ;)

  48. Can I just say that the point of a strike is to show the employer what would happen if there were no employees. People suggesting that Walmart workers shouldn’t strike, shouldn’t threaten to walk away from the job en masse — which is what a strike is, a threat — in the hopes that they can make working conditions better for themselves and for others really don’t understand the modes of oppression Walmart or any other oppressive operation uses. If you’re not prepared to say that the people in power have a responsibility to those who come under the power’s auspices, you’re really placing your vote for tyranny. Any system is prone to abuse, and it is those who are abused who have the best means to determine what the abuse is, and what best to do about it. Dissenting against striking workers struggling to make ends meet is really promoting abuse in all kinds of forms by refusing to see abuse for what it is.

  49. About time! It is unconscionable that Walmart has been allowed for this long to do business in the unethical way it does. It needs to stop. It buys from companies using child and slave labor abroad, hoards their billions in profits without paying fair taxes here, and then relies on government programs like Medicaid, Section 8, AFDC, and Food Stamps to provide “benefits” to keep their poorly paid employees alive. They would rather pay full-time social workers to get their staff of part-time employees signed up for government benefits, than give more of their people full-time jobs with fair wages. They think if they keep people poor and part-time, they can keep them needy and afraid. Thank God people are finally standing up to this Evil Empire. That business truly gives me the creeps. They are doing more to undermine the American economy with this business ethic than can be justified by providing cheaper goods. So, yes OUR Walmart, I stand with you!!! People need to start using their CONSUMER POWER – their CoPo – to change the world. It’s long, long overdue. Every dollar Walmart’s got came from buyers. It’s time to turn off the faucet and remind them who’s got the real power: consumers, that’s who. GO GO CoPo!

  50. The truth, If you are good at what you do and work you ass off, then you wont get promoted, because they want to keep you in the hard working position. In other words, they rape you without lube and gives you nothing to show for it.

  51. I myself work at a WalMart and like any job out there it is all what you make of it,WalMart does offer a lot of options in jobs.You have to work to get them and alot of the workers i see do not want to do it.

  52. I love all of the comments on here about working hard and moving up. It is true that this is required for success. The fact being overlooked here by you is that there isn’t room for everyone to be a manager or CEO. How would it work if everyone took your advice and started their own company? This supposedly would make things better for everyone according to you. Really it would effectively mean that nobody would have an employee at their business so any economic expansion would depend on millions of companies with only one worker; the owner/CEO.

    The world needs ditch diggers, too. Anyone familiar with that phrase?

    How about not binding the mouths of the kine that tread the grain? Ring any bells?

    Your arguments in favor of rugged individualism and the strength of a person and their hard work are admirable, but you miss half of the story. Try expanding your view just a little; please?

    @floridanativee:disqus You seem to be using the personal experience of one person to justify the treatment of many. As mentioned above, how effective would your advice on striking out on your own turn out to be if everyone on the planet followed it?

  53. Looking at a lot of these posts/comments it seems, people, that you are missing the point.

    In today’s economy anyone who has a job – no matter what it is – is lucky. For people to post that workers at Wal-Mart are uneducated, there could and are people there who are laid off from their main job, and need to put food on their table and pay their bills. Either way, these people work and contribute and should be treated with respect.

    The Main focus here is that these workers are being FORCED to give up their Thanksgiving to work. Other places have either a skeleton crew, or people who offer to work on that day.

    We should join in solidarity with these people.

    • Actually most of the big box stores are opening several hours earlier on Black Friday, just like Wal-Mart. This is what the customer wants and there will be hundreds of millions of dollars spent. Stores that don’t do what the customers want, lose the business and can’t compete. The Target blog is just like this one, except Target is the target. We have the same people complaining about not enough hours and then about too many hours. Those who don’t show up will probably be canned and there is a long list of other people willing to work there. When you limit yourself to low skilled retail work, you must be there when the customer wants you there. If you want a 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday, then be a banker. Oh, many of them are open of the weekends. It isn’t about you, but about the customers.

