Walmart: All (green) washed up

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Stacy Mitchell concluded her Walmart’s Greenwash series in Grist with an article entitled “Four Ways Enviros can keep Walmart in the hot seat.”  In it, she challenged environmentalists to not accept Walmart’s public relations words at face value, but to critically examine the company’s claims – and especially what it fails to talk about.

Mitchell offered “a few thoughts on how we might more effectively respond to Walmart’s sustainability campaign.” She challenged sustainability and environmental advocates to:

1. Push the media to hold Walmart accountable

2. Focus on the question: Is allowing Walmart to take over an even larger share of our economy good for the planet?

3. Recognize Walmart’s economic power as a threat to the environment

4. Don’t lose sight of labor issues

These four points are important for all activists and communities to speak up about when Walmart announces opening or expanding in their cities.

The entire Walmart’s Greenwash series can be read here.

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