Walmart Associates Tell Management to “Show Us the Money”

Walmart Associates in Laurel, MD spent last Sunday with 50 students from the Student Labor Action Project calling on Walmart management to give associates a fair holiday bonus. This year Laurel associates received record low bonuses for their intense work schedules during the holidays.

Associates circulated a petition to management to pay the bonuses they earned, and the students helped spread the word by leafleting to Walmart workers and shoppers.

“This is a great first step, but we won’t be declaring victory until management shows us the money,” OUR Walmart Member Ernestine Basset said. “It was awesome to have so much support from the community, and we will continue to speak out to make sure we receive what is rightfully ours. We put in the work and time away from our families during the holidays, so why can’t we receive the holiday bonus we earned.”

Written by Janna Pea

  • Anonymous

    it is time for Walmart join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union for all Walmart Cashier Workers and for all Walmart Produce Workers and for all Walmart Deli Department Workers and for all Walmart Bakery Department Workers right of away and right now please. it is time for Walmart join the Teamster Union for all Walmart Truck Drivers Workers and for all Walmart Maintenance Association Workers and for all Walmart Stock Person Workers and for all Walmart Hardware Department Workers and for all Walmart Gardening Department Workers and for all Walmart Customer Service Desk Workers and for all Walmart Courtesy Association Workers and for all Sam’s Club Truck Drivers Workers and for all Sam’s Club Forklift Drivers@Stock Person Workers and for all Sam’s Club Maintenance Workers and for all Sam’s Club Cashier Workers and for all Sam’s Club Meat Cutter@Meat Wrapper Workers and for all Sam’s Club Produce Workers and for all Sam’s Club Cafe Workers and for all Sam’s Club Bakery Department Workers and for all Sam’s Club Membership Desk Workers and for all Sam’s Club Cart Attendant Workers right of away and right now please. it is time for Walmart join the United Healthcare Workers Union for all Walmart Pharmacy Worker and for all Sam’s Club Pharmacy Workers right of away and right now please. it is time for Walmart join the Communication Workers of America Union for all Walmart Electronics Workers and for all Sam’s Club Electronics Workers right of way and right now please. it is time for Walmart join the United Auto Workers Union for all Walmart Tire@Lube Express Workers and for all Sam’s Club Tire Car  Battery Installment Workers right of away and right now please by make Walmart give all Walmart Worker and all Sam’s Club Workers a Living Wage With Affordable Health right of away and right now Please without close down all the Walmart Store and without close down all the Sam’s Club Wholesale Club.                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                                   Thank You Very Much United Food And Commercial Workers And Our Walmart And Making Change At Walmart and Walmart Watch And Employee Free Choice Act for trying make Walmart a Better please to Work For All Walmart Workers And For All Sam’s Club Workers From Tom P Noonan

  • Anonymous

    I use to work over at San Fernando Sam’s Club 6625 as a Cart Attendant like I did Cart and made Number of Roll and help the Member Load Merchandise and Grocery into their Vehicle from 08/28/1991 to 08/28/2002 now I do work over at Vallarta Supermarkets as a Courtesy Clerk like i am Bagging Grocery and Greek the Customer Vallarta Supermarket Business move very slow in Palmdale Ca because Customer is Shopping at Palmdale Ca Walmart Supercenter for Low Price location in 37140 47 Th Street East Palmdale Ca 93550

    From Tom P Noonan

  • Anonymous

    this is such an inspiring story. i work for the workmans compensation tpa division fr walmrt home office and  too have experiencd this exact injustice. claims adjusters for walmart are hired on at a below industry standard salary, with the implied promise you will recieve a twenty percent bonus as long as the company makes continued profit and progress. this year walmart had record sales however the home office claims adjusters who work approx fifty hours a week recieved less than half of their bonus. the board memebers decided to give the excess profit back to the stock holders in dividens instead of giving the employees the bonus they deserve. if anyone has advice on how to start a petition like the above mentioned associates did, i would greatly appreciate it. i am fed up with the injustice and treatment of all walmart employees at all levels.

  • Carrie Preston

    I”m just tired of Wal-Mart and the way they treat the people and the politics they stand for. I just quite my 5 day a week habit last year cold turkey. Haven’t been back and not going to ever go back. They won’t change until it hits them where it hurts. It takes an attack on many fronts. To bring this self-righteous giant down.