  54. You people need to get off your high horse and be thankful you have jobs where hundreds if not thousands of Americans are going into this Holiday season without. Walmart hands out great benefits, good pay, and is one of the better places to shop when looking for a bargain. What you employees are doing here is ruining that good name and asking for handouts. I hope they fire each and every single one of you for being stupid.
    And what this about fair Schedules and more hours? That makes me laugh. You bitch about wanting to be scheduled around your life and then complain even more when they don’t give you hours you need. Well, stop asking off so much and take what they give you. Volunteer to stay later, or pick up someones slack when they no call/no show. Show some damn initiative and stop whining! God if I could go back to work I would, and then my crippled ass would dance circles around you fools. They don’t want to work? Then give the jobs to those who do!

  55. All you people who are complaining I see right through your stupidity. After losing my job in the Automotive industry is got hired at Walmart.At 45 years old I started in the TLE changing oil making $9.15 an hour and worked my way up to Assistant Store Manager in 4 1/2 years. Now I make nearly $50k a year due to my working hard and having the desire to move up in the company. So all of you who complain, get off your asses and do your job. If you haven’t moved up in the company or gotten raises it’s because you suck as workers and haven’t earned it. So look in the mirror and you’ll see the problem staring back at you. You all sound like your from the (You owe me generation) nobody owes you anything you need to work for what you get, if you haven’t gotten what you want work harder and quit bitching about it.

    • Congratulationson your success. I hope some of these whiners will take it to heart. Just as it has for generations, hard work does pay off.

  56. I will not be shopping at walmart for christmas items….walmart undercuts all local businesses screwing them out of selling to locals..and hires our people and mistreats them…greedy company..we need businesses that have our people’s best interest at heart…our families suffer every time we buy anything from wal mart..rmember main street when we had busineses? our main streets dont thrive the way they used to because? walmart underprices or undercuts those small businesses pushing them out of business so walmart ceo’s get richer and our communities suffer..heck they don’t even pay taxes..thank you wal mart for being so faithful to americans ugh

    • So you want all of the poor folks to pay more for their goods I guess. Not too nice of you. Millions of small business have been successful. It is possible to do well in the same town as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Office Depot, Holiday Inn and all the rest of the large chains. I have done it and many, many others have. It takes working hard and working smart. The success of the big box stores makes your statements wrong.

  57. floridanativee, your bootstrap perspective is malarkey. Instead of sitting around whining about other people on the internet, why don’t you go effect change for something you believe in.

  58. I have worked for walmart for 4 years. My personal circumstance has made this job necessary for me to keep right now. There are two types of employees at walmart. The lifers, and the ones stopping along their life path for a period of time. The lifers have found a job where even if they are a high school drop out, if they stick around long enough, develop a good work ethic, and rub elbows with the right people, they can achieve a fairly decent paying career. My last two store managers started as cart pushers and worked their way to store manager. Kudos to them.
    I, on the other hand, have no intention of staying at Walmart. It works for me for what I need right now. From that decision, I had to make concessions to what I expect from my employer. I do work hard, quickly, an accurately. That has had me targeted from the beginning as someone “well liked” by management. I will do my job whatever it is to the best of my ability and I feel they took advantage of that. I was originally hired as a department manager over one department. Within two years time, I had been assigned four more additional departments and watched 3 other full time positions disappear. I alone saved my store and company $75,000 with the elimination of those positions. I did not receive a pay raise as these new departments were added to my responsibilites.
    The end result, I was on overnight shifts every other week setting mods for 5 different departments, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in my mid thirties, and began having panic attacks at work which I had successfully avoided for five years following a very tumultuous period in my life. My health declined, my personal relationships declined, and I no longer had any sort of personal life acheivements. Thankfully I don’t have children who very much would have suffered from these work changes as well. I made the decision to step down to a lesser store position, and watched as my old position was divided into 3 full time shifts. The end net result was a savings of $25,000 for the actual one full time employee no longer needed. That year, my employee evaluation was only “meets expectations” as it was pointed out I did not do as good a job trying to handle five departments that I did when I only had one. The truth was no one could, which is why it eventually would up becoming 3 positons.
    Now in my new position, management has eliminated the second position in my area leaving me to do 16 hours of work in 8 and again saving my store and company $25,000 a year. It seems they have forgotten this was why and how I ended up stepping down to where I am now. The area is slated to have 2.5 full time employees but has been able to operate the past several years on just two.
    I am amazed what this company gets away with. I know that I can leave at anytime and find myself in a much better place, but as I said before, it does work for me for what I need right now. As the pressure builds again, I will have to decide when it no longer does that. I worry for the others I work with who don’t have the abilities to leave when they want. They do not have an education to fall back on. They do not have a specific trade in which they excell. They do have children, families, health issues that keep them trapped by what little they do get as the alternative of getting nothing is worse.

