Get the Facts on Wal-Mart’s Flat Same-Store Sales Figures

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Wal-Mart’s anemic same-store sales numbers are about far more than the weather. Our most recent fact sheet examines Wal-Mart’s same-store sales and why Wal-Mart is failing while its competitors succeed.

The company has recently announced that it will but back on new store construction – a move that will force the company to rely more heavily on sales at existing stores. Several factors make this difficult for the company, including its continued emphasis on low-price merchandise, failures in the more-profitable apparel department and its notoriously poor customer service.

Read more about Wal-Mart’s flat same-store sales. (PDF)


  1. Wayne Key
    February 10, 2012

    Why is it that Wal Mart upholds the esteem qnd integrity of an upset customer, whose sole purpose is to (extort?) get something for nothing, and give them what they want for “free” while their associate, who is trying to follow Wal Mart’s procedures, is left upset with reduced esteem, with no explanation from Wal Mart?
    I am aware of situations, second-hand from reliable sources, that associates are cussed out, even in front of management, and the managers make sure the “irate” customer gets his “freebie” while the associate is left upset and wondering about Wal Marts own ethics and integrity.
    I was made aware today of an actual manager who stood up for his associate and escorted the “customer” from the store. The customer followed the “chain of command” to the home office, who, in turn, contacted the district, who contacted the store manager and told him he was to give the customer his free TV.
    Where is Wal Mart’s ethics and integrity? Many of these scenarios are created by the so-called customer with the sole intent for (extorting) something for nothing, and I doubt very seriously they do not plan to spend anything at Wal Mart anyway.
    All I can say is “Way to go Wal Mart! your own “integrity and ethics” are seriously lacking!!!!!!

    • irritated
      June 9, 2012

      i was just cussed out last night while working 3rd shift there by a woman bc she didnt like the way i bagged her things…she thought i was to rough with her corn on the cob. As she walked out,it escaladed into her calling me a fat nastywhore. Nothing was done!


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