  • Catherine_cassell

    I am a former Assistant Manager and I agree that the associates should be compensated for their hard work.  As an Assistant Manager we were frequently made to work on our days off.  We were not given an alternate day off to make up for working on our day off.  The holidays were the worst, not only did I have to take time away from my family, but I was also not compensated for it.  Walmart used to give management an extra day off for holidays.  It was their way of compensating for not getting holiday pay.  Then they took that away.  I am now able to enjoy the holidays with my family.  It is refreshing to look at the holidays in a whole new light.

    • shawn

      Yeah but managers gets 3 days off in a row too,something you left out.they work from 8am-8pm.yeah I work for walmart..Managers shouldn’t get paid what they do,it’s the associates who work the hardest.

  • Mjl72305

    Walmart doesn’t give a holiday bonus…so get over it…and since when is any employer required to give their workers a bonus? News flash the aren’t…it’s time to move on. If you don’t like Walmart don’t work there or shop there. ITS THAT SIMPLE…

    • Just sayin’

      Well, it’s not like they can’t afford to pay their employees a bonus!! You sound like a COMPLETE JERK!!

      • Common Sense

        If your 401k was invested in Wal-Mart, would you still think they should pay big bonuses to the two-million-plus employees? Your 401k value would sink along with the Wal-Mart stock, then you would complain about not having enough money for retirement, etc. Most workers will not look at the big picture, especially when it comes to spending somebody else’s money, including the stockholders’.

    • Behemoth3

      You make it sound so easy.  Wal Mart permeates not only the retail market, but also the job market, driving similar companies out of business, and killing potential jobs, leaving dangerous and even lower wage paying jobs (is that possible), that TRULY can’t afford decent benefits packages as the only choice.  Thank that idiot Bush’s crusade and inattention to the state of affairs at home for the current situation.  

  • orcas

    It is sad to say but the management in most of the store and walmart corprate does not care about their employees. Most of the time important things do not get fixed because the store manager knows that he went over budget on other things and now it will come out of his big bonus. We hardly ever have enough employees and when we are made to stay and work past our times we are later asked to take longer lunches or to leave early because we went over our hours. For being busy months straight never getting a break from the crowds of people in and out of walmart our proposed my share that quarter was $33 for employees whom worked 35-40 hours per week. I have been there for 3 years now and I was told that no matter what they are no longer offering full time positions. They also target the full time employees and find things to fire them for because also the number of employees, their wages, and hours they work all effect the facilities manager. Which is another reason why our hours get cut down so bad, and because we still need coverage they ask us to pick up extra hours but overtime is never allowed. Cut off is 40 hours per week or if the store does not make a margin in profit to support more than the hours allotte for the hours scheduled. Then you can only work the hours you were given and made to take longer lunches or leave early so they do not have to pay you for the time you have worked. The times are tough and there are not many jobs out there, but I am for one sick and tired of hearing about my store manager going to italy with his big annual bonus. Most of the time he is not there and what is really sad is that I work in an area in Walmart that none of the managers no anything about. The have to ask me half the time if we are able to don something but they are allowed to tell me what to do and make judgement calls when they have no clue what goes on in that area. If I didn’t have to work to pay bills and buy food I would quit because there is no appreciation. Oh and the yearly bonus we get with our evaluations is always the same $0.40 from the hardest work who shows up everyday to the person that may or not be here and when they are they just stand there and talk all day. However, this has pushed me even more to go back to school and get my degree.

  • Common Sense

    Companies exist to make a profit. They don’t have to do anything else. Over two-million people work for Wal-Mart, so they must have an acceptable payscale. If you don’t believe they do, then quit, or don’t shop there. When a company cannot hire enough people at a low wage, they will raise it until they can. Simple economics. Clearly, as the largest retailer in the world, they also have acceptable products and a great business model. If it were as bad in any of the ways that people describe, the firm would not be as successful as it is. Period.

    • Behemoth3

      Spoken like a true ignorant Republican.  Hey!  Canada’s too close to the US, as is Mexico.  Let’s bomb them both and annex them!

  • associate 925

    i have worked for since feb 7th……and for some reason i didnt get my bonus in sep