  59. My teenage son took a temp holiday stocking job and they offered him $8.50 an hour. Pretty decent money for a teenager. I told him it’s a job and a job is not for pleasure. You work to buy things you want in this world. I can see how those with families could suffer making such low wages. But folks getting an education usually opens better doors. Seems to me that if 80% of all workers are on food stamps then maybe they need to get a better education and find a better job and get off stamps. Stop the pity party and help yourself. I asked my son if he works Thursday…he is on call. I think walmart should be closed that day to allow everyone a meal with family. Without him it would feel strange eating a meal. But if he needs to work he will go in. I will save him a plate and we will all live…Friday is my biggest concern. I am a bit worried about the crazy people who shop there hurting him. Listen up folks no bargain is worth trampling a human being to death or treating them rudely. So have some respect for the workers ok. I told my son if a walk out or strike happens try to keep working do not get involved and if he feels unsafe to find a manager. He says this will not stop him from working Black Friday. He is a smart boy who plans a military career. He dreams big and walmart is just a stepping stone for him not a career. For those who have worked there for years I honestly understand your frustration with low wages and abusive treatment but there are always choices and you can leave. Nobody forces anyone to work there.

  60. If you don’t like the wages then leave the job…gosh folks it is simple. Go to school get an education and a better job simple…Walmart isn’t a career type job folks. Working in retail or fast food is something young folks do to gain experience. If u hate the place then why do u see so many lifers working there? I mean if it is horrible leave…I will gladly take your job I am unemployed and my kids need money for Christmas. And yes I have a college education yet I lost my job. I would be glad to have your pay if you don’t want it. I used to work Security we worked 24 hours a day 365 days a year…I missed many holidays with family…but did I whine no. I had children to feed. Grow some balls and eat crow…I am sure the millions of employed in the country would gladly stand in line and take your jobs you whining babies don’t want or appreciate.

  61. Workers should not have to scramble up any ladder to try to work somewhere else in order to be able to live a reasonably decent life. Workers at Walmart, and everywhere else, ought to be paid well for the work they do, they should be covered by health insurance, be allowed sick days and days off to care for sick kids, and get a paid vacation once in awhile. Above all, workers should be given a little dignity and respect for the work they do. The Walton family and the company’s top execs have become some of the richest people in the country by keeping their workers poor and scrambling. You know what? Enough of that, and enough of those who think that’s just fine.

  62. Don’t know much about the inner workings of Walmart. Do know they have some of the highest corporate profits in the world and a lot of very unhappy front-line workers. Do know I won’t be shopping there this Black Friday or any other day.

