Walmart Exec Confirms Associates Earlier Claims

Posted by on Mar 9, 2012 in Walmart Watch Blog | 4 Comments

Bloomberg reports that Walmart executive Duncan MacNaughton believes that if only Walmart could keep its shelves stocked it would make more sales – up to $5 billion more in fact.

And this is news to Walmart? Members of OUR Walmart have been telling the company for months that understaffing is leading to out of stocks and lost sales. OUR Walmart members even went to Bentonville in October of last year to share their experience with investors. Yet the company said that it had solved the problem. That clearly wasn’t the case.

Seems to us that the company would be better served if it listened to its associates rather than ignoring them.


  1. Seanpwright
    March 16, 2012

    Walmart listen to the associates????  THATS CRAZY TALK.
    Wlamart only listens to one thing the bottom line…..if it dips down….time to institute more illegal practices and cut more employees and their hours.

  2. Eadjhj
    March 17, 2012

    they are definetly understaffed, the need more overnight workers to accomplish this. but they don’t hire enough people to do this. and they cut hours. I was a supervisor for 5 years. overnight people never stocked my dept. It was left to associates during the day, which I only had one person which was impossible to do. I had to stock out plus do my own work that had to get done. Which was another impossible task. Managers said it was my fault for outs. My efforts to help solve the problem went fruitless and said goodbye to Walmart.

  3. Steelmasters
    March 18, 2012

    block the trucks

  4. Elpst306
    March 19, 2012

    Time for Change. Usually, your highly -paid Execs were the intelligent, risk-taking, superhumans of the bunch…..leading the company to higher profit and new markets. it’s sad to know they’ve moved on, retired, or deteriorated to mush. It’s clear that the stores are grossly understaffed, thus leaving the stores in disrepair and understocked. Worse yet, in order to fully stock the store properly, it would require some overworked few to make a dent in overlooked items. Not to mention broken and missing equipment necessary for stocking that is not being looked at as important…no wonder the losses and suits are growing as injuries, accidents and the unusual increase in bogus claims, shoplifting, etc.

    This will NOT end until the said Execs wake up, before the other stores fully capitalize on what had already befallen the automakers…….COMPLACENT APATHY. (Hope they read this and get to work on moving forward instead of backward.)


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