Walmart Strike Spreads – Walmart’s Retaliation Met with Defiance

We have just received exciting news that the Walmart strike that took place last Thursday has spread. Inspired by their coworkers strike in the Los Angeles-area, workers in the Dallas-area and Maryland went on strike this morning to protest Walmart’s attempts to silence workers who speak out for change. We have also received reports that individuals from around the nation are going on strike at their stores as well.

“I’ve been with Walmart for six years, and in that time, my co-workers and I have given our heart and soul to this company. Yet we have not gotten the respect we deserve. This past year I joined with thousands of other Associates to build OUR Walmart, an organization created to speak out against unfair working conditions such as poverty paychecks, disrespect, and erratic schedules,” explained Walmart Associate Venanzi Luna. “Instead of listening, Walmart has responded by trying to silence and retaliate against those who speak out. I went on strike at the Pico Rivera store to tell Walmart that their attempts to silence my coworkers won’t be tolerated. Now others are going on strike too. We’re not going to be intimidated.”

For close observers of Walmart news, this strike comes as no surprise. Discontent has been growing amongst workers for quite some time and has recently come to a head throughout the supply chain. The initial bold action of a store strike in Los Angeles has inspired workers in Dallas and around the nation. The workers, like their counterparts before them, are on strike to protest Walmart’s unlawful retaliation against workers who were speaking out for change.

You can show your support for these workers by signing our solidarity letter. We will be live-tweeting breaking news on Twitter at @ChangeWalmart using #walmartstrikers.

  • Leslie Legge

    Love it !!! FINALLY !!!!

  • Wes Stephens

    Ok…..this is great that associates all over the country walked out but by walking out they’ve onlly helped WM because those people will just be replaced with new lower wage part time associates – exactly what WM wants.

    • Anonymous

      Wal-Mart is not the only busniess that is going to lower wage part-time employees because of Obamacare.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The new ObamaCare regulations require a fine for all workers working over 30 hours a week. You can bet that employers including Wal-Mart will be dropping folks below that. You can thank Obama for that loss of income.

    • Anonymous

      You mean Romneycare he was the first to implement it in Massachusetts.

      • Anonymous

        If you think there are much similarities between the two, you have just been drinking the kool-aid and not been looking at the facts. That is typical of the liberals anyway. No thinking required,

  • Dipsy Mat

    Love it ! Cool !