  63. Walmart is not employee friendly. I am a proud teamster. Costco is not Union except for some stores they bought out with another name. Costco treats their employees extremely well. They are respected, given raises and are a good company to work for. When a Walmart store organized in Canada they shut it down. Walmart does not give their employees full time work or hardly, so they do not have to provide health care. Out of all the national retail chains Walmart is the worst. When my wife goes in there, against my protest, I wear a union shirt or jacket. Usually the shirts says vote union or union yes and my jacket is a teamster jacket with my local on it. Remember employees vote in unions because of the way they are treated. Then when the vote is comming up the company promises the moon to the employees. When the vote fails then the company targets the employees who organized and fire them for other reasons. If a company is really great and thinks they treat their employees well they should have no fear of a union being voted in. Walmart is not the place to be.

  64. you people need to get a life. You knew that Walmart only hires part time employees and pay is only around minimum wage, when you applied for a job. It is my belief that Walmart doesn’t owe you a thing accept a paycheck for the hours you have worked. Understand that a job is a mutual aggreement not a right. if your unhappy go find another job.

  65. How did that whole “we’re the workers and we’ll show ‘em” work out for the 18,000 Hostess employees? I have never worked at Walmart, but know quite a few who have. I have worked at some crappy places and some good ones. I’ll say this, even in the crappy places, I used the experience to trade up to a better job. Maybe it took some time, and took some effort, but eventually I traded up. Not to be polly-anna, but you have to keep your game face on folks.

  66. they dont train people anymore, theres a guy in my department that was sceduled to close but didn’t know how to run a register. I told my supervisors that he needs reguster cbls but its but hes been in my dept. For 3 months now and still hasnt gotten them.

  67. I am part time at a Walmart in Arizona and let me tell you, the level of bull its rising. I’ve been here for 3 years now. Over the last year our so its gotten worse. Our store is one of the top stores in Arizona but still they cut hours like crazy. My availability isn’t on Thursdays but I’m being forced to work thanksgiving. And i do mean FORCED. I’ve tried to get out of it but the Co manager said everyone has to work. I’m sure my story is familiar. I’ve read that someone said that around $11 is average wage? Thats so not true , especially for part time. My store starts nearly everyone as part time even if have work experience. and the only way to become fulltime is to become a supervisor. I started at $7.70 and after 3 years, I’m at $9.10. I will add that I’ve gotten great yearly reviews never got coached and get along with everyone. i even have some supervisory options and I’m in charge of a sub department unoffucally. My job is stressful on the body. I come home covered in sweat and dirt with aching muscle every day. My department gets constantly ignored by management and we are supposed to have 2 people at least at all times in my dept but that never happens. Everyone gets pulled. You wait 30 mins to get a response from anyone so you can go to the bathroom cuz you aren’t aloud to leave . I have a million complaint. Luckily im at a point where i can quit if i want too with out it hurting my finances to much.

    At my store, they cut hours and under staff constantly. They hired 3 mangers in the last month one of which is a new Co manager that makes 3 now not counting the store manager. They would have hired 15 working for the same amount of money.

    Holiday pay only works If they don’t cut your hours before or after the holiday. Which they always do. I’ve never been forced to work on an unavailable day before, holiday or not its still outside my availability. My story is not uncommon at all. I know its a job and i am thankful to have it but that doesn’t mean people should be disrespected and dismissed.

  68. If you don’t know the facts and/or you don’t give a damn, please go back to your television sets. That said, please tell us another way to help besides soliciting $50 donations from other working class and/or poor people. What else can we do besides sending this site money? Seriously.

  69. Do not buy the union hype the grass they sell turns brown quickly. I pay them idiots every week about 2.5 percent of my wages. It got me less hours and lower bring home pay.

  70. What is the holiday schedule at Walmart’s Corporate Offices in Bentonville, AR? If they expect the “underlings” to work during the Thanksgiving holidays, they better be doing the same and not enjoying the holidays with their families. It’s called leadership by example. Why not be smart and offer incentives for those who volunteer to work on your “Black Friday” such as $500 in store credits to help your employees with their own Christmas needs? I have two Walmarts within three miles of me. I’m staying away until you wake up and treat your people the way you expect to be treated. It’s not a left versus right thing. I’m a staunch conservative. Treating people right is not an idealogical issue. It’s what we are supposed to do. The one whose birth we are supposed to be celebrating during the Christmas season would expect no less.

  71. I am not a fan of unions – never have been. But Wal-Mart actually pays minimum wage and advises their employees to apply for welfare benefits/insurance. This is a fact and was proven. Research.

    They were also in a class action lawsuit because they had employees working overtime, but would not pay them. And what about the stores that locked illegal aliens, who they hired, in the store all night to keep them from leaving. And let’s not forget how they buy their goods from China where they treat them horribly and force them to live in terrible conditions – they are forced to pay rent and utilities while living in squalor conditions. Things like this are not allowed in the U.S., so it is hard for Americans to comprehend. Research.

    I have always believed you should make every effort to better yourself with education to attain a better paying position, but I also believe no one should be treated like a second class citizen because they don’t make alot of money. Some of these postings sound that way.

    It is up to the employees to make their own decisions and do what is right by them.

    One more thing to note, not all areas have free community classes. And I do know our local Wal-Mart will NOT work around a person’s class schedule. They don’t hide this fact from anyone.

  72. I think it is shameful that a company of this magnitude treats their employees the way they do! If you show up at work and do your job you most certainly should get at least a yearly raise. That is part of what working is all about! What is the incentive to go to the same place everyday with no raise, no option to get up the ladder? $16 per hr is barely surviving for a single person let alone a family, what are you talking about? Offering options for employees then standing in the way of them bettering themselves is NOT an option!

  73. Walmart used to be a place I wanted to shop. Since Mr. Walton is no longer with us that has all changed! He was good and caring man, it showed. What has happened here is GREED! Stop making excuses for being cold hearted, uncaring, and UNSam

  74. The statement you work for them really gets me. Of course there are other jobs, but they chose to work WITH Walmart. Stop acting as if Walmart has done NO Wrong you know they have now fess up to it and take care of your employees!!!!!

  75. A company should want their employees to be PROUD to work for them not ashamed in poverty! And Yes they do owe raises, advancements, fair and equal treatment That is the foundation of American workers and by god this is AMERICA!!!!!!

  76. walmart does not want fulltime employees, they want everyone to be partime so they want have to pay benefits and that’s what it is coming to,i know i’ve worked there over 20 years and it takes a long time to make a decent salary there at their low annual raises.i’am so glad i’am going to retire soon and wouldn’t recommend any young person to work there, get an education and don’t get sucked in to walmart , i wished i hadn’t

  77. I consider a job a Walmart kinda like working for a fast food joint. A beginning job where you get work experience, get a dose of work reality, but not a lifetime career. If they don’t pay a living wage, they are not a “career” type of company, just a starter job type of company or a retired person type of company where the retiree just wants to get out of the house and have something to do, A while you are going to college type of company. They are not treating employees as career employees so use them as they are using you. Get what you need from them and move on!.

  78. I’m in full support of the Walmart Workers! Walmart is a predatory retailer that represents all that has gone wrong with our country. When new hires are coached about gov’t programs to supplement their salaries, something is really wrong. How much money does the Walton family need after all, that they couldn’t pay a couple of bucks more an hour to their “associates”. It kills me that whenever Walmart management talks about their employees, they call them “family”. Yeah, sure.

  79. I am totally supportive of the worker’s standing up to get paid well to support our family’s. I am a model employee or was I thought I went from stocker to ics and then dept. manger by my 8th month of employeement at walmart. That being said I have 2 departments that are very demanding and one actual hardworking associate. I lost 10 cents and hour to move up and mind you I make miracles happen with short staffing. My reward from finishing 3rd shift freight every morning to working unbinned freight in my cut shift of 6 hours got me coached so my manager could cover his rear from getting coached himself. My department is my pride fresh rotated products to support my customers in having integrity where it lacked for the last 8 years. I am 40 hours understaffed caused by my 10% profit increase in my departments is allowing another opening in my areas that will not be filled so upper management can make their massive bonuses that crush the next 5 years of income I make. And jobs are not readily available now days and this is the case everywhere. So us “sucking it up” for lower pay is absurd and finding a new job that pays equal amount of money if not higher pay does not exist and yes I have a business degree and have already settled for something lower than what I am qualified for. So I will not brown my nose or pucker up I have a family to feed and multiple applications out and nothing in response hell I would go anywhere else for a dollar more. All in all though the workers are not wrong I do 4 peoples worth of work and then some I should definately make more than I do. I proudly support this cause but until I have something lined up I must bow my head and deal with it. I also have sacrificed hours for my associates to earn something they can live off of. So understand the facts people are not crying for not making more than the average they are sick of working themselves into the groung for a reward of cut hours and disciplinary for trying to make a difference……

  80. The executives, stockholders & family of walmart will be eradicated in the coming revolution! Then the stores will be turned over to the employees for ownership!
    The employees will own the stores so there will be no need for evil, greed driven union criminals, who will also be eradicated!!!

  81. For what it’s worth and although Thanksgiving/Black Friday don’t figure on the UK calendar, this Friday I shall not be visiting ASDA (WalMart’s recent UK acquisition and a frequent if reluctant Friday port-of-call for my groceries).

  82. I find all of the comments to be interesting. Both sides have valid points. I have been a Walmart Associate for two and a half years. I am old enough to have worked at some job for over forty years, starting when I was in high school. Except for Walmart, all of my jobs have been non-retail businesses. I am currently going to college for the third time to learn new skills.

    In my last position, I worked myself up to plant manager by learning new skills and applying them to the job. The physical demands of the job were wearing me out and I wished to move on. I have never had a problem with advancement in any of my jobs until I started working for Walmart. I am a Photo Lab Technician and Electronics Specialist, and I started at $7.45 an hour. After all this time, I am all the way up to $8.45.

    The store that I work for is filled with employees that are related to each other. If you are not one of that family’s members, it is difficult to move up in the store. If a zms job becomes available, the current zms staff is shifted to a different department.

    I took the supervisor tests and passed with flying colors. I had an interview for a merchandise supervisor job and it went to an associate that had been with the store longer. Not a problem, I’ll learn more and do better next time. No chance, they hire supervisors from outside the store now.

    When I was hired, I was told I would get a 90-day raise if I passed the probation period. Before my 90 days was up, Walmart discontinued the 90-day raise.

    When I was hired, part-timers could get a week’s paid vacation after working 1020 hours in a year. Walmart changed that. Now, even if you work full time, you cannot get paid vacation time until you have been there two years.

    When I was hired, you were paid $1 an hour shift differential for working on Sundays. Walmart discontinued that.

    According to Walmart policy, employees cannot work more than five days per pay period. However, Walmart has people scheduled for nine or ten days in a row, five in each pay period. If it was the same time every day, it would be more tolerable.

    A lot of the things I have learned about the Walmart perpetual inventory system has been on a need to know basis. The training for most departments is non-existent. If you mess something up, you hear about it, but not necessarily trained on how to do it correctly. Once in a while, you can find someone who has the time to teach you the correct way to do the PI.

    In addition to the store manager, we have six assistant store managers. All were brought in from different Walmart stores. More power to them, they have the proper training. The problem is that all of them have a different idea of what the associates should be doing. Each manager has their own attitude and manner of communicating with associates. I do not appreciate any of them talking down to me like I was a child.

    If I have four pallets of electronics to stock during my eight-hour shift, and I run the photo lab and help customers, I should be allowed to stay in my area to finish my original task.

    When one or more of the managers asks me to go to a different department to help them for an hour, that’s an hour, or two or three, less I have to do my original task. I am still expected to finish my freight before my shift is over, including binning the overstock. I think that is being unreasonable.

    In the fifteen years previous to working at Walmart, I went to the doctor maybe three times for wellness checkups and only missed a maybe a dozen days of work. Since working at Walmart, I ended up with a stress-induced illness that required an extended medical leave of absence within a year. My doctor had treated many area Walmart associates for stress-induced illnesses.

    I now just work on weekends to keep my insurance until I finish school, online by the way. I will never again work at a retail store. I have learned that lesson very well.

    I worked Black Friday last year and it was insane. I literally ran for three and half hours without a break. There was no one available to cover any of the electronic associates’ breaks. I have never been able to just walk away from customers demanding my attention, so I just kept going. After the fourth day of running, I was very ill and had to take time off.

    This is only my observations of working in my store. It may not apply to all stores, but that’s part of life.

  83. i worked at walmart almost 10 yrs ,had to have 2 back surgeries due to real accident at work,was fired because i couldnt perform the way i used to!!!!! with no restrictions!!!! fuck walmart!!!!

  84. it is simple walmart costs the us tax payers billions of dollars a year because of the low compensation to employees the under grade healthcare plans that is if they give you more than 32 hours a week to qualify for them and the scattered around hours they give employees. a majority of walmart employees are on some form of state or federal aid due to low income. most employees dont have a consistent schedule to attend a college or university. and finally the big executives make millions of dollars a year. something is wrong. down with corporate greed

  85. i dont shop at wal mart..and it isnt because i dont think that the workers are being treated unfair its because your store is a filthy mess with mexican children ripping open packages while the non english speaking staff does NOTHING …and your employees are RUDE ..they fraternize just fine in spanish but act like jerks to us non latinos…you want more money? get another job! If your so unhappy dont work there!

  86. 6 people control 41.5 of the overall wealth, control 31% of the economy
    with their business practices, and affecting an estimated 33.8 million
    households, I am less than willing to set on my hands any longer. Just
    these six people managed to suck 10 billion dollars in overall wealth
    from 2007-2010 American households, for an increase of 22%, while the
    rest of us, saw a 38% decrease in income earnings potential and wealth
    from an average of 126,000 in 2007, to 77,800 in 2010. So forgive the
    militant stand, but I wish I had JUST SAW a 38% decrease instead of
    about 65% and still looking for work as a professional with a deep
    technical knowledge and skills who gave 25 years to this machine that
    ate my pension savings and dang near my home, faster that you can say
    MADE IN CHINA and it still wants more.Guess who they are. the ever loving walton family

  87. People need to stop saying that Obamacare redefined full-time as 30 hours a week. The retail industry is what created that definition, with companies such as WalMart defining full-time as 32, 30 or even 28 hours a week for the purpose of assigning benefits. If the threshold was set at the white collar level of 38 or 40, millions of workers would be cut off from those benefits because their own companies define full-time as scheduling far fewer hours than that. It’s also this lowered hourly threshold that allows companies like WalMart to say they have a higher percentage of full-time workers. They just don’t mention that full-time to them is substantially fewer hours than it means to the rest of us.

    Frankly, I’m sick to death of people saying WalMart would flounder or go out of business if it paid its workers a living wage. If that’s true, why is Costco the #7 retailer worldwide (#5 in the US) while paying up to three times what WalMart pays, offering excellent, affordable benefits to virtually all employees, and growing at a huge pace? All of this is on top of having one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the entire retail industry. Actually, they have that high rating in large part because they treat employees so well. Turnover is very low, almost all promotion comes from within (many warehouse managers and even corporate execs have stories of starting out pushing carts in the parking lot as teenagers), and worker satisfaction is unparalleled among the company’s retail peers. Costco proves that you can succeed without treating your people like a disposable, unimportant commodity.

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